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6 Beautiful Ways To Commemorate Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away On Your Big Day…

25th July 2022

It’s meant to be the most special day of your life, and it can be extremely emotional when you’re missing a loved one on the day. There’s so many beautiful ways that you can commemorate them on your big day. Dedicating a small part to them at our wedding is one of the kindest gestures. Have a look… 1. Light a candle Candle via Etsy Bring attention to those who are... Read More

The NEW Sabyasachi Couture Collection 2022

20th July 2022

With years of couture behind them, Sabyasachi has done it again with an incredibly powerful and unique trendsetting collection. There’s so much behind the glitzy, glamorous & chic collections, and we’re here to share our thoughts. ”Strong, sophisticated and confident. Couture 2022 celebrates the timelessness of nonchalant glamour.” – says the designers. ... Read More

6 Unconventional & Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

14th July 2022

…there’s always room for dessert! For starters, let’s be honest, traditional tiered wedding cakes are always the go-to when it comes to feeding our big Asian families, friends & most definitely the little kids! With that being said, have you even considered trying out an unconventional alternative? Take a look at some quirky ones that we’ve spotted recently! Not a fan & w... Read More

Top 11 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations 2023

13th July 2022

Maldives, Bora Bora, Mauritius, as gorgeous as they are, we’ve seen them all over our Instagram, TikTok, & Facebook! Looking to try out something new with your loved one, and experience some of these incredible hidden gems scattered across the world? Check out Eternity UK’s top 11 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for 2023… 1. Havana, Cuba 2. Ice Hotel, Sweden 3. Be... Read More