The Rude Wedding Comments That Always Get Made

12th September 2022

Ah weddings, the place for dances, drinks, and a celebration of love: and also space for some unintentionally rude and uncomfortable comments. Unfortunately, the South Asian culture is also known for some of the typical comments – often related to marriage, age, kids & the list goes on. It’s often unintentional, and after a point it’s easy to find it comical.

We’ve all been there, you’ve been asked something uncomfortable, and then you kind of just shrug it off, give a little giggle, and turn the other way. Most of the time, the people making the comments really don’t think twice before making them, so it’s best not to take it too seriously and laugh about it (or kill ‘em with kindness).

Honestly sometimes, it’s better to say something, rather than change the conversation. If you don’t pick them up on it there and then, they may just keep making the comments everytime you meet – and this will be even more frustrating.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the rudest comments that get made, and how you can cheekily respond back to some of them.

Photography: In Twos

1 – The Countdown

“1 down, 3 to go”

“2nd wedding of too many”

“Only 2 weddings left!”

Whilst these are often harmless Instagram captions that get used nowadays, they can be slightly offensive. Think about it, with a wedding being the most special day for someone, you don’t want to make it seem like a chore! 

More often than not, they’ve spent a lot of time on this big day. They may not even get offended, but how about another caption, maybe about them, instead?

READ MORE: Our Top Wedding Instagram Captions for 2022

2 – Get The Story Straight

“So, when did these two actually meet? You must know”

“You’ve known about this for years, right?”

“I knew all along, he/she kept this a secret”

Sometimes, it’s still the case where you’ll have some very nosey aunties and uncles, who just want to know all the nitty gritty details of the couples relationship. It can get pretty awkward for you to start spilling the beans. 

Here are our best ways to dodge it:

“You’re more of a detective than I am, I’ll hire you next time I need some info!”

“How did you know?! MI5 should hire you!”

“I only found out when I saw the invite, can’t believe they hid it!”

3 – You’re Next

“*nudge*, you’re next!”

“It should be you up there soon, right?”

“Aren’t you the same age, when are you getting married?”

Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for, they’re just plain ignorant. Unfortunately, this comment is made by those who are more distant to you, and likely, they’re probably only looking for a way to start conversation.

Check out some of our suggested, sarcastic and respectful, ways to respond:

“Your bet’s as good as mine!”

“It’ll happen when it’ll happen – and trust me, you’ll be the first to know”

“I’ve got time, don’t you worry”

Hope these help you out, you’re likely gonna need it.

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12 Post Wedding Tasks to Complete After Your Wedding

1st September 2022

Wedding blues are painful. You have spent a number of months, perhaps over a year, planning your dream fairytale wedding; each and every little detail, and now it’s time to start a new chapter of your life with your partner. You have so many exciting things to look forward to: maybe a honeymoon, maybe a new home, maybe learning about a new family? It’s so natural to feel a range of emotions: excitement, nerves, angst. In the whirlwind of it all, don’t forget that there may be a few things you need to complete post-wedding!

After the wedding, the planning doesn’t stop there, but we’ve broken down everything into one list for you. However, it’s important to enjoy your wedding and soak it all in, this was truly what they say is the biggest day of your life! Be sure to take some time out to yourself as newlyweds, and once you’re ready, have a look…

Outfit via: Tayarii Clothing

1. Un-pack & check your belongings

This ones good to do straight after the big day, you want to make sure you haven’t left anything important behind at the venue or any other places you would have been. The sooner you ask, the easier it will be to trace your steps and return to normality.

2. Dry cleaning

As boring as this sounds, add it to your list to ensure your items are all neat & tidy. It’s so easy to lose track and not have that waistcoat you want to wear all ready by the time of its next use.

3. The next steps: your outfits

Now, most of the time, it’s sweet and sentimental to keep your main wedding outfit for your kin; however, what about the other millions of outfits you and your family members have worn to all the other events? Think about it: do you want to re-wear, or do you want to sell them on for others? We highly recommend checking out Circular Threads, the online marketplace for selling and buying luxury Asianwear.

Cards via: Etsy UK

4. Write your Thank You notes

Easily forgotten, but be sure to write and send out your Thank You notes to your friends, families & suppliers. Everyone here has been crucial in supporting you for your big day; and a little note goes a very long way. Check out our range of Desi inspired notes, with personalised thank you’s for your priests, dhol players & so much more.

