Weekly Newsletter #2:  Cute & quirky wedding favours 🎁, Sustainability contradictions 🍃, & Henna for your big day 🤲🏻

24th May 2022

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to our fortnightly Eternity UK Newsletter, the place for brides, grooms, families & suppliers to keep up to date on all things wedding…

Whether you are in the midst of joyously planning your wedding, stressfully nearing your big day, enjoying the newlywed life, or just obsess over all things South Asian weddings , we hope our newsletter helps you to learn something new, be inspired & have a little laugh…

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Image via DecorAsian

Wedding favours! Check out our top 6 cute & quirky favours for your big day. Ranging from funky mehndi & sangeet favours, to the most elegant favours for your winter wonderland themed wedding. We even have a sustainable alternative for one of the most famous & viral favours we’ve seen – check it out!

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Wedding welcome bags. Let’s dive into the best items to include – including some top tips specifically for your guests! Check them out…

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Image via Akruti’s Henna

Have you seen all those viral TikToks & reels on the most beautiful and creative henna designs? Check out Akruti’s Henna, who can take you through an entire consulting and design process to create your dream patterns! Based in Pinner, and prices starting from GBP 30.00 onwards…

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Image via Circular Threads

Each week, we discuss sustainability & the importance of incorporating this into your big day.

“DON’T THROW AWAY THAT TUPPERWARE, BUT YOU MUST BUY A NEW OUTFIT FOR THAT WEDDING!” – check out Circular Threads and their thoughts on unsustainable contradictions made by South Asians.

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“Make sure you have a detailed itinerary and that key people who have any tasks or responsibilities on the day are aware of these.”

– Pooja Rupalia, UK Blogger


Each newsletter, we share a fun task for you to do, to help keep your wedding planning enjoyable & light-hearted! 💍

Plan a fun outdoors date for you and your partner – we hear the weathers meant to be beautiful over the next few weeks, just in time for a long weekend.

SFun ideas include: homemade picnic, bike rides, fun hike, an outdoors game of tennis – the list is endless. Take a break from wed-min!



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6 Perfect Wedding Favours for your Guests!

23rd May 2022

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and you’ve spent so much time, effort, and planning to get here; which is exactly why you deserve to let loose, have a laugh and dance the night away with your wedding guests. They’re all here to celebrate you, so why not add a little something to make it extra special for them?

We’ve spotted some of these ideas recently and couldn’t wait to share them! If you’re looking for some different and cute ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

If you end up using them, be sure to tag @eternity.uk on Instagram and share them with us 🤓

1. Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sunnies for cute mehndi / sangeet / reception favours – especially for those destination & outdoor weddings. Guaranteed to be loved by kids, cousins, aunties, uncles & definitely the grandparents!

Here are some of our favourites – check them out:

Aviator style: https://amzn.to/3yTmHOA

60s style: https://amzn.to/3sQwYaa

Heart shaped: https://amzn.to/3sQmzvw

Top tip: when displaying favours on the table, you don’t need to buy one favour per person. Not everyone will want to use them and you don’t want loads to go to waste either. The best way to calculate this is by looking at your guest demographic vs. the favour, and allocating enough for at least 50%, and then you’re good to go!

2. Personalised portrait tattoos

How cute and unique are these?! Similar to the stamps you get at most clubs, these are the cutest addition for entry into your wedding or reception – why not have a bit of fun with them! Use caricatures, your wedding hashtag, or wedding date as a cute momento. Perfect for pictures, especially if you get a self inking stamp which only works under UV lights!

Here’s some cool ones in the UK – check them out:

UV light: https://www.stampsdirect.co.uk/uv-self-inking-hand-stamp-22mm-circular.html

Normal stamp: https://www.stampsdirect.co.uk/self-inking-hand-stamp-22mm-circular.html

Wedding Sparkler Tags Wedding Sparklers Light the Way Let | Etsy Ireland

3. Sparklers

We absolutely love this trend, and all the pictures during the couples send off. Be sure to have a sign and note on the sparklers telling your guests exactly when it’s happening and standard safety hazards (ie. keep away from unsupervised children), along you logo & wedding date obvs!

We’re always looking for sustainable alternatives, here at Eternity UK, and found these amazing eco-friendly sparkler packs from Amazon. Be sure to check them out: https://amzn.to/3sPKAT6

Biodegradable Snow confetti Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

4. Fake snow

Planning a Winter Wonderland or Christine Quinn inspired wedding? These are perfect for your wedding guests (& especially loved by kids!). Avoid the fuss of having glitter or confetti on you, your outfits, and the venue for ages by using this biodegradable eco-friendly confetti. The coolest thing is that it disintegrates into water after a few minutes, so it’s super easy to clean.

