Real Weddings: Pavan & Rajan

31st October 2022

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their Wedding Planning process, the Big Day, and any advice they have for Brides & Grooms in hindsight.

Today, we’re featuring the gorgeous Wedding of Pavan & Rajan, keep reading about their beautiful story and wonderful suppliers.

For those of you who don’t know, Pavan is the proud owner of Blooms by Pavan Panesar, who specialise in luxury artificial balloons and flower arrangement for Gifting and Weddings. Check them out!

How did you meet?

Would love to hear a little bit about your story – we met at university! And knew from then that we would end up getting married…

How did you / he propose?

It was more of a mutual traditional decision!

What was the trickiest part of your Wedding Planning process?

Managing your budget and not excessively spending.

Describe your wedding planning process in 3-5 words…

I would describe my process as organised and structured

Favourite part of the wedding planning process

I absolutely love planning and organising! It is stressful but I fully enjoyed the entire process and enjoyed gathering ideas and making mood boards!

One thing I wish I did differently​

I wish I started off with a Wedding planner that listed everything possibly required for the wedding as well as hidden costs which would have helped me manage my budget better.

Piece of advice for future brides

Make sure you have a good small group of cousins or friends who will take photos for you throughout the entire wedding on their phone. You won’t get a chance to get any yourself so at least you’ll know your group has your back! 

Would you have benefitted from a platform like Eternity UK?

Yes! I definitely wish I came across Eternity early on in my wedding planning process, would have cut a lot of time with trying to find reputable suppliers.

Our suppliers

​Outfit – Frontier Raas & Frontier Phagwara

Hair & Makeup – Manny Shina

Jewellery – Al Ridha & Auroras Collection

Choora – RJS Company

Gold – Gold Souk

Bag – Sabyasachi

Shawl – The Diva Looks

Mehndi – Sasha Designs by Tejal

Potli’s – Pataaree

Photographer – Royal Bindi

Car – Grandeur Travel

To feature your Real Wedding, DM us on Instagram, or email us at info@eternity-uk.com. We would love to share your story!

Eternity Family x

12 Post-Wedding Tasks To Complete After Your Wedding

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14 Unique & Breathtaking Wedding Entrances That You’ll Want To Consider

A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

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A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

Having Children At Weddings? Here’s Everything You Need To Consider

31st October 2022

To have or not to have? Choosing to have kids at your wedding can be a tricky conversation, and often it’s quite a sensitive one to discuss and inform your guests about. That’s why we have put together the ultimate guide for you to consider.

It’s something which always comes up, sooner or later: should we invite kids to our wedding? The pre-events? The reception?

For some couples, it’s an easy yes or no; but sometimes, parents, families and wedding guests definitely cloud our judgement, pass comments, or add to the confusion. We definitely sound like a broken record when we say that your wedding is your big day, and you truly need to do what’s best for you: including your relationship, your budget, and even your families.

Here’s a few of our top considerations, key questions, and tips for having children at your wedding.

Here’s what you need to consider:

1. Venue Capacity: Review your guest list, your numbers, and whether or not you can comfortably fit the children into your dream venue. Depending on your guest list, it can considerably change your guest list numbers.

2. Budget: Something to keep in mind is the cost per head for children, whilst it might be slightly cheaper if your caterer is doing set kids meals, this still might considerably add to your costs. You might prefer keeping that extra budget for other ways to treat your guests!

3. The Destination: Is it a destination wedding, or is it a local wedding? Are you paying for accommodation or meals at the venue? Be aware of any of the added costs which might come with this.

4. The Atmosphere: Children are innocent and pure little souls, who can really give you the sweetest (and most comical!) little moments.

5. What Do You Want? Sometimes your gut tells you exactly what you want to hear, if you and your partner have always really wanted flower girls, page boys, and children as ring bearers – then it’s a no-brainer!

6. The Guests: It’s important to think of your guests: will they enjoy more or less with children there? Does this depend on the event? Are they likely to enjoy more, or stress more in the absence or presence of their children?

7. The Wedding Party: If you’re the last of your siblings or cousins to get married, there’s a strong likelihood that you have tons of nieces and nephews, and maybe you can’t really imagine your big day without them? This might determine your general children rules.

8. Families: Whilst this shouldn’t be the sole and greatest consideration, in South Asian households, your families are likely to have an opinion and want a say in the decision as well. It’s good to understand their views, but at the end of the day, you’ll need to find a middle ground that you are the most comfortable with. If you don’t want children there, and you families do, keep reading for some of our top tips on how to keep children occupied.

How about if I only invite some children, and not the others?

Whilst there’s no reason not to do this, it can always be a tricky one. You want to be very clear about your ‘having children at your wedding’ rules.

The easiest work around of this can be: inviting the children within the families, and sending our Adult-Only invitations to all your other guests. It’s always tricky territory if you’re inviting some children of some of your friends, and not of the other friends in the same group – but, every circumstance is different!

It’s also totally ok to invite children to some of the events, and not all of them. The likelihood is that they might enjoy the daytime wedding a lot more, and possibly not even be awake or enjoy the loud music of a late night wedding reception.

How should I make it clear if children are or aren’t invited?

Your wedding invites should very clearly state who is invited, to avoid any confusion. There’s a couple of ways to do this:

1. Write the exact names of each guest – tedious, but avoids any confusion.

2. Write the exact number of guests invited – it’s slightly vague, but a really easy way to bulk send invites out with slight customisations. This is also preferred if you don’t mind which 2 family members, from a family of 5, attend.

