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Wedding Websites

2nd March 2022

A Wedding Website is your guests all-in-one hub for all things relating to your big day – you can use it to tell your story, share the events, and even collect RSVPs. They’re both useful and extremely fun to build! The best part of all, they will always be there as a reminder of your most special day. Keep reading to learn more about Wedding Websites and why we recommend them…

The first question everyone always asks ‘Are Wedding Websites REALLY necessary?’ Much like all aspects of your Wedding, there are the ‘100% needed’ and the ‘nice to have’s’, and this is most definitely part of the latter. When considering making one, it’s important for you as the couple to think about if it’s the right fit for you and your celebration.

What can I actually use my Wedding Website for?

You’d be surprised at how the world of technology has allowed Wedding Websites to include so many beautiful features! Most websites will feature the following:

Our Story – a way to showcase your journey, your proposal, pre-wedding shoots etc!

Our Events – provide your guests with all the useful information in one place: dates, times, dress codes etc.

Guest List Management – most Wedding Website providers allow the option for guests to RSVP their attendance

Wedding Registry – make your guests lives easier, and showcase your wedding registry through some providers

As much as you’re going to LOVE all things Weddings straight after your proposal, your guests are likely to ask questions on all of the above literally all. the. time. A Wedding Website means less time repeating all of the same information over and over again. (Telling everyone your Proposal story, Wedding date, Wedding venue, Dress code etc., get’s very tiring after the first 3 times – trust us!).

Source: ShaadiWish

Is it safe?

Displaying your special and private moments and Wedding Events all over the internet sounds quite unsafe to us too (!). Luckily for everyone, Wedding Website providers have specific privacy features which allow you to pick and choose which pieces of information you wish to display.

Some sites will even provide you with your own specific domain, so you can keep this to look at for years to come!

When should I make one?

Really whenever you want after your engagement! Like we mentioned, there’s going to be so many exciting guests asking so many questions, so you can redirect them to your URL as soon as its ready!

That being said, it’s also super important to enjoy and soak in the fact that YOU ARE ENGAGED (!). So take your time and work at your own pace…

Source: Sage&Co Designs

What else should I include on the Website?

Fun excursions for your Guests to do around town – this is especially key for Destination Weddings or if you have guests arriving from abroad. Most of the time, they’ll club the Wedding with their travels, either before or after your events.

The Wedding weekend schedule – a reminder of the day-to-day schedule for the events is always great. You can never have too many reminders of when the Wedding events start, their location, and the dress codes.

Preferred contact information – whilst most of your Guests know you and the Groom, you will be unavailable to contact on the day and in the lead up. It’s useful to have different contact points for the Wedding, and note this on your website. Whether it be mum, dad, the maid of honour – whoever! We highly recommend an Event Manager on the day, even if you aren’t using a Wedding Planner. You want those close to you to be able to enjoy the ceremony and neighbouring events.

Honeymoon information – everyone LOVES to ask about your Honeymoon, so it’s cute to give them a little snippet of where you’re going, how you chose this location, what you’re looking forward to the most etc. Most importantly – be sure to ask for travel recommendations from any of your guests who have been there previously!

Are Wedding Websites free?

Some are free and some charge, but we’ve narrowed down your options:

Free Websites: – a customisable South Asian Wedding Website. Fast, easy and free… – free, easy to use, and beautiful templates – convenient to create and full of so many incredible features

Minted – super easy to use and a beautiful interface – one of our favourites for the maybe less tech-savvy couples!

Paid Websites:

SquareSpace – perfect for the tech-friendly couple, who love customisation and want to be in control

The Knot – an incredible range of templates. This is entirely free to use initially, but you can customise your domain by paying an extra fee of $20.

Stay tuned for more Hints, Tips, Inspiration & Planning tools!

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