Check it out:

Snow confetti: https://amzn.to/3yPPFyR

DIY Let Love Grow Seed Packets Seed Packet Wedding Favors | Etsy | Seed  wedding favors, Unique wedding favors, Wedding gift favors

5. Flower seeds

“Let love grow”, “Spread the love”, “Sow in love” – obsessed! These are beautiful keepsakes for your wedding guests, especially if you and your guests are nature lovers. It’s a beautiful opportunity for them to plant a few seeds in their back garden, in memory of your beautiful day. Cute, quirky and memorable.

Check out a few of our favourites:

Brown paper sleeves: https://amzn.to/3wN3XxD

White paper sleeves: https://amzn.to/3sOjkVm

Image via DecorAsian

6. Make your own!

Feeling creative? Make your own beautiful & high quality favours. We love these gorgeous mini favour boxes by DecorAsian, which allow you to customise your colours and patterns to fit your particular theme. Add whatever you like to it, specifically something which means something to you as a couple: loose-leaf tea, coffee beans, mini chocolates / M&Ms, mints – the list is endless!

Loving these particular boxes as much as we do? Check out DecorAsian and enquire now to have your initial consultation.

Looking for more Wedding Suppliers? Get started and search our South Asian Wedding Directory now…

Stay tuned for more Hints, Tips, Inspiration & Planning tools!

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Behind the Brand with Ananya Cards: Vaishali Shah

18th May 2022

Cover image credits: Tell Your Story Photography & Film

Welcome to Behind the Brand, where we showcase the founders and their journeys, successes & a bit more about them…

This feature we speak to Vaishali Shah, the brains behind the Luxury Wedding Stationery Brand: Ananya Cards. With over 21 years of experience in marketing, and over 16 years of experience in the wedding industry, Vaishali speaks to us a bit more about her brand, as well as, shares more about her personality & interests.

Want to enquire with Vaishali? Click here to get in touch…

Image credits: Xander Casey Photography

About Ananya Cards:

Why did you initially decide to launch your business?

I have always loved stationery. I had been fortunate enough to travel the world from a young age and I would collect cards from each country I visited. I was fascinated by the unique qualities, symbolism, and themes of each culture and how they were expressed through their stationery.

I was looking for beautiful stationery in the UK but could not find anything that I liked which had a contemporary nod to my culture and reflected my appreciation of art and different lifestyles. So having spotted the gap in the market, I launched Ananya in 2006 with the ambition of bringing together interesting aspects of various cultures in a way that was stylish, exotic and contemporary.

The reason I called the business Ananya is that it means ‘without equal’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit and this is what drives me and the business…to create something distinctive, exquisite and unique.⁠ ⁠ I am passionate about working with couples and listening to the individual story of every single couple, each one different. I love being part of their special celebration and life journey and help bring their vision to reality.

I want all our clients to look at their stationery in 10 years to come and for it to bring a smile to their faces. With a base in London and Dubai, I am so grateful and proud here at Ananya to be celebrating our 16th year in an industry so filled with talent, emotion, passion and collaboration.

Behind every company, there is the hard, dedicated work of someone making their dream come true, and the team of people making the magic happen around them. Ananya is my labour of love. ⁠

75 Ananya Cards ideas | bespoke wedding invitations, wedding invitation  companies, bespoke wedding stationery

How would you describe your job / business to family & friends?

Because I’m doing something I love and am passionate about, I don’t consider my role in the business as a ‘job’. My family and friends tell me that when I talk about my business and describe my innovative, design-led collections or the latest technique or finishing touches I am experimenting with, my face lights up!

It is a very fulfilling aspect of my work and one that really inspires and nourishes my creativity. As with any business, it does involve a lot of hard work, commitment, and perseverance, but it has been very rewarding building the business and establishing my credibility and I’m enjoying the success!

Bespoke Stationery | Custom designed wedding stationery | Ananya Cards

What has been the most rewarding / memorable moment of your business so far?

One of the most rewarding moments in my business journey would undoubtedly have to be when Ananya was handpicked by Historic Royal Palaces to be their sole recommended cultural wedding stationery partner. This was a moment that was both humbling as well as one that filled me with pride. What a perfect match, being a stationery partner with Historic Royal Palaces! There is total synergy between the grandeur and opulence of the palaces steeped in history and the stunning and sumptuous stationery I design.

At Ananya we love to pay homage to historic traditions while adding a contemporary and innovative flavour, and the Palaces provide exceptional venues where our elegant and sophisticated stationery can be highlighted on our couples’ most memorable day.

One of my favourite wedding industry events was a Wedding Showcase at Kensington Palace. I was honoured and proud to have been invited to showcase my Ananya stationery together with live calligraphy at the event, with my scented gift tags/bookmarks scribed and personalised for each guest.

