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14 Unique & Breathtaking Wedding Entrances That You’ll Want To Consider

13th September 2022

The first steps you take as you walk into your wedding can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and extremely emotional. This is the first moment that all your wedding guests will see you, as you start this new chapter of your life. You’ll stand out regardless, but we’ve spotted a number of unique wedding entrances and couldn’t not share them with you.

Even after the wedding, as soon as the I Do’s, the Vows, the Pheras, or the Nikkah is complete, it’s your chance to take a deep breath, look at your partner, and take your first steps as a union. But first, it’s the all-awaited reception which you have to look forward to. The culture, tradition and serenity in your wedding is absolutely stunning, but the reception is your chance to let loose, dance the night away, and celebrate freely with your loved ones.

Whether it be your actual wedding, or the reception entrance – we have it all covered. Here are some of the grand, jaw-dropping, and tear-jerking entrances that you need to consider.

1. Horse

Traditional? Yes, but make it your own. We’re used to seeing groom’s enter on a horse, but what about the brides? One way which is guaranteed to make your guests say wow!

2. Phoolon Ki Chadar

Phoolon Ki Chadar via The Royal Blooms

This gorgeous entrance is a beautiful way to get your loved ones involved. Traditionally carried by the brothers, you can choose your most special family members to hold a Phoolon Ki Chadar over your head, as you enter to your most special song.

3. Boat

The perfect entrance for any destination wedding. Most commonly seen in Thailand, this is definitely a wedding entrance you want to incorporate into your wedding if your venue has the right facilities. Paired with some smoke, this is one you’re going to want to try out if you can.

4. Tuk Tuk

Are you as obsessed as we are? This is perfect for any playful couple out there, who really don’t want a wedding entrance that’s been done before. Ride in with style!

5. Colour Entrance

Get your guests in on the fun! Ask them to line up and enter in with colour bombs, the most beautiful metaphor for the new, fun, and colourful journey you are about to embark on.

6. With your Wedding Party

Your siblings & bridal parties are the best wedding entrance buddies. They’re sure to get the party started, and will most definitely get everyone hyped before you enter.

7. Helicopter

Why not? If you’ve got a venue with gorgeous grounds, this ones for you! The best part about this is flying over your venue and looking down to see all your wedding guests waiting for your party. It’s extremely special, and one you’ll definitely never forget.

8. Candle Lit Path

Whether it be day or night, this entrance will look gorgeous at all times. Paired with some gorgeous candle center pieces, you can seamlessly pull this one off. It’s perfect to keep for your wedding exit – the candles will look breathtaking under the moonlight!

9. Classic Car

A classic car for a classic couple. If your significant other is obsessed with all types of cars, this ones a no-brainer. They’ll truly appreciate this send-off, especially if they get to drive it!

10. Dance-off

For the couple who dances together, this is the best way to showcase your new union in your own unique way. Choose the songs that are most special to you, and even a few old throwback Bollywood classics, and you’re good to go (viral)!

11. Let it Snow

This will top-off that most beautiful winter wonderland themed wedding. Slightly Christine Quinn inspired, we admit, but it definitely made a few of the Selling Sunset cast members shed a tear or two! It’s rarely done, and makes for the most beautiful pictures.

12. Shots!

Take a shot, then take a seat! For your guests, for you, and everyone to enjoy. This one will really get the party started, and is another unique way to raise a toast for the happy couple.

13. Photobooth Props

Enter with your photobooth props. There’s so many unique ways to do this, especially with the sweet ‘Newlyweds’ signs, or ‘My One and Only Credit Card’. Check out some hilarious props here.

14. With your Grandparents & Parents

If you’re blessed enough to have them around, this is one of the sweetest ways to get them involved and feel special. It’s one you will truly cherish and remember forever.

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