5. Change your name legally (if you want to)

Whilst not everyone may want to change their name, if you do, try to do so as early as possible so that it’s off your to-do list. Here’s our sub checklist to ensure you know exactly what to look at & change:

6. Speak to your wedding photographer

Ask your photographer when they expect to have your wedding pictures complete by, then ensure you block out dates with your families to shortlist your images for your wedding album (this is so easy to forget!). Be on top of it and get it out of the way. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to do it.

7. Purchase a keepsake box

Think of exactly what you want to keep: wedding invites, dried flowers from your bouquet, menu cards? Keep it altogether in a sweet keepsake box. You’ll definitely love looking back at this in a few years time!

8. Spare decor! What to do?

Figure out what to do with your decor – whether it be spare marigold, tealights, anything! Find out whether any of your friends, who are getting married, could use it. Or, sell it on Facebook Marketplace / Etsy?

Image via: Dino Photo & Video

9. Review your suppliers

Again, a little goes a long way, review the amazing suppliers that you’ve been using, so that future couples know exactly why they should work with them. Feedback is so important for everyone.

10. Take down your wedding website

If you opted for one, deactivate it so that you don’t keep getting spam in your inbox.

11. Diarise!

After the wedding, our culture has a number of traditions and you may have family members from either sides inviting you over for a meal. Try to work through your calendars with your partner in the best way possible, so that you can have a healthy balance of spending time with each other, as well as

12. Enjoy married life!

Sit back, relax, and look through your wedding hashtags and all the pictures your friends and family would have sent you after your photo games at the reception.

Be sure to recommend our suppliers & platform to any newly engaged couples. We hope this helps them, as much as it helped you.

8 Gorgeous & Unique Ways To Coordinate Desi Bridesmaid Outfits

25th August 2022

Nothing looks more aesthetically pleasing than a put-together, co-ordinated & excited bride squad. These are your closest girls, and you’ve all likely sat and dreamt about each others wedding days together; and they’re definitely just as excited for you. Whether it’s with the awesome bride squad shots, the bridesmaid proposals, or the gorgeous gifts, be sure to make them feel just as special on your big day. There have been numerous Western world trends that we’ve incorporated into our Desi weddings, and this has to be one of our favourite ones yet.

“There’s no better feeling than watching your best friend marry their best friend!”

We’ve seen so many gorgeous poses, outfits & special moments literally go viral on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube recently. Whilst the trends are great, it’s important to have your bridesmaids co-ordinate in a way where they’re the most comfortable. Granted, it’s definitely easier to customise a Western outfit than our Desi ones; but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We bring to you, our best 9 ways to customise & co-ordinate your desi outfits.

1. Identical skirts & varying blouses

Definitely one of our favourites and the easiest to co-ordinate. Lehenga skirts are a one size fits all, but add something unique to it by giving your bridesmaid their blouse pieces to tailor accordingly. Keep in mind, that they’re definitely going to re-use this outfit, so make sure they want to wear it again & again.

Tip: Provide your bridesmaids with the number of your local & preferred tailor – they’ll really appreciate this!

2. Same colour palette but different outfits

If you’re someone who likes the co-ordinated look, but doesn’t *love* matching every single piece, go for a similar colour palette. Provide your bridesmaids with colour swatches of the tones which will complement yours. This way, they have free reign to have a browse around lots of different stores & online, and roughly know what to go for.

Tip: Include these swatches in your bridesmaid proposal, it’ll save being asked the age-old ‘OMG what should we wear?!’ question early on.

We stole this idea from Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja

3. Complementary colours & silhouettes

This is for those of you who *really* don’t like matching outfits or colours, but still want those aesthetically pleasing shots. Working with a particular designer to use similar fabrics & embellishment on the outfits, but really customising it to give it their own touch is also a really fun way to go about getting your bridesmaids super involved in the process.

Customise your outfits with Pahri Designs

4. The rule of two (or three!)

Pick two or three colours and outfits that you love, and ask your bridesmaids to pick between them. This way, there’s enough varying shades & colours, so that they all look slightly different, but you’re still able to be in control of how it all looks in the end. This way, your bridesmaids also won’t all look exactly the same on the day, but will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd as the ultimate bride squad.

NGL, we’ve only really seen this done with Western outfits. Give it a go!

5. The same outfits, but different jewellery

This is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing & commonly done methods and it’s so much easier to co-ordinate, TBH. Similar outfits & varying jewellery allows your bride squad to look seamlessly put together! The jewels allow for that slight customisation, and for everyone to really make it their own and style it as they wish.