I was commissioned to create an invitation suite which was to reflect the grandeur and opulence of the Palaces as well as being contemporary and innovative to appeal to the guest list of leading media and wedding and event planners. So I used the brand colours of the various Palaces and introduced a modern golden brush stroke effect to add some oomph, creativity and sophistication and to reflect the theme of the evening ‘Our Canvas Your Creation’.

Historic Royal Palaces partners with Ananya
Image credits: Sanjay D Gohil. Copyright: Historic Royal Palaces

Is there any advice you would like to give our couples who are getting married?

I always say to my couples that their wedding stationery is a perfect way to show their personality. The best source of ideas is them, their stories, and all the things they love and share. My top suggestion is to take a step back and think about what matters the most.⁠

If there’s a style of design, a theme, or a colour palette you want to explore throughout your wedding, your stationery can be a wonderful way to capture it. Your save the date or invitation is the first experience that your guests will have leading up to your day, so will set the scene for everything else to come. ⁠

If you have, for example, a certain type of flower that reminds you of home, your stationer can incorporate that visual or that scent into your unique design. If there’s something special you share, like a profession or hobby, don’t be afraid to let it inspire you! If you have children, or much-loved pets, let them play a role too. Think back to your most treasured memories together and tell that story.⁠

What Questions to ask your Wedding Stationer: Elite Member Ananya Cards -  UKAWP

About Vaishali:

What is your biggest motivation?

Kindness and making a difference are at the core of everything I try to achieve at Ananya.

Making a difference is really important and one of my key brand values.⁠ It’s always been very important to me that the business be run in a way that is sustainable, ethic, and that gives back to society.

For every stationery order, I plant trees part of my ‘Plant Grow Sustain’ initiative. As a business revolving around paper, I do take my responsibility to the planet very seriously. I have always directed 10% of Ananya’s profits towards donating to charity, and a few years ago, I started partnering with SankalpTaru Foundation – the first technology enabled non-profit organisation that plants trees in India, while also supporting rural livelihood, empowering women, promoting bio-diversity and making schools cleaner and greener.

I have also been an advisor and trustee for a number of charities around the world.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Even when I’m not working, my brain craves inspiration! One of my favourite pastimes is to explore London (and now Dubai) for new museums, art galleries, and exhibitions. I can so easily lose myself in art.

Art has always been so important to me – in fact, my family used to own an art gallery that I had the great joy of curating for many years. We offered it as a free space for local and international artists, to give them a platform to showcase their amazing talents. The project was born out of passion, and our urge to support and nurture up-and-coming artists.

Ananya Cards - Nu Bride

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Starter, Main & Dessert!)

That’s a difficult one, as I like variety! Starter – Paneer Tikka or Arancini Balls. – Main – Pizza or Masala Dosa. Dessert – my mum’s Gulab Jamuns, served hot.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or past, who would you choose and why?

Steve Jobs. As a creative, I am a huge Apple fan and use Apple products for my businesses as well as for pleasure. Steve Jobs is inspirational for me as he wanted to change the world and technology for the masses. He has shown the world how to dream and how to achieve your dreams even if there are many hurdles along the way. For entrepreneurs, I know the products that he has created, from iPhones to iMacs, have helped many.

Apple Celebrates Steve Jobs' Legacy

What is your hidden talent / skill?

My memory! I am very fortunate to have a really good memory. I can remember conversations, important dates, client calls, what people were wearing when I met them, how people are connected and related to each other and more, without having to make any notes. This ability has made a crucial difference and given me an edge when networking. For example, when I meet people I can refer, make appropriate recommendations and introductions. It’s a great hidden talent, I think!

It was a pleasure to speak to Vaishali & learn so much about her journey, successes and initiatives!

All wedding stationery imagery is courtesy of Ananya Cards.

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Weekly Newsletter #1:  Bridgerton inspired weddings 👑, Staying sustainable 🍃, & Mixologists for your big day 🍸

10th May 2022

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to our fortnightly Eternity UK Newsletter, the place for brides, grooms, families & suppliers to keep up to date on all things wedding…

Whether you are in the midst of joyously planning your wedding, stressfully nearing your big day, enjoying the newlywed life, or just obsess over all things South Asian weddings , we hope our newsletter helps you to learn something new, be inspired & have a little laugh…

Eternity UK Team 🤍


Bridgerton S2 inspired South Asian Wedding: Luxurious, royal & regal…👑

It’s the talk about town, Bridgerton S2 had it ALL – the culture, the elegance, and the K3G style drama. Check out our recent blogpost where we talk about the show: what we loved, a Bridgerton-inspired moodboard, and some of our favourite tweets.

