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18 Sweet & Thoughtful Presents For Your Partner

7th February 2023

Honestly, planning a wedding is stressful. Around 54% of our couples say that argue more during wedding planning, unfortunately. This shouldn’t be the case when you’re planning for the most exciting start to your next chapter – which is why we always advise carving out tons of quality time and date nights to recalibrate your relationship.

Sometimes, a date night is needed, and sometimes you want to gift your partner something special. Here, we have carved out 18 of the most perfect and thoughtful presence for your partner.

Whether it be Christmas, Valentines, an Anniversary, or just-because; these presents are perfect.

"We're Getting Married" Card
Card Factory, £2.29+

Nothing says “I can’t wait to marry you” than a card which talks about how you absolutely cannot wait to marry your partner! This is one of the more thoughtful, yet super impactful, ways to get excited with your partner.

Obnoxious Chocolates
Not On The Highstreet, £16.45

Ok now sometimes, you just need to make each other laugh. Especially when it all gets too much. We absolutely love these adorable obnoxious chocs, 

Matching Pyjamas
Chelsea Peers, £45+

We can guarantee your partner will love this super-cheesy-yet-sweet matching pyjamas set. Christmas is definitely the best occasion for a matching set, and it’s never too early to start shopping for it. We love these cute & comfy ones by Chelsea Peers.

Deep Tissue Massager
Debenhams, £149.99

If and when wedding planning gets too much, and you need an at-home pamper sesh, this deep tissue massage gun is an absolute must! With it’s 5 different heads, it’s bound to help you achieve muscle relaxation, tension relief, and soothing therapy.

Private Chef
Yhangry, £30pp+

This ones bougie on a budget, why not hire a private chef as a fun dining experience, in the comfort of your own home? When you’re wedding planning, and working a 9-5, the thought of dressing up, commuting to a restaurant, or even cooking & cleaning up, can honestly be exhausting. Yhangry resolves that problem for you by giving you access to incredibly talented chefs on a budget.

I Wrote A Book About You
Amazon, £11.24

This is another super special way to get romantic! This bestseller book has tons of incredible prompts that will make it super easy to say some heartfelt words to your partner.

Personalised Star Map
Etsy, £11.55+

This personalised star map is the best way to remember your journey so far. It also makes for a perfect piece of wall decor for your future home together!

It can be personalised with the day you met, the day you started dating, or the day you got engaged.

Playing Cards Guest Book Alternative
Etsy, £35.82

We love this cosy matching jumper set, which can be personalised with any date of your choice. It’s a fun way to get excited for your next chapter. Perfect for the couple who prefers comfort, honeymoon travels, your wedding morning attire – & more!

Long Distance Touch Bracelets
Amazon, £92.00

You have probably seen these all over TikTok, but these fun long distance touch bracelets are a super sweet way for you to keep the spark alive, even when you have to be apart.

Sunset Lamp
Amazon, £39.99

Another perfect future home purchase, which your partner will definitely appreciate in the lead-up. There’s something about this lamp which is so beautiful, yet peaceful at the same time.

Love Capsule Messages
Amazon, £7.49

These personalised love message letters in a glass bottle are super small and special, and colour-coded for when your partner is in a different mood. The best part is that you can hand-write them – to make it even more special!

Unwind & Rest Sleep Routine Gift Set
The Body Shop, £58

If your partner is having some sleepless nights with wedding planning, this unwind & rest sleep routine gift set is bound to go down a treat!

Digital Camera
Amazon, £49.99

The digital camera trend is literally taking over our social media, and we kinda love it. This thoughtful present is a fun way to capture your memories in the lead up to your wedding. Sometimes, it’s more special than taking tons of pictures straight on our phones. It’s also the perfect honeymoon addition.

Couples Personalised Scent Making
Hamdah London, £750

This bespoke fragrance making experience is the perfect opportunity to create your signature love scent with your partner. Nestled in the heart of the luxurious Hamdah London, it’s the perfect treat for your wedding scent.

Bucket List Of Adventures
Amazon, £20

If you’re a couple who loves to explore & travel, then this bucket list of adventures is perfect for you. It covers 1,000 incredible adventures over 496 pages – the perfect coffee book and to-do list!

Personalised Bath Robes
Etsy, £60.60

These super luxurious matching robes are the perfect present to relax, especially as we get into the colder weather seasons.

'Our First Christmas' Bauble
Etsy, £7.59

This fun & chic bauble is perfect for any newly engaged or newly married couple. It’s one of the little things that your partner will appreciate in the moment, and you’ll both cherish for a lifetime.

Weighted Blanket
Amazon, £33.99

So are you the partner whose always cold, or the partner that’s always hot? Regardless, buying this for yourself or your other half will be the best present you can get – for the both of you!

Date Night Cookbook
Amazon, £11.58

If you and your partner love to cook, or are starting to learn to cook, this is a fun way to get started. Rev up the romance with a home reservation! Not only does this book contain some incredible recipes, it’s also got some fun games slotted in between.

His & Hers Jewellery

Matching jewellery & accessories is always the perfect gift, one that your partner will definitely adore. It’s a fun surprise and something special for your wedding day or anniversary too.

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