We love these by Kanya London

6. Same silhouette, varying styles

This is a fun one, by giving your brief of the same silhouette and 3/4 tones for your bridesmaids to stick to, they can get creative. Make it a different one! We love these sharara’s, they’re so fun and a unique way to stand out.

Shot by Memoirz

7. The same outfits, for all ages

We absolutely adore this picture, which showcases varying generations of women dressed up similarly for this beautiful wedding. It’s an extremely memorable moment, and definitely a fun one for you to plan and put together. We can’t help but smile and say *awh* to the adorable little girls at the front!

8. The bridesmaid robes!

Last, but definitely not least. We love the classic bridesmaid robe shots – a must! Regardless of which outfits you choose, they’re the best way to co-ordinate with your bridesmaids. Carry these through from the hen, they’re the perfect addition.

Loving these? Share them with you M.O.H ASAP and get planning! Check us out on Instagram for more inspiration, and be sure to browse and enquire through our Supplier Directory for out trusted suppliers.

Setting a Big Fat Asian Wedding Budget

4th August 2022

Ah yes, probably the most difficult aspect of the entire wedding. Traditionally, this is the largest and most expensive party you will ever throw, but are things changing? With many now opting to save up more for a house, cutting out a few distant wedding guests (ie., the neighbours doctor), and having a smaller close-knit wedding; we see 2 unique types of wedding occurring nowadays, and we’re obsessed.

Let’s be honest, no matter how many siblings of ours get married, we still have no clue how to divide our wedding budget to ensure we’ve covered everything, accounted for wedding inflation, and taken into account your unique couple preferences ie., your partner cares more about the food & decor, and you care more about your cake & outfits.

Remember, a wedding budget should be unique to you and reflect your particular circumstances and position. Check out some of our starting steps below

1. Talk openly with your partner about your financial situation and about the contribution:

Pop some bubbly to celebrate your engagement, then get down to business! Cart: Balloons & Fizz Co.

Maybe it’s just the two of you and your fiancé. Or perhaps your parents or other relatives might like to contribute. Whatever the situation, determining who is willing to contribute to your wedding is the most open, honest & efficient way for determining your entire budget.

Don’t shy away from the conversation, and don’t even think about it being awkward. Your two families are becoming one, and knowing the base line budget will reduce a lot of your stress.

Top tip: Think of who has always wanted to chip in, perhaps your grandparents are determined to purchase a wedding dress for you and they’ve said this to you since childhood. Take it into account and factor in accordingly.

2. Create an approximate guest list

Hit the sweet spot with Khoya Mithai

How much you should strive to spend or save will depend on the size of your guest list. The amount of visitors will influence the venue size, the catering requirements, and the number of wedding favours etc.

Putting the expenditures of your wedding into perspective requires thinking about the “per head” costs. The number of goods you’ll need to purchase, such as invitations, table, and chair rentals, cake size & so much more, will depend on the number of guests attending. This will also inevitably be the first question any supplier will ask you, so it’s good to have your rough estimate.

Did you know? Around 15-20% of guests, on average, will RSVP as “No” from your guest list. Don’t be offended, it’s just the norm!

3. Contingency reserve

Order your bridal bouquets & flowers today, with Rithika Flowers

Not going to lie, this ones done a LOT in corporate work projects, but whose to say we can’t use this best practice for the wedding?

General wisdom suggests that 10-15% of your budget should be set aside in a contingency reserve, and your split allocations below should be net of the reserve amount. This is so that you have enough leeway for some of the unexpected costs (trust us, they’re inevitable).

On the flip side, you will also always have some places where you save & spend less than expected. Pop that cash into the contingency reserve too!

The BEST trick: In your mind, tell yourself that the contingency reserve that you save, will automatically be added to your honeymoon pot! The more you save, the more fancy dinner’s you can fork out on.

4. Category allocations & setting priorities

Get the party started with Musical Movements

Start allocating a rough percentage to each of your categories, for example:

Venue – 12-18%

Catering – 12-18%

Outfits – 7-8%

and so on…

This list will totally vary dependant on your priorities. Think about what you and your partner care most about, individually & together. Perhaps you’re both willing to compromise on wedding favours, and want to spend more of that money on the DJ? By knowing each others non-negotiables, you’ll find it a lot easier to know where you can dip into the contingency reserve, and where it’s just not worth it for you personally.

5. Double check if you’ve forgotten to budget for any of the below!

Travel in style with Occasion Luxury Travel

Unfortunately, the most forgotten costs are:

1 – Registrar fees

2 – Engagement ring cleaning fees

3 – Any pet-sitting costs for the day

4 – Wedding party gifts (or either sides of the family etc.)