3. On the RSVP – whether you’re having physical RSVP slips, or if you’re using a wedding website, be sure to clearly state this for your guests when they RSVP back ie. attending for 2 (of 3) invited guests.

4. Clearly state that it’s a ‘No-children’ wedding – maybe add one of the following phrases:

– “With respect, whilst we love your little ones, we have decided to have our wedding be an adult-only ocassion”

– “Due to space constraints, we are only able to accommodate children of the wedding party. We hope the advance notice means you are still able to attend.”

– “Please be aware, this is an adults-only wedding”

What to expect if you’re not having children at your wedding?

Be aware that no matter how clear you are on your invitations, you will always get the odd friends or aunties asking about whether or not their kids (or someone else’s kids – nosey aunties!) are invited or not. As long as you have the reasoning in your head, and you, your partner, and your families are comfortable to consistently answer back to any such questions – that’s all that matters.

Tbh, it’s also best not to over-answer and you don’t really need to justify it to everyone. So, if they ask, and you know their kids aren’t excited, there’s no harm in saying the following: “We’re not inviting children to our wedding, as our personal choice, but we’re excited to see you there and have you celebrate with us!”.

If you are inviting children, how can I keep them occupied?

There’s so many fun & unique ways to keep children busy. Whilst it’s most definitely not up to you to decide how to keep the children occupied, we’re sure that them and their parents will definitely appreciate a little help!

– Place some fun game-cards on their seats.

– Have a kids-only wedding favour table! There are so many wonderful suppliers who can help create little goodie bags for them.

– Hire some entertainment! A magician or photobooth can really go a long way in keeping your children busy – they’ll love it.

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A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

Real Weddings: Simranjeet & Taranvir

28th October 2022

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their Wedding Planning process, the Big Day, and any advice they have for Brides & Grooms in hindsight.

Today, we’re featuring the gorgeous Wedding of Simranjeet & Taranvir, keep reading about how Simranjeet made the first move, and it was worth it!

For those of you who don’t know, Simranjeet is a Trainee Solicitor at a UK Top 20 Law Firm & a Content Creator, who talks all things career & lifestyle. Her educating Instagram’s, TikTok’s and YouTube’s help out thousands embarking on their career journey.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

How did you meet?

We met because I dm’ed him! I ended up shooting my shot and it worked haha! We ended up having mutual friends so the conversation built quite nicely from there. We met up a month later but by then we were pretty certain about each other. He asked me to be his girlfriend on our first date because we had built such a strong connection straight away, and the rest is history!

How did you / he propose?

He proposed to me in Paris. I knew we were going to Paris but he really threw me off the scent if I’m honest. For example, the Friday before we flew out, he asked me what he should pack. I jokingly told him he should pack a ring. He called me there and then and said ‘hand on heart Sim, I’m not proposing to you on this trip.’ It was hard to hear, and I even told my friends I wasn’t going to get my nails done because I was so certain he was not going to propose. However, my friends were in on it too and somehow persuaded me to get them done under the guise of it being a ‘girly trip to the salon.’

The Proposal

Describe your wedding planning process in 3-5 words…

Stressful, never-ending, creative, supported, worthwhile!

Favourite part of the wedding planning process

My favourite part of the wedding planning process was actually the weeks leading up to the wedding. By then, everything had been booked, the plan was there, families were starting to fly in from abroad or there was always some buzz around the house. The way my family pulled through together during these weeks is something I’ll always be grateful for.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

One thing I wish I did differently​

I wish I had my Anand Karaj and my Reception on different days. This was something that we considered but was not possible for us, but if I had the chance to plan my wedding again I’d do this. This is because there was a bit of a rush between the Anand Karaj and the Reception, and also the day went by so quickly, so it would have been nice to have spaced it out more.

Piece of advice for future brides

1) This is your time to be selfish – if someone is trying to push for an idea / tradition that you don’t want to for your wedding day, stand your ground and have the final say…

2) Communicate with each other throughout, but also comprehension of your partner’s communication is equally important, at the end of the day, everything works out!

3) On your wedding day, some things will not turn out how you wanted it. But you realise in the grand scheme of things, there’s no point stressing about it. For me, I can happily say I went through my wedding week with a massive smile on my face. I’m happy I have that memory, and not one of me being stressed out and not enjoying myself.


Our suppliers

​Caterer – Passage To India

DJs – Paragon

Photography – Sunny Digital Imaging

Decorator – ByIvyDesigns

Violinist – Ray Louise

HMUA – Sati Dhamu

Cake – Harviscakes

Wedding Day

To feature your Real Wedding, DM us on Instagram, or email us at info@eternity-uk.com. We would love to share your story!

Eternity Family x

12 Post-Wedding Tasks To Complete After Your Wedding

The to-do list doesn’t quite end after you’re married.

14 Unique & Breathtaking Wedding Entrances That You’ll Want To Consider

A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

The Rude Wedding Comments That Always Get Made

A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Really Care About

10th October 2022

Let’s face it, wedding planning is stressful. There’s a million tasks that need to get done, some big & some small. The to-do list can get lengthier day by day, and everything seems to appear urgent. One thing which truly makes it more difficult is the budget. Whilst it’s the most crucial aspect of wedding planning, it’s sometimes so easy to get caught up in everything you’re being told by suppliers, what you can see on Instagram, and what’s front & centre on your Pinterest board.

