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The start of something new…

9th September 2021

Whether you have known your partner for a few days, months, years, live together, or do long distance; your Wedding will always be the start of something new (wise words ingrained into us by High School Musical!). As small as officially calling your loved one ‘My Wife’ or ‘My Husband’, to greater changes of moving cities, countries or jobs; your Wedding will be the start of a new and exciting experience…

We totally agree that change brings new opportunities and new wonders of life, but…new beginnings can be scary, no matter how much you prepare yourself. REMINDER: to take it all one day at a time and enjoy each and every aspect of your journey. Nerves are natural, and they simply add to your crazy, exhilarating, momentous story!

More often than not, we can get caught up in the small details of Wedding Planning & New Beginnings. Like…what if the decorator doesn’t have the exact shade of purple flowers? What if our Wedding Playlist isn’t perfect? What if your distant Ramesh Uncle has one too many drinks and doesn’t make it to the Vidai (Bride & Groom farewell)? WHAT IF EVERYONES LATE? (this last one has been a life-long South Asian struggle, if you have the answer on how to make your guests arrive on time – congratulations, you are a genius.) There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these thoughts, this is your Big Day, but you have to remember that these are minuscule in the Grand Scheme of things. In fact, Ramesh Uncle’s drunken stories are going to be hilariously passed down generations to come!

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Here are our top tips on taking a step back, and helping deal with the start of the new chapter

1. Have your human-form of a Stress-Buster!

Your M.O.H (maid of honour), M.O.B (mother of bride), F.O.B (father of bride), Best Man, Sister, Brother – anyone who knows you inside out (we mean that one person who you can look across the room to, raise an eyebrow, and know exactly what the other is feeling or thinking!). We would always recommend having that one confidante, who you can share all your frustrations with and separate the rational from the irrational.

Sometimes all you need is someone to ask – do you want sympathy or solutions? This one question can help you massively, especially during the build up to your Wedding Week, when quite possibly every little thing can trigger some extreme emotions.

Whilst this confidante could well be your Partner, sometimes it’s quite nice to not make your Wedding conversations and stresses a large part of any date night or conversation. In fact, make sure you plan enough ‘Wedding-Chat-FreeDate Nights in the lead up!

Not only will this person help in the lead up, they will help throughout the start of your new chapter and journey.

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2. Rest & Relaxation is Key!

Relaxation is…the Spa, a Golf Day, Drinks & Dinner with the girls, a Boozy Brunch, whatever it may be! PLAN IT.

Block out two days in your calendar: one occurring the week before your Wedding, and one occurring a few weeks after. These are your R&R days in the midst of all the madness.

In the lead up to your Wedding, you will rapidly feel like you have no time for anything, when in fact, you have enough time and enough hours in the day to get everything done! Regardless, plan this one early and block the day for a week or two in advance of your Big Day. We promise you will feel extremely revitalised after blocking a day out for some detox water, massages, manicures and pedicures!

After your Wedding, you may have a minor or major change of environment, and in and amongst adjusting to a new house and family members; you want to block out a day for some familiarity. Whilst you will of course be doing this as you return to normality, just trust us and plan it beforehand!

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3. Don’t overdo it!

Just remember, your Wedding is an aspect of your life – don’t let it take over your entire life! Make sure you have your down days, and don’t keep Wed-min as part of your to-do list everyday. It’s difficult to switch-off sometimes, but constantly remind yourself to just do it.

Not only is this exhausting for you, it can be draining for your family who will also be going through a range of emotions throughout the planning process – a child moving out, budget stress, family politics – it could be anything! Just remember to enjoy the journey with each other…

To round-off our first blogpost, we hope our 3 key tips can help you with the start of something new and your beautiful married life.

Whilst we are a Wedding Planning & Inspiration platform, our first post was inspired by our own experiences of staring a new business! We used these exact 3 key tips prior to launch, and throughout our own business journey; and noticed they are transferable in all aspects of life. These may already be things you know of, but hey, who doesn’t always need another reminder every now and then?

We hope you enjoyed our first of many Blogposts. Stay tuned for more Hints, Tips, Inspiration & Planning tools!

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Eternity Family x