5 – Post-wedding costs (thank you cards, flower preservation etc.)

6 – Tailors / outfit alterations

7 – Transport to and from the venue

8 – HMUA trials

9 – Storage costs (boxes & bags for your outfits, jewellery, shoes etc.)

10 – Wedding invite postage costs

11 – Wedding insurance

12 – Dry cleaning

13 – Wedding guestbook

But don’t worry, Tip No.6 will make sure you don’t forget this!

6. Download the Eternity UK Wedding Planning App – the FIRST App dedicated to South Asian Weddings!

Top 7 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

25th July 2022

After a wonderful day of celebrations & unity, the first sweet taste of married life starts from your wedding cake. It is commonly said that slicing the bottom layer of the cake is a symbol of the couple’s long-term commitment to one another.

Music has such incredible power, to make moments like these even more memorable. While some couples like a deep, sultry song, others want to get the audience going with an exuberant, lively song. The music you select for the wedding cake cutting sets the tone for the start of a wonderful night, so it should reflect your own style and that of your future spouse, while still being enjoyable for the guests.

1. How Sweet It Is, James Taylor

 “I just want to stop and thank you, baby, hey now / How sweet it is to be loved by you, oh, baby /How sweet it is to be loved by you, yes it is”

These lines from the song has the perfect meaning and is worthy for the cake cutting at the wedding. The original recording of this well-known wedding song, which is also a great first dance song, was made by Marvin Gaye. Any rendition of “How Sweet It Is” will work well for cutting the cake. If you want something soft and classic, choose this wedding cake tune. Additionally, if you’re hosting a live band performance, it’s a fantastic option!

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh__udyczFM

2. This I Promise You, N’Sync

A pair promises to be there for each other out of love. And I’ll hold you where you belong in my arms once I take you in. During the cutting of the cake, let the pledge be heard.

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6thmPrTxBtI

3.  I Like Me Better, Lauv

Given how much couples adore their cake, why not have lively, uplifting music lively, uplifting music playing throughout the cake-cutting ceremony? Like most love songs, the words are quite lyrical since the writer is attempting to express their feelings as effectively as possible. The song “I Like Me Better” is about a young couple who improve each other.

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnVkf-z28YU

Here’s an Asian rendition for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC0Pn37Z2eo

4. Ambarsariya, Fukrey

This song by Fukrey is for people who want a gentle, calming tune playing in the background while they cut the cake. It’s another simple yet powerful love song. This song has the right amount of romance without becoming excessive. This song will be ideal if you and your companion are the classy, quiet lovers.

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UDkYz64ehA

5. My Dil Goes Mmmmm, Salaam Namaste 

One of the most popular Indian wedding cake cutting songs of all time, which still touches millions of people with its mellow yet soothing melody. The song My Dil Goes Mmm from the film Salaam Namaste fits the atmosphere.

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV4x7OCqFLA

6.  Mein Rang Sharbaton Ka 

One of the top Indian wedding songs for cutting the cake is this, and it should be played nonstop. Because of how exciting the lyrics are, Atif Aslam fans will relate to it more. Make your cake cutting memorable by going for it.

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnzZyGQi2ps

7.  Sugar, Maroon 5

 “I don’t wanna be needing your love. I just wanna be deep in your love. And it’s killing me when you’re away, ooh, baby, ’cause I really don’t care where you are. I just wanna be there where you are. And I gotta get one little taste. “

For their cake cutting, couples used to prefer calm romantic tunes, but this one is a little more energetic. This will undoubtedly create a mood. This love song conveys your feelings for one another.

Listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09R8_2nJtjg

Used any of the above? Tag us on Instagram!

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Not in the mood for cake? Check out these unique alternatives to a Wedding Cake for your Big Day

6 Beautiful Ways To Commemorate Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away On Your Big Day…

25th July 2022

It’s meant to be the most special day of your life, and it can be extremely emotional when you’re missing a loved one on the day. There’s so many beautiful ways that you can commemorate them on your big day. Dedicating a small part to them at our wedding is one of the kindest gestures. Have a look…

1. Light a candle

Candle via Etsy

Bring attention to those who aren’t able to join you. A ray of light denotes the welcoming of a bright future with lots of positivity and happiness. Lighting a candle in the remembrance of our loved ones can make it even more special in the auspicious moment during the weddings.

Where? We found this beautiful one on Etsy, check it out.

