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Gujarati cuisine, originating in the state of Gujarat in western India, uses a unique blend of spices and ingredients to create wonderful and delicious food. Traditionally the people of Gujarat follow the religion of Hinduism and therefore are strict vegetarians. A traditional Gujarati plate or thali, as referred to in India, consists Gujarati dal, plain rice, an assortment of vegetable shaaks(curries), fluffy puris or chapatis, farsans or savouries and a sweet dish to end your meal. The flavours across the plate take your taste buds on a journey from sweet, sour, spicy and is sure too keep you satisfied. Gujarati cuisine is traditionally pure vegetarian, and really showcases the wonderful flavours we can bring out of vegetables.

If you imagine our menu, as a train journey through India, it does not only stop in the region of Gujarat, we also offer a variety of North Indian and Punjabi dishes. Examples include fluffy bhatura served with chole (spicy chickpea curry cooked with an array of spices) or rich & creamy dal makhani, the options are endless.

We also cater to specific dietary or religious requirements, for example if you follow a vegan diet, or for religious purposes do not eat any onion or garlic. Be sure to let us know and we can accommodate you as per your requests.

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