Note 07042024062805 - Eternity

Note 07042024062805

7th April 2024

Stuff from pk for wedding

Petals to throw and petal boxes
A box to put all envelopes that will be gifted from ppl
Naz tal boxes
Nikkah paper and pen
Engagement ring plate
My nikkah scarf
Flower bouquet to hold for entrance
Barat matching Jewellery set
Barat Entrance sign for the hall
Entrance signs for bridesmaid for groom entry/entrance ribbon
Wedding card invites
Sweets and spari for bidh boxes
Dishes for my house

Mehndi stuff:
Mehndi outfit and jewerlly
Flowers to decorate at home/ Lights
Curtains for mehndi backdrops
Umbrella for mehndi
Mehndi cushions
Material to cover mat on the floor
Gold table cloth
Mehndi plate just for me
Mehndi food tray for me to put on table
My entrance roof