2. Accessories

Without creating an overt show, flowers are such a wonderful way to include a specific memory in your ceremony and reception. Walking down the aisle, with the pictures of our loved ones hanging around their favourite flowers makes the occasion all that more special. These sweet charms can be placed on bouquets, groom button holes & tied to your dupatta too.

Where? These gorgeous charms are available on Etsy, check it out.

3. Wax statue?!

Missing the loved ones in the family picture? A wax structure of our deceased one? Sounds even more surprising and makes everyone emotionally bound. A physical appearance of a beloved one brings back all the sweet memories they once had together.

Truly, we’re not sure how to feel about this one. We saw a bride, in Hyderabad, whose family created a wax statue of her father, and rolled the figure down the aisle on her big day. What are your thoughts?

4. Around the Mandap

A slideshow of images or framed images of your loved ones around the mandap are a truly special way to have them watching over you during the ceremony. Most of our couples say they’ve loved to see snippets of their loved ones in their wedding pictures, when they look back at them.

Where? We love these rustic frames from Amazon, which are likely to also match your mandap.

5. Special place

Choosing a location for the event in the favourite place of our loved ones makes it special, by feeling their emotional attachment to that place. Whether it be their favourite holiday destination, their wedding location, or even a unique place you had your favourite memory with them. In a location they loved and frequented, it would be beautiful to have a celebration in their honour, to commemorate them.

6. Signature dessers or drinks

A signature food or drink of the beloved soul, is such a lovely way to remember them whilst they were indulging in something they truly love! We’ve seen personalised couples drinks, why not have them as part of your something sweet to celebrate? Include the things that you and your spouse find to be the finest and most comfortable.

Used any of the above? Tag us on Instagram!

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The NEW Sabyasachi Couture Collection 2022

20th July 2022

With years of couture behind them, Sabyasachi has done it again with an incredibly powerful and unique trendsetting collection. There’s so much behind the glitzy, glamorous & chic collections, and we’re here to share our thoughts.

“Strong, sophisticated and confident. Couture 2022 celebrates the timelessness of nonchalant glamour.” – says the designers.

The Colour Palette

Dusky gold, grey, mauve, bronze – there’s a lot of the deeper neutral tones that we see coming through the collection. Whilst the brand has most definitely recently been known for its muted tones, we’ve always seen hints of colours & florals that bring out more character into the designs. The new couture collection is definitely different to what we’ve seen before.

Gold, a colour which symbolises wealth & success; and one which is prominent all over the new collection in a very unique & elegant manner. We see a range of subtle borders, heavily embroidered blouses, and a whole lot of sequin work.

Mauve is the hue of decadence, youth, and femininity. Combined with their signature prints, from the recent Sabyasachi Bridal Collection, we can see how the designer has beautifully incorporated hints of mauve & deeper greens into the dupatta’s and skirts of this collection.

Dark green can symbolise a wide range of emotions, from transition, ambition, wealth, to calmness, freshness. The best way to describe certain aspects of the collection are calming. We move away from pairing heavily embroidered blouses, dupatta’s & skirts, to a more is less approach with some focal points.

The Textures

Sequins are back! But are they here to stay? Some of the most standout pieces of the couture collection showcase bevel beads & sequins, and we’re obsessed. Perfect for a beachy reception bride. Going one step further, we also see a beautiful & elegant tulle saree draped in sequins.

Sabyasachi is truly transforming the old trends that we’ve grown up with, into newer reformed pieces.

Sabyasachi says “The crumbling grand mansions of North Calcutta, venetian chandeliers and tarnished silverware—an intense integrity beneath the patina of age. Strong, sophisticated and confident. A smoky hand-dyed colour palette of brooding silver, dusty gold and withering grey. The textured depth of layering silk, wool, velvet and tulle. And the drama of hand crafted old-world zardozi, printed vintage florals and artisanal embroidery. Couture 2022 celebrates the timelessness of nonchalant glamour.”

What do you think about these new colour palettes and possible upcoming trends?

Inspired by the hues?

If you’re loving this colour palette as much as us, check out the Monaco Collection from Coco Shrine Official.

Inspired by the sequins?

Check out the new Sonas Couture collection, featuring all the glitz, glamour & elegance.

Pop over to our Instagram & share your thoughts of the new collection.

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6 Unconventional & Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

14th July 2022

…there’s always room for dessert!

For starters, let’s be honest, traditional tiered wedding cakes are always the go-to when it comes to feeding our big Asian families, friends & most definitely the little kids! With that being said, have you even considered trying out an unconventional alternative?

