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20 Wedding Theme Aesthetics We Love

26th April 2023

A wedding theme is a specific style or motif that sets the tone for the entire wedding, so it’s a pretty important aspect of wedding planning!

If you are anything like us, then Pinterest is definitely your best friend when it comes to finding the best wedding theme aesthetics. 

We’ve handpicked some of our favourite wedding themes for you. Take a look.



Is it necessary to have a wedding theme?

Yes & no. Sometimes, it’s good to have an indication of the kind of vibe you are after for your wedding. For example, if you know you want bright & colourful wedding events, this is a good enough ‘theme’ to share with your wedding decorator, to ensure that they are able to show you suitable designs for a productive meeting.

Alternatively, it’s also good to keep an open mind with wedding themes. Your wedding decorator may surprise you with something totally unique, which could end up being your dream idea.

Should I decide my theme right at the start of my wedding planning?

Only after you have your venue! Your venue will really dictate which wedding theme you go for. If it’s somewhere like Plaisterer’s Hall, you will want to keep the decor quite neutral and focus on the beauty, history and architecture of the livery venue itself. Alternatively, somewhere like the Intercontinental London will give you the option to go for a ‘more is more’ decor theme.

Can I have more than one wedding theme?

We like the philosophy that each event has a different theme, as mentioned above, it sets the tone and makes your guests feel like they are stepping into a whole new environment. This will also naturally be the case, because you will likely not have the same bright yellow haldi theme following through to your reception.

Try to determine your theme against the location & time of day of the event.

Do my guests need to match my wedding theme?

This is totally up to you! Some couples opt for having only their family match them, others opt for their main wedding parties to match them, and others put notes on their invites to ensure their guests match them.


Muted Tones

Maroons, beiges, sage greens, dusky pinks – all the colours that come to mind for a muted tone wedding. Best for a venue with heavy stone architecture in different neutral shades.


A ‘pretty in pink’ romantic theme has been increasingly popular with couples. It’s the perfect day to night transition outfit, and an extremely versatile wedding outfit which can be styled in a number of different ways.

Boho Chic
Pink Floral Lehenga Set

Boho means pampus grass, end of discussion. A boho chic look, similar but slightly different to the muted tones above, is beautiful for backyard weddings or forest weddings. The ‘less is more’ look plays off of the different shades of tones in your surroundings.

Some venues don't allow pampus grass in, as it can be quite messy. Be sure to clear this with your venue & decorator early on.


We are obsessed with this rustic look. The use of marigold is quite minimal, yet impactful. A big upcoming trend will be the slightly separated dried flowers / marigold look.


It wouldn’t be an Indian wedding without any pops of colour, right? We absolutely love this theme for the pre-wedding, intimate or home events. With Etsy & Amazon, there are tons of options to also DIY these home decor pieces.

Art Deco

The sequins, the geometric shapes, the detailing: an art deco theme is perfect for a standout formal reception theme. By working with your cake artist, decorators & production team in advance, you can truly put on a wonderful themed display.


Palm trees + foliage + bright centerpieces = the perfect destination wedding theme. Tap into your surroundings for this one.

All White

A beautiful & elegant theme for any couple. This theme photograph’s so well, especially under the sun! It’s a personal favourite for outdoor or beach weddings. 

Enchanted Florals

Just wow. This is one of the most beautiful & longest mandap’s that we have seen in a long time. An enchanted floral theme is best done with one large center showpiece, and accent elements throughout.

Enchanted Forest

A slightly more neutral, yet equally beautiful, take on the enchanted floral theme. We love the enchanted forest colour palette.


This ones perfect for those wedding venues which just speak for themselves. If you are a couple who liked to keep things understated, then a minimalist theme may be best for you. 

Royal & Regal

We need these stunning table covers. A royal & regal theme doesn’t always mean heavy florals, you can also play on tea-lights, lamp shades, and elegant candle holders.

Peacock Theme

A beautiful theme to experiment with tons of different colours & the symbolism of a peacock.

Italian Riviera

Lemons for decor? Only in Italy. There are so many ways to get creative with this theme, right from the charger plates, to the table cards, to the centerpieces & so much more.

Farmers Market

To add some character to your pre-wedding events, subtle themes and signage like ‘Farmers Market’ help differentiate each event. 

Orange & Yellow

This screams haldi to us! The most colourful display for your pre-wedding event. Try to choose 2 different tones of orange & yellow throughout, to truly stand out. 

A burst of colour

That being said, a Haldi doesn’t always have to be yellow. We took inspiration from Katrina Kaif who beautifully matched contrasting colours for her haldi ceremony.


On the theme of pinks, red & pink make a truly romantic aesthetic theme. Again, we’re seeing more of the ‘less is more’ approach, which makes each individual flower stand out.

Maximal eclectic

Asian weddings are known for being uniformed, but there has to be a maximalist among us who absolutely loves a more out-there and maximalist vibe.


A minimal wedding vibe is a beautiful understated affair & we love it.