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43 Unique and Mouth-Watering Wedding Cake Flavours

15th September 2022

In our culture, it’s an extremely important tradition to have something ‘meetha’ (something sweet), to celebrate anything good, and what better than your wedding cake. We’ve seen so many extravagant and gorgeous cakes, but it’s also what’s on the inside that counts, and you want to make sure you’ve seen (and tasted) all your choices when it comes to choosing your wedding cake flavours.

For choosing your cake flavour, the options are literally endless, and each cake artist will be sure to provide you with unique and imaginative flavours which you may not have even heard of; and most certainly not tried before. 

One of our favourite trends of recent years, has been mixing and matching. Why only choose one flavour, when you can have two or three flavours, or even one flavour per tier.

The “Traditional” Cakes:

Before overwhelming you with a number of unique flavours, let’s appreciate the original and traditional cakes which were made with fruit sponge, and covered with decorative fondant icing. This is a classic which you guests will most definitely always love.

Other scrumptious classics include:

1) Victoria sponge cake

2) Chocolate cake

3) Carrot cake

4) Red Velvet cake

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If that doesn’t do it for you, check out more below:

Sweetness overload:

5) Coffee and walnut wedding cake

6) Coffee and chocolate wedding cake

7) Chocolate orange wedding cake

8) Chocolate and raspberry wedding cake

9) Dark chocolate and vanilla wedding cake

10) Mint chocolate wedding cake

11) Hazelnut wedding cake

12) Oreo and chocolate wedding cake

13) Peanut butter wedding cake

14) Biscoff wedding cake  

A little fruity:

15) Passionfruit and white chocolate wedding cake

16) Lemon drizzle wedding cake

17) Strawberries and cream wedding cake

18) Black cherry and dark chocolate wedding cake

19) Raspberry and white chocolate wedding cake

20) Apple and cinnamon wedding cake

21) Mixed berries wedding cake

22) Blueberry and white chocolate wedding cake

23) Lemon and key lime wedding cake

24) Lemon and blueberry wedding cake 

25) Lime and ginger wedding cake

26) Lemon and elderflower wedding cake (did you know? This was Harry & Meghan’s choice of wedding cake!)

27) Mango and passionfruit wedding cake

A little unique:

28) Chai and chocolate wedding cake

29) Chai and coffee wedding cake

30) Rose and pistachio wedding cake

31) Salted caramel cake

32) Piña colada and coconut wedding cake

33) Tiramisu wedding cake

34) Banana and poppy seeds wedding cake

35) Pistachio and dark chocolate wedding cake

36) Sticky toffee wedding cake

37) Pecan and butterscotch wedding cake

38) Matcha green tea and white chocolate wedding cake

39) Rhubarb and rose wedding cake

40) Cardamom and white chocolate wedding cake

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Vegetable cakes: (SUPER unique, guaranteed your guests wouldn’t have seen these before!)

41) Dark chocolate and avocado wedding cake

42) Pumpkin, sweet potato and vanilla wedding cake

43) Carrot and cinnamon wedding cake

FAQs with the Experts:

We spoke to some of our trusted wedding cake suppliers, and here’s what they had to say about the upcoming trends and their personal favourites.

What’s the most unusual wedding cake combination you’ve ever made / been asked for?

“I have a few requests for unusual flavours but the 2 that stand out the most are chocolate cake with rosemary infused into the cake with a light lemon curd and poppy seed filling – I must say this was unexpectedly delicious!” Kiran Mandalia, Cake Boulevard

What’s your particular favourite cake flavour of your own?

“I have so many favourites! I narrow is down to 2 – our Chocolate and Salted Caramel simply melts in your mouth.  Love our Ferrero Rocher Mocha – this is a Ferrero Rocher sponge with Nutella and cappuccino frosting.”Kiran Mandalia, Cake Boulevard

Have you noticed any particular cake trends over this wedding season?

This wedding season has definitely seen a few trends one was the correlation of the timeless classic tiered cake in white with a contemporary setting of flowers – where the flowers cascade the height of the cake and table, reflecting that flowers are the showpiece within the setting of the décor and showcased on the finish of the cake.

On the other extreme we were overwhelmed with the number of requests for a contemporary cake using squares, hexagons instead of the classic round cakes with textured finishes and earthy colours on the cake itself.  I do believe this trend will filter into next year but with more subtle hues of blush and ivory’s! – Kiran Mandalia, Cake Boulevard

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