It’s good to have a vision, in fact, it makes life 10x easier for you, your partner, and your suppliers; but it’s also ok to know that your vision will change along the way. This could be for a number of reasons, but the one we’re going to talk about today is when it’s down to staying in budget.

The one thing you need to remember is that your guests will be there to celebrate you and your love, and there’s a couple of things that they might not really notice as much as you think they do.

Disclaimer: your wedding is your special day, and it happens once in a lifetime, so you should also definitely spend as much as you want on exactly what you want. Here are just our top tips for you to take a step back and consider the following if you are trying to save a few pounds!

1 – Specific types of wedding favours:

We’re all for wedding favours, they’re definitely an adorable keepsake and a lovely opportunity to personalise little trinkets for your guests. The little quotes that you can place on the favours are also a great memorabilia.

Think of your guest list and think of what kind of things they’ll appreciate, and what they may not like. Whilst kids might prefer chocolates with your wedding logo, if 80% of your guests don’t eat sweet treats as much, then consider if it’s worth the personalisation expense.

READ MORE: Check out some of our top eco-friendly favours.

2 – Ceremony programs:

This ones a hit or miss, and again, it just depends on you and your crowd. If you’re the 4th family wedding of the year, your friends and family will probably know the wedding order down to a tee, so you may not need an order of the day per person.

Instead, you can consider a sign next to your seating plan or entrance sign, which is an infographic order of the day. OR even consider having fewer copies, so that your guests can pick it up and look at it whilst they have their wedding breakfast.

3 – Fresh flowers:

This is by far one of the greatest expenses of a wedding if your decorator chooses to use fresh wedding flowers throughout. Nowadays, most decorators will use very realistic faux flowers, or a good mixture of both, so it can help you keep your costs down.

Your guests aren’t really going to notice whether your friend are fresh from the crop from that morning, and if you’re quite indifferent then it’s definitely one to keep off your list.

That being said, fresh flowers on your bouquet, buttonholes, and var-mala’s are definitely a sweet tradition. Sacred creations offer a bespoke service, specifically for these.

4 – Name placecards:

If you’re having a sit down dinner, you might want to put name placecards for each of your guests, but your guests really don’t care. It’s true that it’s a nice-to-have, but if it’s not there, it’s not one of the most noticeable items on your wedding.

TBH, a table plan is enough, but adding a seating plan to your checklist is one extra task that you may not necessarily need. Think twice before choosing to spend on the time & printing costs of these.

5 – Speeches:

Controversial opinion alert! We’re not saying don’t do speeches, we’re just saying don’t do 5 speeches which are all 10 minutes long. Your guests genuinely do care about your love story, and hearing from your nearest & dearest, but they will easily lose interest if there’s an overload.

When guests start to lose interest, you can notice that they end up talking over each other, or going on their phones, or taking their own pictures in the corner. When it comes to speeches, less is more!

6 – The abundance of gift giving at Asian weddings:

Hands up if you think you live in an in-between generation where your parents got married at a time where there was a mass gift exchange at each wedding, but you’re now of the mindset that the number of gifts, relatives, and types of gifts are quite extinct.

This is definitely one which is best to discuss with your parents, and you’ll likely meet in the middle. In all honesty, gone are the days and the generations where your brother-in-law’s sister will get upset if she doesn’t get gold earrings given to her on your wedding day (!).

7 – Fancy, high centerpieces:

This is another one which is totally dependant on your vision and your decorator, but keep in mind that your guests really don’t mind, and actually might be inconvenienced by fancy, tall, high centerpieces which just disrupt their view of the happy couple.

You want to ensure your decor is as guest-friendly as possible. Whilst they don’t care whether you’ve opted for candles, or pampus grass, or geometric frames; they most definitely will care if they can’t even see whose sat opposite them!

8 – Heavily choreographed dances:

Asian weddings love a good dance battle, and we’re not saying not to have them (please do, they make for the best memories & truly get everyone involved!); but what we are saying is that you don’t need to spend £££ on a choreographed dance with twirls and spins, if you don’t want to.

The funnest aspects of the dances are the authenticity, and remembering that one of your cousins probably had one too many drinks or samosas and had to sit that one out. It’s all about the fun of it, so don’t put too much extra pressure on yourself to have an entire choreo’d schedule, unless you want it.

9 – A wedding photo slideshow:

Whilst it’s very adorable to see the growth of your relationship, from school, university or your earlier years to now, it’s also another task on your to-do list. It’s also one of the more time-consuming ones, where you need to dig out photos from years ago, only to realise that you cringe at your eyebrows and really don’t want this shown on a massive LED screen.

In addition to this, your production company will likely always tell you that there will be issues with pixelation when it comes to blowing up old pictures, and it’s very true! So some of the chosen pictures, may not even make the cut. Nowadays, it’s sweeter to opt for one or two recent good-quality pictures and have them one a 2 minute slideshow all night long.

10 – A pre-wedding photoshoot

Again, slightly controversial, as there are a number of pros to a pre-wedding photoshoot. First and foremost, it will get you comfortable with your photographer & videographer, as well as, get you comfortable in front of the camera. All of the footage can also be used on your e-invites, pictures on your LED screen, and for Instagram!

However, your guests really don’t care whether your pre-wedding shoot was shot in your local scenic park, or if you flew out to Cappadocia. This is really one of those expenses where you need to decide how important it is to you, and not worry about doing it just because it’s what you saw on Instagram recently.

So remember, make it your own and do what means the most to you, because there are some things that your guests just won’t care about.

