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Bridgerton S2 & South Asian Weddings: The representation, traditions, & inspiration…

5th May 2022

We’ve all seen Bridgerton season two, but if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?! 🤯

Not only have we fallen in love with the South Asian representation, with the talented Simone Ashley, Charithra Chandran and Shelley Conn; but we’re totally obsessed with the luxurious Wedding inspiration. If you’re a regency-era, extravagent and regal bride – then you, much like us, definitely fell in love (not only with Lord Bridgerton, but also the Wedding 😉)

This season had it all, the drama, the tension, & most importantly the “we can’t be together in case my family disowns me” (or in this case, cuts off any inheritance!).

Bridgerton's Season 2 Debut Week Scored 2.5 Billion Minutes Viewed –  Deadline

Asian Wedding Traditions:

The Haldi Ceremony: If this wasn’t the highlight of the Wedding, we don’t know what it was. The beautiful pre-wedding ritual was showcased in the most natural and authentic way. The scenes of Bridgerton show Edwina (the Bride) being showered in haldi (turmeric paste), in order to traditionally brighten and detoxify the skin before the Wedding day.

The part which stood out the most to us was when Edwina said to Kate (Bride’s sister): “When spread on an unmarried person, haldi will help them find a worthy partner that makes the rest of the world quiet too”.

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The Music: Hey Alexa, play K3G Bridgerton version on repeat! This soundtrack has been all over our Instagram, TikTok & Twitter since the season came out. From the original song in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, this beautiful rendition was played during the haldi scenes.

The song, which has been an old-school classic for the past decades, was a pleasant surprise to all South Asians worldwide. This truly made the beautiful scenes unforgettable…

Not sick of the Bridgerton reels yet? Check out ours 😉

Bridgerton season 2: Simone Ashley says she "loves" that her Indian  heritage isn't discussed on the show - MyLondon

The drinks: The cardamom pods, cups of chai, traditional tea-pots – we loved it all.

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Our Bridgerton Wedding moodboard…

Obsessing over: red roses, gold candles, embroidered silk, v-neck blouses, tikka, bridal nath…

Our favourite Bridgerton tweets:

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