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Everything You Need To Know About Ice Cream Roll Carts At Weddings

4th May 2023

The most popular destination at any wedding event we’ve been to is definitely the dessert table (sorry head table!), which is why we bring to you our favourite 2023 trend for wedding desserts for your wedding: Ice cream roll carts.

No matter what event: the mehndi, sangeet, wedding, or reception – there’s always room for dessert, and this is one of the best ways to present it.

A dessert doesn’t always have to be the traditional ones you see at weddings, there are so many ways that couples are making it their own with cool carts, unique items & decorative pieces to wow your guests.

In this blogpost, we spoke to Chop & Roll about the best way to incorporate their dessert cart into your events.


An ice cream roll cart, also known as rolled ice cream, is a unique way of making ice cream that involves pouring a liquid ice cream base onto a freezing cold metal surface and then rolling it into thin sheets using spatulas. These sheets are then scraped off into rolls and served with various toppings such as fruits, candy, and syrups.

The ingredients usually consist of condensed milk, syrups & toppings base to curate various delicious ice cream flavours in front of your eyes.

It’s the perfect dessert & entertainment addition to your wedding, where your guests can choose the flavours & syrups they want in their ice cream, and see if crushed & rolled in front of them to enjoy. Not only is it a wonderful photo opp, but it’s also a great way to get all your guests involved in the fun. 

how is it different from normal ice cream?

Not to be biased, but ice cream rolls are 10x creamier, simply due to the process of combining the ingredients. Standard ice cream is typically made in a churn or an ice cream machine where a liquid ice cream base is mixed and churned until it thickens and freezes. In contrast, rolled ice cream tends to have a denser and creamier texture since it does not incorporate as much air during the freezing process as normal ice cream does.

Also, it’s way more fun. Rolled ice cream is made to order, in front of you, and every order can be customised with various toppings, perfect for events with tons of different tastebuds!


Yes! Most ice cream roll carts will have tons of different fruits, chocolates & syrups for you to choose from. Each guest can have a totally unique flavour to the person next to them.

Chop & Roll are our recommended ice cream roll cart suppliers, and they can even offer some unique options to customise with a few traditionally South Asian sweet flavours.


Step aside personalised cocktail trend – this year is all about the personalised rolls!

A fun way to let your personality shine through is with a curated menu of fun & catchy ice cream flavours for your guests to order. We love the idea of a ‘partner A’s favourite’ and ‘partner B’s favourite’.

what if my guests have dietary requirements?

No problem! Be sure to discuss this with your supplier. Most ingredients can be substituted for dairy-free and vegan options made with plant-based milk alternatives like coconut milk or soy milk, as well as gluten-free options made with alternative flours.

If you plan to provide an ice cream roll cart at an event, it’s a good idea to discuss any dietary requirements or restrictions beforehand so your supplier can prepare accordingly. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy the dessert and that there are no unexpected issues during the event.


Both! Whether it be a super intimate guest list, or a traditional big fat Asian wedding, an ice cream roll cart can cater to all.

Your supplier will require an indication of numbers beforehand to be able to provide you with an exact quote based on the number of ingredients required.


Depending on how much you want around the cart (ie. signage), it’s good to allocate at least 2m x 2m for the cart & your guests to stand around.

Where Can I Get One?

Chop & Roll is our preferred ice cream roll cart supplier that offers tons of different unique flavours. It’s something your guests will truly never forget.