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Top 2024/25 Trends We Spotted In The Naviya Edit MahaRani Collection

2nd May 2024

The Naviya Edit’s newest MahaRani collection for SS24 is finally here. After months of meticulous designing, we sat down with Tracy Smith, the designer, to learn more about the collection and some of the best ways to style it.

Born and briefly bought up in Kolkata, India, and being raised Roman Catholic made Tracy want to experiment more and more with her Indian & Western wardrobes. One of the goals of The Naviya Edit is to bridge the gap between modern silhouettes and traditional craftsmanship.

Take a look at some of the top trends we’ve spotted in the new MahaRani collection.

As a conscious designer, Tracy places great importance in ensuring her pieces are high quality, low maintenance, rewearable and super lightweight. With this collection, she's ensured that each piece can be worn and styled in numerous ways to provide a new look & feel each time.


One of the most evergreen styles of embroidery in our point of view, but we love to see it evolve each year with different designers. Tracy’s take on curating a ‘pearl ribcage jewellery’ effect on the blouse has absolutely stolen our hearts.

It’s the perfect balance between a western silhouette and traditional embroidery – to mix & match with any attire.

bright colours

Whilst we love the neutral & pastel pieces in the MahaRani collection, the biggest and favourite trend that we’ve seen is the return of bright colours.

For years, couples & wedding guests have opted for pastels and nudes. This year we’ve seen a global-wide industry shift with outfits & decor following a more ‘maximalist’ theme – a trend we know won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


If you saw the runway at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2024, you would know that feathers & 3D textures are well and truly back. We absolutely love Tracy’s creative eye and the way she’s embedded feathers into South Asian outfits with elegance. 

Honestly, feathers can be quite hit or miss – and we can safely say that The Naviya Edit definitely didn’t miss!


We know that the sharara has been back in style for a few years, but The Naviya Edit’s indowestern take on this is our favourite.

Loved for many reasons, but specifically when it comes to lightweight pieces for destination weddings; making this one of the most versatile pieces in the entire MahaRani collection.


A common theme in the MahaRani collection is the ability to throw on any piece in under 5 minutes! Something of utmost importance to Tracy is the need to have lightweight pieces that are easy to wear and literally easy to wear (if you know what we mean).

Almost each piece has a detachable embedded dupatta or element, which makes it super convenient for you to switch up your looks and wear them with comfort knowing that they won’t move out of place.


One thing you will notice that definitely stands out about the MahaRani collection are the unique silhouettes. Figure hugging elements & soft natural drapes are effortlessly bought together within each piece; truly making anyone and everyone feel like a Rani.


In 2022, Tracy started The Naviya Edit whilst working in the fashion industry in London. She saw an opportunity to bring her ethnicity and religion together because she was enticed by streetwear and modern cuts but loved the fabrics and details from the South Asian market.

“My style depends on my mood but I have a “wear whatever I want” attitude; to feel comfortable in it and for it to be a representation of my personality.”