Take a look at some quirky ones that we’ve spotted recently!

Not a fan & want to browse traditional cakes? We’ve got you covered. Check some out here…

1. Cheese Cake

Well, what did you expect? Have a think about replacing the cake & champagne with a bit of cheese & wine. Perfect for those with less of a sweet tooth, those going for a rustic vibe, and definitely and if you’re looking for something which your guests would definitely not have seen before.

Pair with: We would pair this with a grazing table, instead of your standard dessert tables. Cheese, wine, grapes, crackers & so much more.
Price: Amazon 5 cheese – GBP 479.99, Amazon Mega Cheese tower – GBP 699.99, Costco 4 tier – GBP 74.99, Costco 5 tier – GBP 164.99, Costco 6 tier – GBP 299.00
Where can I get one? Amazon or Costco

Looking for a grazing table? Why not enquire with MumNFood…

2. Donut Cake

Donut worry, we’ve got you covered if you have a sweet tooth. Not only do these look so unique & stunning, they’re sure to be a hit with any little children at the wedding. (Sorry in advance for any major sugar rushes – oops!)

Pair with: A mini one-layer celebration cake as the top tier, so you have a little something to be part of your cake cutting ceremony.
Price: Starting from GBP 76.00
Where can I get one? Crosstown Doughnuts

3. Macaron Tower Cake

Let your inner Parisian out, and experiment with these gorgeous macaron towers. They’re a beautiful decoration, as well as a tasty treat, and definitely have less waste than cut up pieces of cake left to go stale (our inner sustainability champions approve.)

Perfect for a Bridal shower or Pre-Wedding events.

Pair with: Gorgeous faux floral decor or elegant bows.
Price: Starting from GBP 100.00
Where can I get one? Anges De Sucre & Not On The Highstreet are our personal favourites.

4. Chocolate Cream Puffs

This is for all our chocolate lovers. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a chocolate eclair or cream puff?! And what’s even better than decorating this up with gorgeous dainty flowers. We’re obsessed with this minimalistic look.

Pair with: Dainty flowers to match your theme.
Price: Starting from GBP 100.00 approximately.
Where can I get one? This is a DIY job, for all our DIY-lovers out there! Check out this gorgeous profiterole / macaron stand, perfect for an entire macaron tower as above, or for chocolate eclairs.

5. Cupcake Cake

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, cupcake cakes are the most practical cakes out there! We’re yet to see one of these used at an Asian Wedding, maybe yours will be the first? Not only does this look unique & beautiful, it also gives you the option to serve a range of different flavours to your guests.

Pair with: One beautiful small cake as the highest layer, to top it all off.
Price: TBC, depending on your cake artist
Where can I get one? You can either DIY it, using these stunning Lola’s Wedding cupcakes OR speak to your cake artist to create a beautiful bespoke design

6. Cheesecake

We mean an actual cheesecake this time (!) A layered cheesecake is an upcoming trend, and we see this as a 2023 staple at a lot of minimalistic weddings. They look absolutely beautiful and open your options up to a whole different range of flavours. So unique!

Pair with: Espresso martinis. A cheesecake & a bit of coffee is the perfect pairing in our eyes. The cosiest night cap.
Price: TBC, depending on a cake artist
Location: this is another one to be designed & made bespoke with your cake artist

Appreciate the above but still want a traditional tiered cake? We got you. Check out our favourites here.

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Top 11 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations 2023

13th July 2022

Maldives, Bora Bora, Mauritius, as gorgeous as they are, we’ve seen them all over our Instagram, TikTok, & Facebook! Looking to try out something new with your loved one, and experience some of these incredible hidden gems scattered across the world?

Check out Eternity UK’s top 11 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for 2023…

1. Havana, Cuba

2. Ice Hotel, Sweden

3. Bermuda, British Overseas Territory

4. Singita, South Africa

5. Chalkley Treehouse, Sabi Sand

6. St Vincent & The Grenadines

7. Borobudur, Indonesia

8. Lake Hotel, India

9. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

10. Lord Howe Island, Australia

11. Nevis, Carribean Sea

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, with a cocktail (or snowcone) in hand!

1. Havana, Cuba

Havana skyline. Image via KimKim.com

Havana oh na na (!). Imagine salsa dancing with your partner, through the romantic streets of Cuba, as the sun sets over you. The vintage cars, beautiful music & unique architecture is something out of an old Hollywood movie. Get your red maxi dress or tan chinos ready, as this will be a holiday you’ll never forget.