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Wedding websites: convenient, efficient & sustainable…💻

We hear about them, but are they really necessary or as convenient as everyone says? If so, where do you even start with one?! Check out our blogpost on them, to get started…

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Newsletter images (7)
Hyjack Cocktails: the mixologists for your big day 🍸

Bespoke cocktails, a wonderful bar experience, and entertainment for your guests: Hyjack Cocktails has it all! Having worked at a range of venues & with a large number of years of experience in the wedding industry, they’re perfect for your big day.

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Newsletter images (6)
6 tips to make your wedding more sustainable 🌿

Each week, we discuss sustainability & the importance of incorporating this into your big day. Check out our recent post with some ways to make your events more sustainable.

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Make sure you give your phone to someone to capture all the behind the scenes of your wedding & events. After the wedding is done – you will just want to relive it!”

– Ravika Sabh, UK Blogger


Each newsletter, we share a fun task for you to do, to help keep your wedding planning enjoyable & light-hearted! 💍

This time, stop what you’re doing, take a trip down memory lane, and write down your 3 favourite memories with your significant other!

Surprise them with a written note of these on your next date! It’s the little things that you can often forget, especially when all your conversations turn into Wed-min.



Welcome to our first weekly newsletter, we hope you enjoyed reading it. For your reference, this is sent out to all our suppliers & couples each week, so you can stay up to date…

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Happy wedding season! 🌹

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Bridgerton S2 & South Asian Weddings: The representation, traditions, & inspiration…

5th May 2022

We’ve all seen Bridgerton season two, but if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?! 🤯

Not only have we fallen in love with the South Asian representation, with the talented Simone Ashley, Charithra Chandran and Shelley Conn; but we’re totally obsessed with the luxurious Wedding inspiration. If you’re a regency-era, extravagent and regal bride – then you, much like us, definitely fell in love (not only with Lord Bridgerton, but also the Wedding 😉)

This season had it all, the drama, the tension, & most importantly the “we can’t be together in case my family disowns me” (or in this case, cuts off any inheritance!).

Bridgerton's Season 2 Debut Week Scored 2.5 Billion Minutes Viewed –  Deadline

Asian Wedding Traditions:

The Haldi Ceremony: If this wasn’t the highlight of the Wedding, we don’t know what it was. The beautiful pre-wedding ritual was showcased in the most natural and authentic way. The scenes of Bridgerton show Edwina (the Bride) being showered in haldi (turmeric paste), in order to traditionally brighten and detoxify the skin before the Wedding day.

The part which stood out the most to us was when Edwina said to Kate (Bride’s sister): “When spread on an unmarried person, haldi will help them find a worthy partner that makes the rest of the world quiet too”.

Looking for a Haldi alternative? Try out this Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry face mask that we LOVE!

The Music: Hey Alexa, play K3G Bridgerton version on repeat! This soundtrack has been all over our Instagram, TikTok & Twitter since the season came out. From the original song in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, this beautiful rendition was played during the haldi scenes.

The song, which has been an old-school classic for the past decades, was a pleasant surprise to all South Asians worldwide. This truly made the beautiful scenes unforgettable…

Not sick of the Bridgerton reels yet? Check out ours 😉

Bridgerton season 2: Simone Ashley says she "loves" that her Indian  heritage isn't discussed on the show - MyLondon

The drinks: The cardamom pods, cups of chai, traditional tea-pots – we loved it all.

Did anyone else think it would be the PERFECT Wedding gift? Check out our favourite teapot from Fortnum & Mason here…

Our Bridgerton Wedding moodboard…

Obsessing over: red roses, gold candles, embroidered silk, v-neck blouses, tikka, bridal nath…

Our favourite Bridgerton tweets:

Looking for luxury Wedding Suppliers? Get started and search our South Asian Wedding Directory now…

Stay tuned for more Hints, Tips, Inspiration & Planning tools!

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Real Weddings: Ashika & Niraj

26th March 2022

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their Wedding Planning process, the Big Day, and any advice they have for Brides & Grooms in hindsight.

Today, we’re featuring the gorgeous Wedding of Ashika & Niraj, a couple who met aged 14, and finally tied the knot last year…

How did you meet?

I met my husband in secondary school. We actually were boyfriend/girlfriend at the age of 14 for about two months which we always look back on and laugh at now. We properly started dating again at the age of 17 and the rest is history! I have loved growing up with him and sharing so many milestones together as we grew from teenagers to adults.

How did you / he propose?

I was on a holiday with my family in Dublin and he was due to pick us up from the airport. After he picked us up and took us home he told me that I had a couple of hours to unpack and repack as were leaving to go to the airport again for a surprise anniversary trip. Once we got to the airport I found out that we were going to Santorini and I was beyond excited. On our last night there he proposed at “the heart of Santorini” (the rocks naturally form a heart shape here) at sunset. He had asked all our friends and family to record messages for us which he showed me once I had said yes. Safe to say I was crying (happy tears) for ages. It was the most magical evening.

