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Setting a Big Fat Asian Wedding Budget

4th August 2022

Ah yes, probably the most difficult aspect of the entire wedding. Traditionally, this is the largest and most expensive party you will ever throw, but are things changing? With many now opting to save up more for a house, cutting out a few distant wedding guests (ie., the neighbours doctor), and having a smaller close-knit wedding; we see 2 unique types of wedding occurring nowadays, and we’... Read More

Top 7 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

25th July 2022

After a wonderful day of celebrations & unity, the first sweet taste of married life starts from your wedding cake. It is commonly said that slicing the bottom layer of the cake is a symbol of the couple’s long-term commitment to one another. Music has such incredible power, to make moments like these even more memorable. While some couples like a deep, sultry song, others want to ge... Read More

6 Beautiful Ways To Commemorate Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away On Your Big Day…

25th July 2022

It’s meant to be the most special day of your life, and it can be extremely emotional when you’re missing a loved one on the day. There’s so many beautiful ways that you can commemorate them on your big day. Dedicating a small part to them at our wedding is one of the kindest gestures. Have a look… 1. Light a candle Candle via Etsy Bring attention to those who are... Read More

The NEW Sabyasachi Couture Collection 2022

20th July 2022

With years of couture behind them, Sabyasachi has done it again with an incredibly powerful and unique trendsetting collection. There’s so much behind the glitzy, glamorous & chic collections, and we’re here to share our thoughts. ”Strong, sophisticated and confident. Couture 2022 celebrates the timelessness of nonchalant glamour.” – says the designers. ... Read More