8 Gorgeous & Unique Ways To Coordinate Desi Bridesmaid Outfits

25th August 2022

Nothing looks more aesthetically pleasing than a put-together, co-ordinated & excited bride squad. These are your closest girls, and you’ve all likely sat and dreamt about each others wedding days together; and they’re definitely just as excited for you. Whether it’s with the awesome bride squad shots, the bridesmaid proposals, or the gorgeous gifts, be sure to make them feel just as special on your big day. There have been numerous Western world trends that we’ve incorporated into our Desi weddings, and this has to be one of our favourite ones yet.

“There’s no better feeling than watching your best friend marry their best friend!”

We’ve seen so many gorgeous poses, outfits & special moments literally go viral on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube recently. Whilst the trends are great, it’s important to have your bridesmaids co-ordinate in a way where they’re the most comfortable. Granted, it’s definitely easier to customise a Western outfit than our Desi ones; but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We bring to you, our best 9 ways to customise & co-ordinate your desi outfits.

1. Identical skirts & varying blouses

Definitely one of our favourites and the easiest to co-ordinate. Lehenga skirts are a one size fits all, but add something unique to it by giving your bridesmaid their blouse pieces to tailor accordingly. Keep in mind, that they’re definitely going to re-use this outfit, so make sure they want to wear it again & again.

Tip: Provide your bridesmaids with the number of your local & preferred tailor – they’ll really appreciate this!

2. Same colour palette but different outfits

If you’re someone who likes the co-ordinated look, but doesn’t *love* matching every single piece, go for a similar colour palette. Provide your bridesmaids with colour swatches of the tones which will complement yours. This way, they have free reign to have a browse around lots of different stores & online, and roughly know what to go for.

Tip: Include these swatches in your bridesmaid proposal, it’ll save being asked the age-old ‘OMG what should we wear?!’ question early on.

We stole this idea from Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja

3. Complementary colours & silhouettes

This is for those of you who *really* don’t like matching outfits or colours, but still want those aesthetically pleasing shots. Working with a particular designer to use similar fabrics & embellishment on the outfits, but really customising it to give it their own touch is also a really fun way to go about getting your bridesmaids super involved in the process.

Customise your outfits with Pahri Designs

4. The rule of two (or three!)

Pick two or three colours and outfits that you love, and ask your bridesmaids to pick between them. This way, there’s enough varying shades & colours, so that they all look slightly different, but you’re still able to be in control of how it all looks in the end. This way, your bridesmaids also won’t all look exactly the same on the day, but will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd as the ultimate bride squad.

NGL, we’ve only really seen this done with Western outfits. Give it a go!

5. The same outfits, but different jewellery

This is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing & commonly done methods and it’s so much easier to co-ordinate, TBH. Similar outfits & varying jewellery allows your bride squad to look seamlessly put together! The jewels allow for that slight customisation, and for everyone to really make it their own and style it as they wish.

We love these by Kanya London

6. Same silhouette, varying styles

This is a fun one, by giving your brief of the same silhouette and 3/4 tones for your bridesmaids to stick to, they can get creative. Make it a different one! We love these sharara’s, they’re so fun and a unique way to stand out.

Shot by Memoirz

7. The same outfits, for all ages

We absolutely adore this picture, which showcases varying generations of women dressed up similarly for this beautiful wedding. It’s an extremely memorable moment, and definitely a fun one for you to plan and put together. We can’t help but smile and say *awh* to the adorable little girls at the front!

8. The bridesmaid robes!

Last, but definitely not least. We love the classic bridesmaid robe shots – a must! Regardless of which outfits you choose, they’re the best way to co-ordinate with your bridesmaids. Carry these through from the hen, they’re the perfect addition.

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