Describe your wedding planning process in 3-5 words…

I feel like these words could change at any time of the planning process but overall I would definitely say fun and exciting. Due to covid though there were moments where it was also stressful and uncertain.

Favourite part of the wedding planning process

I love all the little touches that make the wedding your own as a couple and I loved adding these details to our events. I also LOVED outfit and jewellery shopping and in particular picking up my Indian bridal outfit for the first time after designing it. I was so nervous about how it would come together but it was perfect!

One thing I wish I did differently​

I am not sure I would actually have changed anything major. There are always little things that you may wish you could change, however, this will always happen no matter how much you plan. The small things didn’t impact how much we both enjoyed the day overall and you just have to let those slide! I do wish (like so many other couples I am sure) that covid didn’t make the process really challenging at times with all the postponements and change in the plans but it was of course something that was completely out of our control.

If I had to pick one thing I would say having more tequila rose at our open bar – it was very popular ha!

Piece of advice for future brides

I know everyone says this but ENJOY every single moment and take it all in. As I said, you may feel that there are little things on the day that may not have been in the plans but don’t let them impact your day in the moment. These little things really won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. So much time and effort goes into planning this day so when it finally arrives, it is your time to relax, soak it all in and enjoy all the love and attention on you as a couple. We told ourselves we were going to do just that and it truly was the best day!

Make sure you have a detailed itinerary and that key people who have any tasks or responsibilities on the day are aware of these. It never hurts to have extra copies of these printed on the day to give to key family members / friends too. You don’t want any questions coming to you on the day!

Our Suppliers


​Venue – Glenfield Registry Office

Food – White Horse Birstal

Bride and Groom Outfits – Asos

Hair and Make Up – Kerry Baines

Photography – Nina Mistry Photography

Videography – Real Art

Cake – Rose and Violet Cake Company


Venue (Indian) – Winstanley House, Leicester

Photography – Nina Mistry Photography and Ashley Amroota Photography 

Videography – Real Art

On the day wedding Co Ordinator – Boss Lady Events

Indian Bridal Outfit – Yavani Bridal Boutique 

Mandap – Diva Events

Haars and other floral decor – Iron Swan and Co

Hair and Make Up (Indian) – Sandy Dosanjh

Hair and Make Up (Puja) – Dee Artistry

Hair and Make Up (Mehdni) – Jenna Beauty

Ice Cream Van – Junior Waffles

Mehndi – Mehndi by Naaz

Mahraj – Ramesh Mahraj 


Venue – Winstanley House

Photography – Nina Mistry Photography and Ashley Amroota Photography

Videography – Real Art

On the day wedding Co Ordinator – Boss Lady Events

Bridal Outfit – Yavani Bridal Boutique

Decor – Diva Events and Iron and Swan 

Hair and Make Up (Indian) – Sandy Dosanjh

Cake – Rose and Violet Cake Company and Sunita and Jenna Trivedi for vegan ones

To feature your Real Wedding, DM us on Instagram, or email us at info@eternity-uk.com. We would love to share your story!

Eternity Family x

Real Weddings: Ravika & Vish

19th March 2022

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their Wedding Planning process, the Big Day, and any advice they have for Brides & Grooms in hindsight.

Today, we’re featuring the gorgeous Wedding of Ravika & Vish, a couple who met aged 16, and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony last year…

How did you meet?

So we initially met through a mutual family friends wedding in India, when we were only 10/11 years old. We lost connection and then, around 14, we saw each other at parties of the mutual friends. Started to stay in touch again properly and then we’ve pretty much been together since we were 16/17 years old.

How did you / he propose?

We had our first date at Thorpe Park, so for our proposal he took me back to Thorpe Park and proposed in a little garden at the park. I thought I was going out for mine and my mums birthday meal, so I was blindfolded (well had a shawl over my head and couldn’t see anything )  and walked through the park, at this point I just thought its a surprise for my birthday dinner and then I heard our song ‘Just The Way You Are’ play really loud on speakers. Then my shawl was lifted and he was standing there , but I still didn’t realise where I was until he pointed it out haha.

Describe your wedding planning process in 3-5 words…

Theres so many words to describe different elements of the planning. At the beginning, it was exciting. but difficult at the same time. Then covid came along, so for me, it was quite emotional and challenging at the time and really hard to stay positive.

Favourite part of the wedding planning process?

Definitely designing some of my outfits and seeing them come to life and adding all the small touches to make each event different.

