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15 Of The Best Wedding Planning Apps

20th June 2023

As a modern day couple, you are likely always busy, always on the go, and always balancing so much. You are likely already balancing your family, friends, work, and then wedding planning gets chucked into the mix, and it can all get a little overwhelming.

In our biased view, we love a good wedding planning app, and truly see tons of benefit to having an app which is on your mobile, for you to access from anywhere.

Honestly, weddings and technology combining can be a lifesaver for tons of couples. That’s why, we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding planning apps which can help you plan your wedding, and why they may be useful.

The best wedding planning apps

Best Wedding Planning Apps For Logistics

CamScanner is an extremely versatile and useful app for tons of wedding aspects. The app allows you to scan documents and notes straight to your phone, saved as an image of PDF and shared onwards.

Whether it be signing wedding contracts or scanning hand-written signatures or notes for your invites, this app is perfect.


FREE | Upgrade options available

Whilst the days of virtual weddings are gone, Covid-19 taught us how beautiful it is to get your family involved worldwide for your most special day.

Lovecast is a wedding livestream service, that helps you connect with your guests worldwide and bring everyone together for your big day.

When it comes to logistics, keeping track of expenditure and money can be a huge task. Especially for wedding planning, you and your partner may pay for different things and want to keep track or keep it even, Splitwise is perfect for that and ensure that payments are simplified between partners and family members.

Additionally, it’s a must-have app for any hen or stag! The perfect way to keep on top of finances with all your mates.

Ok so we are definitely slightly biased on this one, but the Eternity UK wedding planning app is a great place to get started for South Asian weddings. Whether it be browsing suppliers, accessing discounts, referring to your planning & so much more. Be sure to check it out!

When it comes to staying organised and being on the same page, Google Drive is perfect to keep all your folders together and accessible by tons of people: your family, wedding planning & more.

It’s best to get into a healthy habit of folder-ising with Google Drive early on, as it will truly make all of your wedding planning management so much easier.

Best Wedding Planning Apps For RSVPs
Paperless Post

Paid per invite

If you are opting for e-invites 100%, then paperless post is one of our 2 favourite apps for collecting RSVPs. The ultimate tracker helps you to identify when your invite has been opened, responded to, and even gives you the option to send reminders.

This saves the hassle of WhatsApp / iMessage invites, which can be very difficult to track.

Say I Do


Whilst it starts off as a wedding website, Say I Do does have an accessible app for its members. It’s another great wedding website platform, the perfect way to store all of your wedding details and collect RSVPs.

Read more about why you need a wedding website here.

Best Wedding Planning Apps To Save Money

In addition to the apps below, we would strongly recommend AMEX or Chase Bank for accounts where you can receive cashback, miles or points for your everyday spending. This is particularly perfect when you know you will be spending tons on all things weddings.

A great platform for cashback & vouchers on your shopping, to ensure that you are able to save and get money back when shopping for your essentials. Applies to selected stores only.



This is an interesting one that we’ve come across recently. Sweatcoin is an app that actually pays you (in rewards) for walking! If you’re on a wedding budget and looking for discounts, this is a great app for you.

Best Wedding Planning Apps For Inspiration

Pantone is the ultimate colour app, perfect for building your colour palettes and identifying the consistent hex codes which you can share with all of your suppliers, to ensure a seamless finish.

You can even use the app to take pictures of items you love ie. wedding dresses, to find out the colours and their respective codes! Browse the perfect tones.

Let’s be honest, you MUST know about Pinterest already!

Pinterest is 100% the best place to start browsing for tons of wedding inspiration & ideas. Whether it be browsing for themes, outfits, infographics with useful information, and so much more. Use this guide to help you use Pinterest efficiently when planning your wedding.

Shameless plug – be sure to follow Eternity UK on Pinterest here!

When it comes to wedding planning inspiration, Spotify is the go-to wedding planning app for everything music playlist.

Looking for a mehndi playlist? Guaranteed there’s one that already exists. Shortlisting songs for your DJ? Create your own playlist in the click of a button. Want to share your wedding morning vibes playlist with your bridesmaid? Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Best Wedding Planning Apps For Inspiration DIY Weddings

FREE | Subscription fee to unlock premium features

If you are looking for an easy & affordable way to design signage or wedding elements, Canva is the perfect tool! It’s a free web-based tool & mobile app, which you can use to curate different designs of different sizes, shapes & colours.

Canva has an incredible library of templates, elements and imagery which you can use, edit, curate and print your graphics with ease. They also have their own wedding invitations, which you can edit & curate!

If you are in a wedding-DIY-mood for your wedding, then Canva is absolutely ideal for you. You can edit the dimensions of your creations, use their new AI-friendly tool to experiment, and print directly from Canva all in one go! This is definitely one of the best wedding planning apps that you are bound to love.

The go-to for wedding planning DIY items or homemade wedding trinkets. The options are endless, from wedding decorations, to wedding signage, to wedding robes and so much more!

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Similar to Etsy, Amazon is the go-to for endless amounts of wedding items. The best part of Amazon is the next-day delivery, which is perfect for any last minute additions!

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