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Multiple Award Winning Luxury London Wedding Photographer – Eye Jogia Photography

We have been names as one of the Top 6 Wedding Photographers in the world by professional photographer magazine.

We photograph the discerning bride and groom, who know what they like and want. They appreciate our vision and our ability to think outside of the box. We strive to be at the cutting edge of the market by offering the very best to our clients… The Very best in our approach, technique, creativity, client care and in our finished product.

We love seeing people in love, and we love capturing just that! Whether it’s a smile, a kiss or an embrace… what better way to capture two people coming together than in marriage? That fleeting moment of life that will be consigned to memory forever… But have you ever wondered how those special memories are created? Sometimes they are triggered by a smell or a sound, or maybe a special song, but almost all of the time these memories are visual.

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