Did you know? Ravika worked with her designers on her outfits, check out her reels to hear more! @ravika.sabh on Instagram

One thing I wish I did differently​

I don’t think I would do anything differently in terms of planning as no matter how organised you say you need to be, it’s always hard to stick to it and just happens the way it happens.

Piece of advice for future brides

Tip 1 – When choosing outfits, try on everything, even things you might not usually go for or if it wasn’t the vision you had because sometimes that’s the perfect one.

Tip 2 – If something isn’t going to plan, don’t let go of it. Some it just all falls in to place.

Tip 3 – Make sure you give your phone to someone to capture all the behind the scenes, after the wedding is done – you will just want to relive it

Tip 4 – the most important one – please nominate someone to be in charge of feeding you both for the event. Because trust me, you just don’t get a chance to eat. So literally make sure someone is bringing you food otherwise you will regret it!!

Our Suppliers


Venue – @gunnersburyparkmuseum

Catering- @delusciouscatering

Mua- @Reenathindmua

Prosecco Van- @flutesandfizz

Photography and Videography- @eastwestphotography

Typewriter- @london.prophire

Bride Dress- @wed2b

Event signs and ring boxes- @madewithloveldn

Decor- @thedecorcompanylondon

Wedding Day

Bride Outfit- @Shenenasethi

Jewellery- @stylebyraveene

Kaleere- @s.klondon

Hand Pieces- @nargis_collection

Mehndi- @navmehndi

Photography and Videography- @eastwestphotography

Mua – @reenathindmua

Groom outfit- @mongasuk

Pagh- @pagh_vala

Caterers- Empire Catering


Bride outfit- @sequinze_london

Mua- @reenathindmua

Groom outfit- @mongasuk

Venue- @hestonhydehotel

Caterers- @premierflavour

Lounge seating and décor- @dreamoccasionsuk

Orange tree- @wowtrees

Production, lighting, table plan print, bar and food stations- @disctinctiveproduction

Table plan- designed by @naamless

Event sign, table numbers and coaster- @madewithloveldn

Savoury/Sweet care- @anneventshire

Photography and Videography- @eastwestphotography

Drummers- @elitedrummers

To feature your Real Wedding, DM us on Instagram, or email us at info@eternity-uk.com. We would love to share your story!

Eternity Family x

Celebrating Women…

7th March 2022

“A strong woman doesn’t let failure or rejection upset her. She cherishes appreciation and criticism equally. Her unconditional love for herself makes her confident and attractive. The way other people perceive or judge her is none of her business.”

Happy International Women’s Day 2022! The theme for IWD 2022 this year is #BreakTheBias, but what does this really mean? Whether it be deliberate or unintentional, bias can make it difficult for women to feel their 100% authentic self sometimes. Women & Men go through their own battles throughout their careers; so to us, IWD 2022 isn’t about viewing either gender ahead of the other, it’s about addressing the unconscious bias that has existed over generations, take action, level the playing field, and empower Women.

In previous years, the South Asian Wedding Industry may have been more male dominated, but more recently, not only have we seen an increase in female-owned businesses, we have seen a shift in mentality. Let’s face it, our industry has Queen Bee’s who are confident, innovative, creative, outgoing, talented, and they are breaking the bias day-by-day.

“Empowered women, empower women

Women, in every workplace and every environment, will face tough days at times, but that workplace and environment needs to be supportive provide a good foundation for Women to thrive off of. It’s incredible to see that our industry creates awareness, supports #IWD2022, and works to create a more empowering environment everyday.

Did you know? 59% of our Eternity UK featured suppliers are female-owned businesses.

All our suppliers are incredibly supportive and great to work with, to celebrate IWD 2022, we have randomly selected 5 suppliers from different categories, to showcase their work and journeys. Categories include Wedding Stationery, Invites & Favours, Womenswear & Menswear, Cakes, Photobooths and Jewellery! Browse our site to see more of the incredible Suppliers in these categories & more…

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Ananya Cards

Category: Wedding Stationery, Invites & Favours

Founder: Vaishali

Founded in: 2006

Based in: UK & Dubai

Expertise: Vaishali and her team of experienced & multi-lingual designers work to provide the highest quality of Wedding Stationery for your events. She aims to tell a story through her work, because it’s the little things that make the biggest difference on the most important day of your life.

We love: For guests, the Wedding invite is their first insight into your events and your story, so we love how the Ananya Cards team work to blend a range of different cultures, styles, and traditions into your Wedding Stationery.

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Pahri Designs

Category: Womenswear

Founders: Simran & Harmol

Founded in: 2021

Based in: Birmingham

Expertise: The talented sister duo, based in Birmingham, founded Pahri Designs to showcase and curate designs which are timeless and elegant. They offer customisation on each of their pieces, to make sure your outfit is the perfect fit for you!