How to get there: Jose Marti International Airport is the best way to get there

Best months to visit: January & February

Language: Spanish

Currency: Cuban Peso

Activities not to miss: Tropicana Nightclub Show, Classic Car Tour, & drink some rum in a box!

2. Ice Hotel, Sweden

The world’s first Ice Hotel. Image via IceHotel.com

Not only is it one of the world’s FIRST, it’s also one of the LARGEST ice & snow hotels in the world. Located in Jukkarjarvi, this is perfect for those of you looking to explore a romantic getaway under the stars. If you’re not one who does great in the heat, and loves to get on those snow boots, this is a perfect unique destination for you.

How to get there: Kiruna Airport, Sweden

Best months to visit: December to March

Language: Swedish

Currency: Swedish Krona

Activities not to miss: Abisko National Park, Northern Lights (hopefully!)

3. Bermuda, British Overseas Territory

Underwater caves. Image via GoToBermuda.com

Even though it’s more-so known for the eerie conspiracies surrounding Bermuda Triangle, it’s actually one of our top honeymoon destinations for it’s hidden underwater caves, beautiful beaches, and full array of activities, perfect for anyone looking to explore a new location.

How to get there: L.F Wade International Airport

Best months to visit: March or April

Language: English

Currency: Bermuda Dollar

Activities not to miss: Scuba Diving, Crystal Cave, Sunset Cruise

4. Singita, South Africa

Kruger Park via Singita.com

Animal & nature lovers unite. This unique & scenic view of the wildlife, is perfect to experience in your own little cocoon hidden away in Singita. In case the luxury lodges & gorgeous sunsets haven’t already sold it to you, there’s even occasional leopard sightings across the resorts, which truly make this a once in a lifetime experience.

How to get there: Singita Safari Lodge Airport

Best months to visit: May to October

Language: Swahili

Currency: South African Rand

Activities not to miss: Bungee Jumping, Hot Air Balloon tour

5. Chalkley Treehouse, Sabi Sand

Treehouse via Sabi-Sands.com

Also known as ‘the best place in the world for a safari’, Sabi Sands is one of the most gorgeous & secluded locations for your honeymoon.  Wildlife in the Sabi Sands Reserve is well habituated resulting in extraordinary close encounters and prolific sightings, particularly of the elusive leopard. The views, the architecture, the lights – the perfect combination for a romantic getaway as newlyweds. Just look at that view (!)

How to get there: Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (for lodges in the western sector), Skukuza Airport (for lodges in the southern sector), Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport (for lodges in the northern sector)

Best months to visit: May to November

Language: Afrikaans

Currency: South African Rand

Activities not to miss: Safari, Helicopter rides

6. St Vincent & The Grenadines

Palm island via AudleyTravel.com

Explore the Carribean like you’ve never seen it before. Sun, sea, palm trees, cocktails – sounds like paradise. Whether you want to relax on the sparkling white sand beaches, or anchor up in the sky blue seas, there’s enough for everyone to do on these gorgeous islands.

How to get there: Saint Vincent Airport

Best months to visit: February to April

Language: English

Currency: Eastern Carribean Dollar

Activities not to miss: Tobago Cays, Montreal Gardens

7. Borobudur, Indonesia

Borobodur Temple. Image via LonelyPlanet.com

Known for it’s vast range of historical landmarks, there’s so much to do in Indonesia, making it perfect for the couple who wants to explore some rare locations in South East Asia. Located on the island of Java, the magnificent Borobudur temple is the world’s biggest Buddhist monument, an ancient site widely considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders.

How to get there: Yogjakarta Airport

Best months to visit: April to October

Language: Indonesian

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Activities not to miss: Borobodur Temple, Manohara Sunrise

8. Lake Palace, India

Taj Lake Palace via TravelPlusStyle.com

Clear water, blue skies, pure luxury – explore the motherland in the most unique way. The stunning lake palace, surrounded by 360 degrees of water in Lake Pichola, has the most breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. This award winning hotel, is also one of the most photographed destination, both inside and out.

How to get there: Udaipur Airport

Best months to visit: September to March

Language: Hindi

Currency: Indian Rupees

Activities not to miss: Explore the beautiful white arches and sleep under the stars

9. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor via TheSafariCollection.com

Home to the rare Rothschild giraffes, Nairobi is one of the most romantic yet unusual honeymoon destiantion for the wildlife lovers. Feeding adorable giraffes in the hotel is both scary and exciting. But if you love wildlife, this is certainly your kinda place. With so much to do, you certainly won’t be running out of a checklist of activities anytime soon.