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A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

43 Unique and Mouth-Watering Wedding Cake Flavours

15th September 2022

In our culture, it’s an extremely important tradition to have something ‘meetha’ (something sweet), to celebrate anything good, and what better than your wedding cake. We’ve seen so many extravagant and gorgeous cakes, but it’s also what’s on the inside that counts, and you want to make sure you’ve seen (and tasted) all your choices when it comes to choosing your wedding cake flavours.

For choosing your cake flavour, the options are literally endless, and each cake artist will be sure to provide you with unique and imaginative flavours which you may not have even heard of; and most certainly not tried before. 

One of our favourite trends of recent years, has been mixing and matching. Why only choose one flavour, when you can have two or three flavours, or even one flavour per tier.

The “Traditional” Cakes:

Before overwhelming you with a number of unique flavours, let’s appreciate the original and traditional cakes which were made with fruit sponge, and covered with decorative fondant icing. This is a classic which you guests will most definitely always love.

Other scrumptious classics include:

1) Victoria sponge cake

2) Chocolate cake

3) Carrot cake

4) Red Velvet cake

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If that doesn’t do it for you, check out more below:

Sweetness overload:

5) Coffee and walnut wedding cake

6) Coffee and chocolate wedding cake

7) Chocolate orange wedding cake

8) Chocolate and raspberry wedding cake

9) Dark chocolate and vanilla wedding cake

10) Mint chocolate wedding cake

11) Hazelnut wedding cake

12) Oreo and chocolate wedding cake

13) Peanut butter wedding cake

14) Biscoff wedding cake  

A little fruity:

15) Passionfruit and white chocolate wedding cake

16) Lemon drizzle wedding cake

17) Strawberries and cream wedding cake

18) Black cherry and dark chocolate wedding cake

19) Raspberry and white chocolate wedding cake

20) Apple and cinnamon wedding cake

21) Mixed berries wedding cake

22) Blueberry and white chocolate wedding cake

23) Lemon and key lime wedding cake

24) Lemon and blueberry wedding cake 

25) Lime and ginger wedding cake

26) Lemon and elderflower wedding cake (did you know? This was Harry & Meghan’s choice of wedding cake!)

27) Mango and passionfruit wedding cake

A little unique:

28) Chai and chocolate wedding cake

29) Chai and coffee wedding cake

30) Rose and pistachio wedding cake

31) Salted caramel cake

32) Piña colada and coconut wedding cake

33) Tiramisu wedding cake

34) Banana and poppy seeds wedding cake

35) Pistachio and dark chocolate wedding cake

36) Sticky toffee wedding cake

37) Pecan and butterscotch wedding cake

38) Matcha green tea and white chocolate wedding cake

39) Rhubarb and rose wedding cake

40) Cardamom and white chocolate wedding cake

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Vegetable cakes: (SUPER unique, guaranteed your guests wouldn’t have seen these before!)

41) Dark chocolate and avocado wedding cake

42) Pumpkin, sweet potato and vanilla wedding cake

43) Carrot and cinnamon wedding cake

FAQs with the Experts:

We spoke to some of our trusted wedding cake suppliers, and here’s what they had to say about the upcoming trends and their personal favourites.

What’s the most unusual wedding cake combination you’ve ever made / been asked for?

“I have a few requests for unusual flavours but the 2 that stand out the most are chocolate cake with rosemary infused into the cake with a light lemon curd and poppy seed filling – I must say this was unexpectedly delicious!” Kiran Mandalia, Cake Boulevard

What’s your particular favourite cake flavour of your own?

“I have so many favourites! I narrow is down to 2 – our Chocolate and Salted Caramel simply melts in your mouth.  Love our Ferrero Rocher Mocha – this is a Ferrero Rocher sponge with Nutella and cappuccino frosting.”Kiran Mandalia, Cake Boulevard

Have you noticed any particular cake trends over this wedding season?

This wedding season has definitely seen a few trends one was the correlation of the timeless classic tiered cake in white with a contemporary setting of flowers – where the flowers cascade the height of the cake and table, reflecting that flowers are the showpiece within the setting of the décor and showcased on the finish of the cake.

On the other extreme we were overwhelmed with the number of requests for a contemporary cake using squares, hexagons instead of the classic round cakes with textured finishes and earthy colours on the cake itself.  I do believe this trend will filter into next year but with more subtle hues of blush and ivory’s! – Kiran Mandalia, Cake Boulevard

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The Rude Wedding Comments That Always Get Made

A creative entrance really helps get the party started.

The Ultimate Guide To Planning a Hen Party

13th September 2022

After dreaming of the most perfect wedding, a girl often get’s excited for her most incredible hen party with her best bride squad. If you’re in charge of helping plan, it can be slightly overwhelming. All the more, you may even take full control, to take some stress off the bride.

You’d think that there were more tips & tricks on how to plan the most ideal hen, but it’s not often most discussed and is quite confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Where do you start? How do you get everyone on the same page? How can you be sure that you’re planning the hen of your bride’s dreams?

Keep reading…

Bubbly Cart via Balloons & Fizz Co.

1) Speak to the Bride

Whilst you want to keep the bride away from it all, either to ensure she stresses as little as possible, or to make sure it’s as much of a surprise for her as it can be; you still want to speak to her very early on to understand a couple of basic points.

Note: whilst the hen is traditionally planned by one or two, mainly the maid of honour, don’t hesitate to delegate responsibilities. Trust us, as it get’s closer to the time, there’s a lot to plan.

Be sure to ask the following:

What dates work for you / how long do you want the hen to be?