We love: Their customer service! Simran & Harmol are lovely to work with and extremely attentive. They truly work to bring your dream outfit to life, to ensure you look like a real life ‘Pahri’.

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Nity’s Delights

Category: Cakes

Founder: Nity

Founded in: 2017

Based in: London

Expertise: Nity’s attention to detail on each of her designs is incredibly beautiful. Each of her cakes and cake boxes are designed to incredible standards, making your treats extremely memorable.

We love: The flavours! Nity has spent years curating treats with the most unique flavours; ranging from Chai, to Gulab Jamun, to Chocolate Biscoff – yum!

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Adorn – The SK Collection

Category: Jewellery

Founder: Simrita

Founded in: 2021

Based in: Birmingham

Expertise: Adorn encompasses tradition, beauty and our regal culture – all in one. Their pieces are sourced with the highest quality, with a range of collections, including Kundan, Polki and Meenakari jewellery.

We love: The Adorn jewels showcase traditional pieces, with a modern twist, making it the perfect addition to dress up any outfit for any function. Our personal favourite is the bubblegum pink piece, showcased above.

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The Best Magic Mirrors Mayfair

Category: Photobooths

Founder: Chandrani & Marlon

Founded in: 2020

Based in: London

Expertise: Creating memories that last for a lifetime, for you, your family, and all of your guests. Their motto to working with couples is ‘clients who become friends’, and this drives their impeccable customer service before, during and after your event.

We love: The wife and husband duo, Chan and Marlon, are a beautiful example of men empowering women everyday. They are so lovely to work with, and it is inspiring to see them work as a wonderful team in the Wedding Industry.

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We wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day!

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Wedding Websites

2nd March 2022

A Wedding Website is your guests all-in-one hub for all things relating to your big day – you can use it to tell your story, share the events, and even collect RSVPs. They’re both useful and extremely fun to build! The best part of all, they will always be there as a reminder of your most special day. Keep reading to learn more about Wedding Websites and why we recommend them…

The first question everyone always asks ‘Are Wedding Websites REALLY necessary?’ Much like all aspects of your Wedding, there are the ‘100% needed’ and the ‘nice to have’s’, and this is most definitely part of the latter. When considering making one, it’s important for you as the couple to think about if it’s the right fit for you and your celebration.

What can I actually use my Wedding Website for?

You’d be surprised at how the world of technology has allowed Wedding Websites to include so many beautiful features! Most websites will feature the following:

Our Story – a way to showcase your journey, your proposal, pre-wedding shoots etc!

Our Events – provide your guests with all the useful information in one place: dates, times, dress codes etc.

Guest List Management – most Wedding Website providers allow the option for guests to RSVP their attendance

Wedding Registry – make your guests lives easier, and showcase your wedding registry through some providers

As much as you’re going to LOVE all things Weddings straight after your proposal, your guests are likely to ask questions on all of the above literally all. the. time. A Wedding Website means less time repeating all of the same information over and over again. (Telling everyone your Proposal story, Wedding date, Wedding venue, Dress code etc., get’s very tiring after the first 3 times – trust us!).

Source: ShaadiWish

Is it safe?

Displaying your special and private moments and Wedding Events all over the internet sounds quite unsafe to us too (!). Luckily for everyone, Wedding Website providers have specific privacy features which allow you to pick and choose which pieces of information you wish to display.

Some sites will even provide you with your own specific domain, so you can keep this to look at for years to come!

When should I make one?

Really whenever you want after your engagement! Like we mentioned, there’s going to be so many exciting guests asking so many questions, so you can redirect them to your URL as soon as its ready!

That being said, it’s also super important to enjoy and soak in the fact that YOU ARE ENGAGED (!). So take your time and work at your own pace…

Source: Sage&Co Designs

What else should I include on the Website?

Fun excursions for your Guests to do around town – this is especially key for Destination Weddings or if you have guests arriving from abroad. Most of the time, they’ll club the Wedding with their travels, either before or after your events.

The Wedding weekend schedule – a reminder of the day-to-day schedule for the events is always great. You can never have too many reminders of when the Wedding events start, their location, and the dress codes.

Preferred contact information – whilst most of your Guests know you and the Groom, you will be unavailable to contact on the day and in the lead up. It’s useful to have different contact points for the Wedding, and note this on your website. Whether it be mum, dad, the maid of honour – whoever! We highly recommend an Event Manager on the day, even if you aren’t using a Wedding Planner. You want those close to you to be able to enjoy the ceremony and neighbouring events.

Honeymoon information – everyone LOVES to ask about your Honeymoon, so it’s cute to give them a little snippet of where you’re going, how you chose this location, what you’re looking forward to the most etc. Most importantly – be sure to ask for travel recommendations from any of your guests who have been there previously!

