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The NEW Sabyasachi Couture Collection 2022

20th July 2022

With years of couture behind them, Sabyasachi has done it again with an incredibly powerful and unique trendsetting collection. There’s so much behind the glitzy, glamorous & chic collections, and we’re here to share our thoughts.

“Strong, sophisticated and confident. Couture 2022 celebrates the timelessness of nonchalant glamour.” – says the designers.

The Colour Palette

Dusky gold, grey, mauve, bronze – there’s a lot of the deeper neutral tones that we see coming through the collection. Whilst the brand has most definitely recently been known for its muted tones, we’ve always seen hints of colours & florals that bring out more character into the designs. The new couture collection is definitely different to what we’ve seen before.

Gold, a colour which symbolises wealth & success; and one which is prominent all over the new collection in a very unique & elegant manner. We see a range of subtle borders, heavily embroidered blouses, and a whole lot of sequin work.

Mauve is the hue of decadence, youth, and femininity. Combined with their signature prints, from the recent Sabyasachi Bridal Collection, we can see how the designer has beautifully incorporated hints of mauve & deeper greens into the dupatta’s and skirts of this collection.

Dark green can symbolise a wide range of emotions, from transition, ambition, wealth, to calmness, freshness. The best way to describe certain aspects of the collection are calming. We move away from pairing heavily embroidered blouses, dupatta’s & skirts, to a more is less approach with some focal points.

The Textures

Sequins are back! But are they here to stay? Some of the most standout pieces of the couture collection showcase bevel beads & sequins, and we’re obsessed. Perfect for a beachy reception bride. Going one step further, we also see a beautiful & elegant tulle saree draped in sequins.

Sabyasachi is truly transforming the old trends that we’ve grown up with, into newer reformed pieces.

Sabyasachi says “The crumbling grand mansions of North Calcutta, venetian chandeliers and tarnished silverware—an intense integrity beneath the patina of age. Strong, sophisticated and confident. A smoky hand-dyed colour palette of brooding silver, dusty gold and withering grey. The textured depth of layering silk, wool, velvet and tulle. And the drama of hand crafted old-world zardozi, printed vintage florals and artisanal embroidery. Couture 2022 celebrates the timelessness of nonchalant glamour.”

What do you think about these new colour palettes and possible upcoming trends?

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