This will be reliant on a couple of things: how close to the wedding is it? Are there any available bank holidays prior to the wedding? How much annual leave does the bride have?

Do you want to do something local or abroad?

Whilst one bride might be dreaming of a couple of days boozing in Brighton, another might wish for a weekend away relaxing on under the Grecian sunset.

How many people would you like to attend?

Hen’s can range from strictly bridesmaids only, or an extension out to more friends and even family, it’s beneficial to know how many people you’re planning for early on. Find out their ideal wishlist.

Maybe even suggest splitting into 2 hens, one with the mum’s, aunties & cousins (often a nice bridal shower works best!).

Do you have a rough budget?

In her hen budget, the bride would ideally have accounted for a hen budget. If not, ask the questions above and provide them with some food for thought.

What’s an absolute no-go?

You want your bride to have fun, and most definitely not stress about what’s around the next corner. Some love the idea of matching bride squad merch, some absolutely hate it! This goes for a lot of things: butlers in the buff, hen party paraphernalia, and so much more.

What’s most important to you?

This is super important for the itinerary planning. Is it 4 nights away, with parties every evening, or do they want a 50/50 split with some relaxing? Maybe even a hike or two? Ask them of what they like, and then take into account some of their hobbies and interests and work it in.

Treats by SugarBox London

2) Confirm the Date

Be sure to do this as soon as possible, even before messaging everyone in the group chat. This is ideal, because you don’t want to give people too much choice on the dates, as it will only cause more confusion and awkwardness in case you have to choose between which of her friends can and can’t come (due to their availability).

If easier, ask the bride to provide 2/3 variations of dates and suggest these going forward.

3) Get the Guest List going

All hail WhatsApp, making hen party planning easier since 2009 (!) Ask the bride to make the WhatsApp group, make you the admin, and then swiftly leave it (if she wants it to be a surprise, of course).

This will save you the hassle of adding everyones phone numbers etc., and the bride will also be at ease knowing that you’ve got everyone together in one place.

You want to get everyone involved where possible, the best thing you can do is ask them these questions via a Google Questionnaire

TIP: Make a copy of this Google Questionnaire and make it your own.

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Questionnaire

It captures more that just ideal dates: possible locations, fun activities for the bride, how involved each bridesmaid wants to be and so much more.

It’s so important to have these open conversation, and no formalities about speaking on budgets and involvement. Everyone’s busy and no-ones judging! The clarity will just make it 1000x easier for yourself.

4) Set an Itinerary for the basics

Gather the basic information and do your research: look at transport & travel, and locations & housing. When you find one that you think fits, send it over in the group explaining a breakdown of how much everything will cost per night etc.

This can be tricky, as you’ll still be waiting for people to confirm the dates. You’re bound to get a couple “I can only ask my manager for Annual Leave next month”, and that’s okay. Don’t wait up and try to be as relaxes as possible.

A good caveat is always: GBP XXX.XX is the rough price, but may vary depending on if there are any dropouts. This way your guests are aware of the range.

Villa or hotels?

Now, a traditional villa is extremely fun: having all your squad in one place, the freedom to decorate and cook your own meals, and sometimes even a private pool, hot tub or beach! However, just be aware that it can be difficult and expensive to search for villa’s if you have too much uncertainty with guests and people joining later ie. splitting costs for some guests staying all days and others staying for 50% of the days.

It’s all most definitely possible, but just something to be aware of, depending on the girls going. If you’re really getting stressed, be sure to consider fun apartments. Lots of local boutique hotels are often best for this, as they allow you a lot of unique hen-related activities.

TIP: Once you’ve got the bulk of it booked, if your Bride is still waiting to do her bridesmaid proposal, suggest this cute way of her keeping all the info for the bride in one place.

5) Book!

Re-confirm, re-confirm, re-confirm! As you’ll be making a bulk payment for the accommodation, most likely, you want to make sure that everyone is ok and aware that you are booking. Depending on what’s easier for you, ask them to either pay in advance or straight after you’ve booked.

It’s best to leave everyone in charge of their own travel, ie. train tickets or flights. Often to retrieve tickets, they’ll need the original card they paid with; and for flights, they’ll be better off doing online check in with all their details. It’s one less headache for you.

Additionally, it’s worth letting everyone know about your travel allowances, if it’s a flight. Let them know if you’ll be purchasing one extra luggage to check-in, in case everyone wants to pop any large liquids in there.

This is also the best time to ask everyone if their passports are in date! As you’ll be booking in advance, it allows everyone enough time to get any replacements if needed.

6) The fun bit – the activities!

We love a bit of organised fun, especially when you’re on a hen with a number of different people. It’s best to keep everyone on the same page, so you’ll want to create a google doc as you go.

When planning the itinerary do not fall into the trap of planning every second of every day, it’s not practical. You want to have a rough guide of activities, meals and transportation; with their respective costs – but that’s about it.

Remember that everyones different, and that not everyone may want to be doing water sports on all 3 days, and alternatively, not everyone will be wanting to go on nights out for all 3 nights. Keep a balance. Perhaps a spa day after the big night out is your best option, because no one wants to be sea sick on a boat after a heavy one.

Allow for some free time and relaxation, and time to explore. A rule of thumb is often one activity a day – it’s also a lot more cost effective.

Again, centre it around the bride! If she’s into her spin classes, why not find a cute group spin cycle spot? These few days are all about celebrating her, and her new chapter; always remember that.