Are Wedding Websites free?

Some are free and some charge, but we’ve narrowed down your options:

Free Websites:

ShaadiWish.com – a customisable South Asian Wedding Website. Fast, easy and free…

Hitched.com – free, easy to use, and beautiful templates

WithJoy.com – convenient to create and full of so many incredible features

Minted – super easy to use and a beautiful interface – one of our favourites for the maybe less tech-savvy couples!

Paid Websites:

SquareSpace – perfect for the tech-friendly couple, who love customisation and want to be in control

The Knot – an incredible range of templates. This is entirely free to use initially, but you can customise your domain by paying an extra fee of $20.

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The start of something new…

9th September 2021

Whether you have known your partner for a few days, months, years, live together, or do long distance; your Wedding will always be the start of something new (wise words ingrained into us by High School Musical!). As small as officially calling your loved one ‘My Wife’ or ‘My Husband’, to greater changes of moving cities, countries or jobs; your Wedding will be the start of a new and exciting experience…

We totally agree that change brings new opportunities and new wonders of life, but…new beginnings can be scary, no matter how much you prepare yourself. REMINDER: to take it all one day at a time and enjoy each and every aspect of your journey. Nerves are natural, and they simply add to your crazy, exhilarating, momentous story!

More often than not, we can get caught up in the small details of Wedding Planning & New Beginnings. Like…what if the decorator doesn’t have the exact shade of purple flowers? What if our Wedding Playlist isn’t perfect? What if your distant Ramesh Uncle has one too many drinks and doesn’t make it to the Vidai (Bride & Groom farewell)? WHAT IF EVERYONES LATE? (this last one has been a life-long South Asian struggle, if you have the answer on how to make your guests arrive on time – congratulations, you are a genius.) There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these thoughts, this is your Big Day, but you have to remember that these are minuscule in the Grand Scheme of things. In fact, Ramesh Uncle’s drunken stories are going to be hilariously passed down generations to come!

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Here are our top tips on taking a step back, and helping deal with the start of the new chapter

1. Have your human-form of a Stress-Buster!

Your M.O.H (maid of honour), M.O.B (mother of bride), F.O.B (father of bride), Best Man, Sister, Brother – anyone who knows you inside out (we mean that one person who you can look across the room to, raise an eyebrow, and know exactly what the other is feeling or thinking!). We would always recommend having that one confidante, who you can share all your frustrations with and separate the rational from the irrational.

Sometimes all you need is someone to ask – do you want sympathy or solutions? This one question can help you massively, especially during the build up to your Wedding Week, when quite possibly every little thing can trigger some extreme emotions.

Whilst this confidante could well be your Partner, sometimes it’s quite nice to not make your Wedding conversations and stresses a large part of any date night or conversation. In fact, make sure you plan enough ‘Wedding-Chat-FreeDate Nights in the lead up!

Not only will this person help in the lead up, they will help throughout the start of your new chapter and journey.

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2. Rest & Relaxation is Key!

Relaxation is…the Spa, a Golf Day, Drinks & Dinner with the girls, a Boozy Brunch, whatever it may be! PLAN IT.

Block out two days in your calendar: one occurring the week before your Wedding, and one occurring a few weeks after. These are your R&R days in the midst of all the madness.

In the lead up to your Wedding, you will rapidly feel like you have no time for anything, when in fact, you have enough time and enough hours in the day to get everything done! Regardless, plan this one early and block the day for a week or two in advance of your Big Day. We promise you will feel extremely revitalised after blocking a day out for some detox water, massages, manicures and pedicures!

After your Wedding, you may have a minor or major change of environment, and in and amongst adjusting to a new house and family members; you want to block out a day for some familiarity. Whilst you will of course be doing this as you return to normality, just trust us and plan it beforehand!

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3. Don’t overdo it!

Just remember, your Wedding is an aspect of your life – don’t let it take over your entire life! Make sure you have your down days, and don’t keep Wed-min as part of your to-do list everyday. It’s difficult to switch-off sometimes, but constantly remind yourself to just do it.

Not only is this exhausting for you, it can be draining for your family who will also be going through a range of emotions throughout the planning process – a child moving out, budget stress, family politics – it could be anything! Just remember to enjoy the journey with each other…

To round-off our first blogpost, we hope our 3 key tips can help you with the start of something new and your beautiful married life.

Whilst we are a Wedding Planning & Inspiration platform, our first post was inspired by our own experiences of staring a new business! We used these exact 3 key tips prior to launch, and throughout our own business journey; and noticed they are transferable in all aspects of life. These may already be things you know of, but hey, who doesn’t always need another reminder every now and then?

We hope you enjoyed our first of many Blogposts. Stay tuned for more Hints, Tips, Inspiration & Planning tools!

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