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6 Beautiful Ways To Commemorate Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away On Your Big Day…

25th July 2022

It’s meant to be the most special day of your life, and it can be extremely emotional when you’re missing a loved one on the day. There’s so many beautiful ways that you can commemorate them on your big day. Dedicating a small part to them at our wedding is one of the kindest gestures. Have a look…

1. Light a candle

Candle via Etsy

Bring attention to those who aren’t able to join you. A ray of light denotes the welcoming of a bright future with lots of positivity and happiness. Lighting a candle in the remembrance of our loved ones can make it even more special in the auspicious moment during the weddings.

Where? We found this beautiful one on Etsy, check it out.

2. Accessories

Without creating an overt show, flowers are such a wonderful way to include a specific memory in your ceremony and reception. Walking down the aisle, with the pictures of our loved ones hanging around their favourite flowers makes the occasion all that more special. These sweet charms can be placed on bouquets, groom button holes & tied to your dupatta too.

Where? These gorgeous charms are available on Etsy, check it out.

3. Wax statue?!

Missing the loved ones in the family picture? A wax structure of our deceased one? Sounds even more surprising and makes everyone emotionally bound. A physical appearance of a beloved one brings back all the sweet memories they once had together.

Truly, we’re not sure how to feel about this one. We saw a bride, in Hyderabad, whose family created a wax statue of her father, and rolled the figure down the aisle on her big day. What are your thoughts?

4. Around the Mandap

A slideshow of images or framed images of your loved ones around the mandap are a truly special way to have them watching over you during the ceremony. Most of our couples say they’ve loved to see snippets of their loved ones in their wedding pictures, when they look back at them.

Where? We love these rustic frames from Amazon, which are likely to also match your mandap.

5. Special place

Choosing a location for the event in the favourite place of our loved ones makes it special, by feeling their emotional attachment to that place. Whether it be their favourite holiday destination, their wedding location, or even a unique place you had your favourite memory with them. In a location they loved and frequented, it would be beautiful to have a celebration in their honour, to commemorate them.

6. Signature dessers or drinks

A signature food or drink of the beloved soul, is such a lovely way to remember them whilst they were indulging in something they truly love! We’ve seen personalised couples drinks, why not have them as part of your something sweet to celebrate? Include the things that you and your spouse find to be the finest and most comfortable.

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