7) Plan the extra’s

When it comes to planning the extra’s, ie. snacks, drinks, shampoo, conditioner – create a combined pot or use a cost-sharing app like Splitwise (this will be your best friends!).

What’s Splitwise? It’s an app which allows you to split the bill between a number of people for a number of things. One of you covers the taxi? Split it with exactly whose in that cab. One of you covers a large meal? Split it exactly with everyone on the table. It’s so convenient.

Additionally, if you’re in charge of things like matching PJ’s, or hen goodie bags – think of how you want to do it. Either ask for a contribution, and let the hen’s know exactly what they’re paying for, or if you wish to cover it – be as efficient as possible!

For any alcohol, decide whether you all want to share, or if specific people wish to buy their own bottles so that it’s truly what they like. If you’re doing a shared drinks pot, ask everyone of their drinks preferences before buying. There’s no point getting 3 bottles of red wine, when everyone prefers white!

8) Share the full itinerary

Make sure everyones aware, and that you’re transparent with everything at all stages. Nearer to the time, share the exact activities, any booking times, meals, costs, and most important of all: outfits!

Provide guidelines for the hen’s: are you having one dressy night out with heels, or is it 3 days at the beach club for you? They’ll be able to pack accordingly and it will save you SO many questions.

9) Delegate!

Not a necessity, but definitely know each hen what they’re in charge of if it’s the case. Even if it’s as simple as putting balloons up in the apartment, make them aware in advance.

10) Give the Bride a guide

Decide exactly what you do and don’t want to tell the bride. You may want to give them a specific outfit itinerary, so she knows what kind of outfits and how many pairs of shoes to bring.

Maybe even a subtle hint itinerary will do the trick.

11) Make sure you enjoy

When you’re the one doing all the planning, it can be a bit stressful and you might be on time-keeping duty a lot of the time. Try and avoid that and build your itinerary to be as fluid as possible – you deserve to have fun too. It’s your best friend’s hen (!).

At the end of it, be proud that you’ve given her a dream hen, you’re now a pro.

Happy Planning!

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Top 7 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

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8 Gorgeous & Unique Ways to Co-ordinate Desi Bridesmaid Outfits

Matching lehengas, blouses, colour schemes? Your options are endless.

14 Unique & Breathtaking Wedding Entrances That You’ll Want To Consider

13th September 2022

The first steps you take as you walk into your wedding can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and extremely emotional. This is the first moment that all your wedding guests will see you, as you start this new chapter of your life. You’ll stand out regardless, but we’ve spotted a number of unique wedding entrances and couldn’t not share them with you.

Even after the wedding, as soon as the I Do’s, the Vows, the Pheras, or the Nikkah is complete, it’s your chance to take a deep breath, look at your partner, and take your first steps as a union. But first, it’s the all-awaited reception which you have to look forward to. The culture, tradition and serenity in your wedding is absolutely stunning, but the reception is your chance to let loose, dance the night away, and celebrate freely with your loved ones.

Whether it be your actual wedding, or the reception entrance – we have it all covered. Here are some of the grand, jaw-dropping, and tear-jerking entrances that you need to consider.

1. Horse

Traditional? Yes, but make it your own. We’re used to seeing groom’s enter on a horse, but what about the brides? One way which is guaranteed to make your guests say wow!

2. Phoolon Ki Chadar

Phoolon Ki Chadar via The Royal Blooms

This gorgeous entrance is a beautiful way to get your loved ones involved. Traditionally carried by the brothers, you can choose your most special family members to hold a Phoolon Ki Chadar over your head, as you enter to your most special song.

3. Boat

The perfect entrance for any destination wedding. Most commonly seen in Thailand, this is definitely a wedding entrance you want to incorporate into your wedding if your venue has the right facilities. Paired with some smoke, this is one you’re going to want to try out if you can.

4. Tuk Tuk

Are you as obsessed as we are? This is perfect for any playful couple out there, who really don’t want a wedding entrance that’s been done before. Ride in with style!

5. Colour Entrance

Get your guests in on the fun! Ask them to line up and enter in with colour bombs, the most beautiful metaphor for the new, fun, and colourful journey you are about to embark on.

6. With your Wedding Party

Your siblings & bridal parties are the best wedding entrance buddies. They’re sure to get the party started, and will most definitely get everyone hyped before you enter.

7. Helicopter

Why not? If you’ve got a venue with gorgeous grounds, this ones for you! The best part about this is flying over your venue and looking down to see all your wedding guests waiting for your party. It’s extremely special, and one you’ll definitely never forget.

8. Candle Lit Path

Whether it be day or night, this entrance will look gorgeous at all times. Paired with some gorgeous candle center pieces, you can seamlessly pull this one off. It’s perfect to keep for your wedding exit – the candles will look breathtaking under the moonlight!

9. Classic Car

A classic car for a classic couple. If your significant other is obsessed with all types of cars, this ones a no-brainer. They’ll truly appreciate this send-off, especially if they get to drive it!

10. Dance-off

For the couple who dances together, this is the best way to showcase your new union in your own unique way. Choose the songs that are most special to you, and even a few old throwback Bollywood classics, and you’re good to go (viral)!

11. Let it Snow

This will top-off that most beautiful winter wonderland themed wedding. Slightly Christine Quinn inspired, we admit, but it definitely made a few of the Selling Sunset cast members shed a tear or two! It’s rarely done, and makes for the most beautiful pictures.

12. Shots!

Take a shot, then take a seat! For your guests, for you, and everyone to enjoy. This one will really get the party started, and is another unique way to raise a toast for the happy couple.