How to get there: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Best months to visit: July to October

Language: Swahili

Currency: Kenyan Shilling

Activities not to miss: Helicopter rides, massages, safari parks

10. Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island via AustralianTraveller.com

This crescent-shaped, World Heritage-listed island is your ultimate honeymoon getaway. Did you know? Only 400 visitors are allowed at any one time, meaning this destination will truly be your own little paradise. The destination is filled with luxury resorts, white sandy beaches & beautiful coral on the world’s most beautiful and protected marine park.

How to get there: Lord Howe Island Airport

Best months to visit: September to May

Language: English

Currency: Australian Dollar

Activities not to miss: Bird watching, Hiking, feed the fish & explore the marines

11. Nevis, Carribean Sea

Low-key and relaxing, Nevis is known for its gorgeous, slow, crystal clear waters, and white sand beaches. With a range of hiking trails, breathtaking views, and gourmet food, Nevis has everything you’ll need for a romantic getaway like no other. With beautiful and intimate lodges, you’ll find a piece of heaven on earth in this gorgeous destination.

How to get there: Amory International Airport

Best months to visit: February to May

Language: English

Currency: Eastern Carribean Dollar

Activities not to miss: Mount Liamuiga, National Parks & clear seas.

Happy Honeymooning – you deserve it!

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#Trending: Mehndi ideas for brides, mums & much more!

5th July 2022

Mehndi is a beautiful form of body art & temporary skin decorations, which originated in South Asian subcontinents and is most commonly used at weddings, as well as, important events throughout the year ie. Eid, Karva Chauth, Navratri & much more.

Mehndi, otherwise known as henna, has traditionally been associated withpositive spirits and good luck. The core significance of applying mehndi is to utilise its natural medicinal herbal remedies, which are seen to be effects of cooling the body and relieving the bride of any stress before her big day. Henna is applied to both the hands and the feet as a means of cooling the nerve-endings of the body, preventing the nerves from tensing up.

Whilst we love the traditional mehndi designs, we’ve also been obsessing over some of the unconventional mehndi work that we’ve seen recently, check it out…

1. Mehndi Blouse

Mehndi: Creative Faces By Jain, Seattle WA

This gorgeous blouse took the internet by storm last year, and we’re still not over it. The contrast against a white lace sari, the beautiful blouse design, the intricacy along the shoulders – it’s all incredibly designed. The practicality of this one is definitely up for debate, but it’s absolutely perfect for a quirky, yet elegant, pre-wedding shoot in our opinion. A gorgeous way to get to know your mehndi artist better, before your big day, and help them explore more ways to be creative.

What are your thoughts on ditching her blouse and instead wearing henna tattoo designed as a blouse along with a beautiful sari? Yay or Nay?

2. White Henna

Mehndi: Jemini’s Mehndi, London

So it’s not technically “white henna”, as this is not actual “henna”, it’s really body paint. Henna is derived from a natural plant. In actual fact, it’s an adhesive body paint that may look and feel like actual henna, but it’s actually a mock stain which stays on the upper layer of your skin for a limited set of time. This ones absolutely perfect for the brides who don’t want mehndi stains on their honeymoon.

We love this reel by Jemini’s Mehndi, showcasing how body paint can be so fun for a holiday or a festival! Will this ever become a wedding day trend?

3. Mehndi for the Groom

Mehndi: Krunal Tailor, London

Who says brides should be the only ones having all the fun! If mehndi is traditionally worn as a stress-reliever for brides, don’t grooms also need a little stress buster before the big day? We’ve seen a number of grooms wearing their partners name, their wedding date, or their wedding logo on their hands prior to the big day.

Krunal Tailor created this beautiful masterpiece, and we’re loving how it contrasts against the suit – so chic. Would your groom consider mehndi before your big day?

4. Baby Bump Mehndi

Mehndi: Divya Mendi, London

We’re taken away by this breathtaking maternity shoot on Makeup By Deesha. She worked with Divya Mendi & Rithika Flowers, for their beautiful milk bath maternity shoot. This was a unique and gorgeous shoot, one that we’ve never seen before.

The detailed designs of mother & baby were beautifully curated to celebrate the first pregnancy, and it’s definitely one which they’ll remember forever. Divya said that the idea came from adapting the tradition of ‘shagan’ or good luck, which is often associated with mehndi.

What are some of your favourite unique mehndi trends? Send them over to info@eternity-uk.com to be featured…