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The 16 Must Have Items For Your Wedding Registry

24th February 2023

Planning a wedding, attending cake tastings, feeling like a princess in bridal outfits; what’s not to love about it all? But, there’s a whole different excitement and a new level of enjoyment in curating the ultimate wedding registry list, with a number of incredible items for you to start your married life with.

Traditionally, they really aren’t a South Asian wedding concept at all. The thought of sending your guests an e-list of wedding registry items was really quite alien, up until a couple of years ago. We’ve seen an influx of ‘no boxed gifts please’ on the invites, but the newer age of e-invites and wedding websites are making it a lot easier to enjoy your wedding knowing your loved ones have had an easy and efficient gifting experience.

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver as a newly-engaged couple. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up to it and save tons of time & money.


Do I need a wedding registry?

Much like everything else when it comes to wedding planning, not at all. If it’s something you don’t feel comfortable with, or your families and guests won’t understand; then there’s really no need.

A registry is useful for those couples who are comfortable sharing it. To be honest, your guests will bring you gifts for your wedding, to congratulate and bless you on your new journey; and it’s beneficial for them to give, and you to receive, something that you will truly want.

A recent Eternity UK Instagram survey showed that 94% of couples would prefer to tell their guests about giving them cash or using a gift registry for their wedding.

Should I just have the one wedding registry?

Nope! Most experts recommend having 1-3 wedding registries for different purposes: homeware, honeymoon, and charity. 

Where should I feature my wedding registry?

Wedding websites or invitations are usually the best place to start. Additionally, if anyone messages you about a gift idea, send over your registry for ease.


After your wedding, the one thing you will value as much as your partner, is your sleep.

Asking for high-quality bedding is a great gift registry idea. It’s practical and ticks another thing off the homeware shopping list. We absolutely love the Lazy Linen look!

Spices & Spice Blend Kits

This is an absolute must-have for a new house, to make it feel like home! When it comes to cooking traditional food, you’ll want to keep a spice kit handy.

Check out The Quirky Kit, with some of the coolest gifting items to add to your gift registry.

Dinnerware Set

For the hostess with the mostest, a good dinnerware set is mandatory for all your dinner guests. It’s nice to have a few different sets, for different guests and in different quantities.

Bar Essentials

If you are always designated bartender, and never designated driver, then a cocktail set and bar cart is an absolute MUST!

One of our bartenders at The Tidy Bar also curates the most incredible cocktail shaking kits. A must-have addition.

Indian Cookbooks

Does anyone else’s parent tell them that they will miss their home food when they move out? Chances are, they’re right!

An Indian Cookbook is a wonderful addition to your new home.


Decorative candles and holders to add warmth and ambiance to a room.

They’re the perfect addition to give your new home that perfect scent. 


A cozy and comfortable robe that can be worn after a shower or bath. This could be made of soft cotton, silk, or another material and can come in a variety of colours and styles.

Matching robes are perfect for your gift registry.

Throws & Blankets

Soft and cozy blankets that can be used when lounging on the couch or reading in bed are a great item to add. This could include throw blankets, bedspreads, or comforters made of materials like wool, cashmere, or cotton.

We’re obsessed with this soft throw from Debenhams.

Kitchen Appliances

Essential appliances that make meal preparation and cooking easier and more efficient. This could include a blender for making smoothies, a food processor for chopping vegetables, a coffee maker for morning brews, or a slow cooker for making soups and stews.

Remember to specifically ask for those which might make meal prep easier!

Crystal Glassware

High-quality glassware that is made of crystal and has a sparkling and elegant appearance is perfect for any couple who loves hosting.

This could include wine glasses, champagne flutes, and other glasses for serving various beverages.

Picture Frames & Wall Art

Right after the wedding, photo frames are the perfect item to display your cherished memories and photographs. 

Carved Jhoola

Any traditional wooden furniture is a beautiful traditional homage, with a modern twist for your home. Perfect for your bedroom, entry way, or living room.

Coffee Table Books

Whether it be a Chanel book, or our very own The Visual Book; coffee table items are a beautiful minimalistic gift registry item.


Whether it be this, or any other traditional board games, they’re a super fun addition for any hosting nights. 

Tea Set

A beautiful handpainted tea set is one that makes for a perfect new home item, with a little bit of character!

Perfect to serve your guests in your new home.

Honeymoon Fund

If you’re looking for your guests to add to your honeymoon pot, set up a honeymoon fund!

Add this to your wedding website, itinerary or invite.


We have narrowed down some popular gift registry websites for you:

John Lewis Gift List – A popular department store that offers a wide range of products, including home decor, electronics, and furniture. They also offer a free home delivery service and a 10% completion discount.

Prezola – A modern wedding registry website that offers a variety of products, experiences, and cash funds, as well as the ability to customize your registry page with photos and personal messages. They also offer a unique feature that allows guests to contribute to group gifts.

Amazon Wedding List – A popular online retailer that offers a wide selection of products, fast and free shipping, and the ability to add items from other websites. They also offer a 10% completion discount for Prime members.

The Wedding Shop – A luxury wedding registry website that offers a curated selection of products from high-end brands, as well as a personal shopping service and a 10% completion discount.

Etsy Gift Registry – An online marketplace that offers a wide range of unique and handmade gifts from independent sellers. They also offer the ability to add customised items to your registry, and a mobile app for easy management.

Honeyfund – A cash fund registry website that allows you to register for experiences, cash gifts and honeymoon funds. They also offer a variety of tools to help you plan your honeymoon and track gifts from your guests.

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