13. Photobooth Props

Enter with your photobooth props. There’s so many unique ways to do this, especially with the sweet ‘Newlyweds’ signs, or ‘My One and Only Credit Card’. Check out some hilarious props here.

14. With your Grandparents & Parents

If you’re blessed enough to have them around, this is one of the sweetest ways to get them involved and feel special. It’s one you will truly cherish and remember forever.

Looking for more Inspiration? Check it out.

Setting a Big Fat Asian Wedding Budget

Our top tips on where to start, and how to keep an eye out for the unexpected expenses

Top 7 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

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8 Gorgeous & Unique Ways to Co-ordinate Desi Bridesmaid Outfits

Matching lehengas, blouses, colour schemes? Your options are endless.

The Rude Wedding Comments That Always Get Made

12th September 2022

Ah weddings, the place for dances, drinks, and a celebration of love: and also space for some unintentionally rude and uncomfortable comments. Unfortunately, the South Asian culture is also known for some of the typical comments – often related to marriage, age, kids & the list goes on. It’s often unintentional, and after a point it’s easy to find it comical.

We’ve all been there, you’ve been asked something uncomfortable, and then you kind of just shrug it off, give a little giggle, and turn the other way. Most of the time, the people making the comments really don’t think twice before making them, so it’s best not to take it too seriously and laugh about it (or kill ‘em with kindness).

Honestly sometimes, it’s better to say something, rather than change the conversation. If you don’t pick them up on it there and then, they may just keep making the comments everytime you meet – and this will be even more frustrating.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the rudest comments that get made, and how you can cheekily respond back to some of them.

Photography: In Twos

1 – The Countdown

“1 down, 3 to go”

“2nd wedding of too many”

“Only 2 weddings left!”

Whilst these are often harmless Instagram captions that get used nowadays, they can be slightly offensive. Think about it, with a wedding being the most special day for someone, you don’t want to make it seem like a chore! 

More often than not, they’ve spent a lot of time on this big day. They may not even get offended, but how about another caption, maybe about them, instead?

READ MORE: Our Top Wedding Instagram Captions for 2022

2 – Get The Story Straight

“So, when did these two actually meet? You must know”

“You’ve known about this for years, right?”

“I knew all along, he/she kept this a secret”

Sometimes, it’s still the case where you’ll have some very nosey aunties and uncles, who just want to know all the nitty gritty details of the couples relationship. It can get pretty awkward for you to start spilling the beans. 

Here are our best ways to dodge it:

“You’re more of a detective than I am, I’ll hire you next time I need some info!”

“How did you know?! MI5 should hire you!”

“I only found out when I saw the invite, can’t believe they hid it!”

3 – You’re Next

“*nudge*, you’re next!”

“It should be you up there soon, right?”

“Aren’t you the same age, when are you getting married?”

Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for, they’re just plain ignorant. Unfortunately, this comment is made by those who are more distant to you, and likely, they’re probably only looking for a way to start conversation.

Check out some of our suggested, sarcastic and respectful, ways to respond:

“Your bet’s as good as mine!”

“It’ll happen when it’ll happen – and trust me, you’ll be the first to know”

“I’ve got time, don’t you worry”

Hope these help you out, you’re likely gonna need it.

Setting a Big Fat Asian Wedding Budget

Our top tips on where to start, and how to keep an eye out for the unexpected expenses

Top 7 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

Bollywood to Western – check out our favourites.

8 Gorgeous & Unique Ways to Co-ordinate Desi Bridesmaid Outfits

Matching lehengas, blouses, colour schemes? Your options are endless.

12 Post Wedding Tasks to Complete After Your Wedding

1st September 2022

Wedding blues are painful. You have spent a number of months, perhaps over a year, planning your dream fairytale wedding; each and every little detail, and now it’s time to start a new chapter of your life with your partner. You have so many exciting things to look forward to: maybe a honeymoon, maybe a new home, maybe learning about a new family? It’s so natural to feel a range of emotions: excitement, nerves, angst. In the whirlwind of it all, don’t forget that there may be a few things you need to complete post-wedding!

After the wedding, the planning doesn’t stop there, but we’ve broken down everything into one list for you. However, it’s important to enjoy your wedding and soak it all in, this was truly what they say is the biggest day of your life! Be sure to take some time out to yourself as newlyweds, and once you’re ready, have a look…

Outfit via: Tayarii Clothing

1. Un-pack & check your belongings

This ones good to do straight after the big day, you want to make sure you haven’t left anything important behind at the venue or any other places you would have been. The sooner you ask, the easier it will be to trace your steps and return to normality.

2. Dry cleaning

As boring as this sounds, add it to your list to ensure your items are all neat & tidy. It’s so easy to lose track and not have that waistcoat you want to wear all ready by the time of its next use.

3. The next steps: your outfits

Now, most of the time, it’s sweet and sentimental to keep your main wedding outfit for your kin; however, what about the other millions of outfits you and your family members have worn to all the other events? Think about it: do you want to re-wear, or do you want to sell them on for others? We highly recommend checking out Circular Threads, the online marketplace for selling and buying luxury Asianwear.

Cards via: Etsy UK

4. Write your Thank You notes

Easily forgotten, but be sure to write and send out your Thank You notes to your friends, families & suppliers. Everyone here has been crucial in supporting you for your big day; and a little note goes a very long way. Check out our range of Desi inspired notes, with personalised thank you’s for your priests, dhol players & so much more.

5. Change your name legally (if you want to)

Whilst not everyone may want to change their name, if you do, try to do so as early as possible so that it’s off your to-do list. Here’s our sub checklist to ensure you know exactly what to look at & change:

6. Speak to your wedding photographer

Ask your photographer when they expect to have your wedding pictures complete by, then ensure you block out dates with your families to shortlist your images for your wedding album (this is so easy to forget!). Be on top of it and get it out of the way. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to do it.

7. Purchase a keepsake box

Think of exactly what you want to keep: wedding invites, dried flowers from your bouquet, menu cards? Keep it altogether in a sweet keepsake box. You’ll definitely love looking back at this in a few years time!

8. Spare decor! What to do?

Figure out what to do with your decor – whether it be spare marigold, tealights, anything! Find out whether any of your friends, who are getting married, could use it. Or, sell it on Facebook Marketplace / Etsy?

Image via: Dino Photo & Video

9. Review your suppliers

Again, a little goes a long way, review the amazing suppliers that you’ve been using, so that future couples know exactly why they should work with them. Feedback is so important for everyone.

10. Take down your wedding website

If you opted for one, deactivate it so that you don’t keep getting spam in your inbox.

11. Diarise!

After the wedding, our culture has a number of traditions and you may have family members from either sides inviting you over for a meal. Try to work through your calendars with your partner in the best way possible, so that you can have a healthy balance of spending time with each other, as well as

12. Enjoy married life!

Sit back, relax, and look through your wedding hashtags and all the pictures your friends and family would have sent you after your photo games at the reception.

Be sure to recommend our suppliers & platform to any newly engaged couples. We hope this helps them, as much as it helped you.

8 Gorgeous & Unique Ways To Coordinate Desi Bridesmaid Outfits

25th August 2022

Nothing looks more aesthetically pleasing than a put-together, co-ordinated & excited bride squad. These are your closest girls, and you’ve all likely sat and dreamt about each others wedding days together; and they’re definitely just as excited for you. Whether it’s with the awesome bride squad shots, the bridesmaid proposals, or the gorgeous gifts, be sure to make them feel just as special on your big day. There have been numerous Western world trends that we’ve incorporated into our Desi weddings, and this has to be one of our favourite ones yet.

“There’s no better feeling than watching your best friend marry their best friend!”

We’ve seen so many gorgeous poses, outfits & special moments literally go viral on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube recently. Whilst the trends are great, it’s important to have your bridesmaids co-ordinate in a way where they’re the most comfortable. Granted, it’s definitely easier to customise a Western outfit than our Desi ones; but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We bring to you, our best 9 ways to customise & co-ordinate your desi outfits.

1. Identical skirts & varying blouses

Definitely one of our favourites and the easiest to co-ordinate. Lehenga skirts are a one size fits all, but add something unique to it by giving your bridesmaid their blouse pieces to tailor accordingly. Keep in mind, that they’re definitely going to re-use this outfit, so make sure they want to wear it again & again.

Tip: Provide your bridesmaids with the number of your local & preferred tailor – they’ll really appreciate this!

2. Same colour palette but different outfits

If you’re someone who likes the co-ordinated look, but doesn’t *love* matching every single piece, go for a similar colour palette. Provide your bridesmaids with colour swatches of the tones which will complement yours. This way, they have free reign to have a browse around lots of different stores & online, and roughly know what to go for.

Tip: Include these swatches in your bridesmaid proposal, it’ll save being asked the age-old ‘OMG what should we wear?!’ question early on.

We stole this idea from Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja

3. Complementary colours & silhouettes

This is for those of you who *really* don’t like matching outfits or colours, but still want those aesthetically pleasing shots. Working with a particular designer to use similar fabrics & embellishment on the outfits, but really customising it to give it their own touch is also a really fun way to go about getting your bridesmaids super involved in the process.

Customise your outfits with Pahri Designs

4. The rule of two (or three!)

Pick two or three colours and outfits that you love, and ask your bridesmaids to pick between them. This way, there’s enough varying shades & colours, so that they all look slightly different, but you’re still able to be in control of how it all looks in the end. This way, your bridesmaids also won’t all look exactly the same on the day, but will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd as the ultimate bride squad.

NGL, we’ve only really seen this done with Western outfits. Give it a go!

5. The same outfits, but different jewellery

This is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing & commonly done methods and it’s so much easier to co-ordinate, TBH. Similar outfits & varying jewellery allows your bride squad to look seamlessly put together! The jewels allow for that slight customisation, and for everyone to really make it their own and style it as they wish.

We love these by Kanya London

6. Same silhouette, varying styles

This is a fun one, by giving your brief of the same silhouette and 3/4 tones for your bridesmaids to stick to, they can get creative. Make it a different one! We love these sharara’s, they’re so fun and a unique way to stand out.

Shot by Memoirz

7. The same outfits, for all ages

We absolutely adore this picture, which showcases varying generations of women dressed up similarly for this beautiful wedding. It’s an extremely memorable moment, and definitely a fun one for you to plan and put together. We can’t help but smile and say *awh* to the adorable little girls at the front!

8. The bridesmaid robes!

Last, but definitely not least. We love the classic bridesmaid robe shots – a must! Regardless of which outfits you choose, they’re the best way to co-ordinate with your bridesmaids. Carry these through from the hen, they’re the perfect addition.

Loving these? Share them with you M.O.H ASAP and get planning! Check us out on Instagram for more inspiration, and be sure to browse and enquire through our Supplier Directory for out trusted suppliers.