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Creative & Multicultural Wedding Photographer: 20 Questions With Nick Rutter

18th September 2023

In a world where love knows no boundaries and cultures intertwine, there exists an art form that beautifully captures these moments of unity, joy, and diversity – exactly what you want on your wedding week.

Meet Nick Rutter Photography, a gifted wedding photographer with an unparalleled passion for creatively documenting love stories that transcends cultural borders. 

We spoke to Nick about his photography style and what he truly loves about capturing multicultural weddings in a unique & creative way. Have a look.

"Nick is a great photographer and lovely to work with! He captured all our multi-day Indian events and celebrations and both our civil and Hindu wedding day so well. He made an effort to get to know us and exactly what we wanted from the photos. Our families really got to know him over the week and we cannot recommend him enough!"


ABOUT THE photographer

Tell us a bit about yourself, Nick

My names Nick Rutter, I’ve been in the wedding industry for over 15 years. I live in Dorset, travel the country and cover destination weddings too.

I absolutely love creativity, emotion, natural moments, colour and anything out of the norm. I’m not a posey photographer, I much prefer moments to happen naturally, capture real smiles and utilise venues and environments around us.

What drew you to specialise in multicultural & interfaith South Asian weddings?

The colour in various multicultural weddings! I LOVE colour and seek it at every wedding venue, engagement shoot and proposal. So naturally, couples admire how vibrant my work is but also my attention to detail when it comes to skin tones and a number of different faiths, cultures and ethnicities started to book me from Hindu, to Kurdish, to Chinese to Pakistani.

How many multicultural/interfaith South Asian weddings have you photographed, and how familiar are you with the traditions and customs?

I’ve captured over 400 weddings across the UK and some Destination weddings too. There have been many indian weddings as well as fusion weddings where the bride may be Indian (Hindu/Sikh/Pakinstani/Bangladeshi etc) and the groom is white (English). It has ranged from traditional english weddings with a Indian vibe, full on week long hindu (Gujarati)/Sikh etc pre-wedding events like a Haldi, Grah Shanti, Sangeet or Mehndi to the 1-2 hour long Ceremony and 15 hour long day traditional coverage from early morning to the late evening dancing which I love!

 Because I offer unlimited coverage, no moment is missed.


your photography style

How would you describe your photography style? Do you lean more towards traditional, candid, or a mix of both?

My style is most definitely very naturally in capturing the emotion, colour and creativity.

There are elements of traditional photography, of course, but I find you just being you, as a couple, brings out your characters so well individually and as a team. With my couples, we love to spend time on the pre-wedding shoot, to see how you work together for my benefit, but also for yours and to see how I work and build rapport for us all to get to know each other and build trust and confidence.

What techniques do you use to capture the vibrant colours and intricate details often seen in South Asian weddings?

I don’t want to produce work that is cliche or the same as every other photographers work. Really frankly speaking, that’s so boring to me! I love photography that does something, that pings and pops with vibrancy, seeking out locations and environments at a venue and not the same places every other photographer normally goes. 

It’s part of the fun of being a creative wedding photographer, you utilise the venue and area of the country you’re in to bring photos alive as long as we have a really good amount of time allocated in the day to try things.

How do you approach working with diverse cultures and faiths to ensure you understand their traditions?

Listening is key! Along with working closely with all suppliers. I’m never going to pretend I know all of the intricacies of every faith and traditional, but I do find it all very interesting and love how close the families are and the commitments from the couple are, compared to other faiths and cultures. It’s really emotive and meaningful. 

I spend a lot of time with my couples, lots of communication and the engagement shoot is a very key moment in the wedding journey with me, as it’s a little bit of an anomaly because we get to go literally anywhere in the country (or sometimes overseas). We get to experiment and be creative for 2-3 hours, and so we really get to talk lots and get to know each other more – building not only trust and confidence but a friendship too.


Preparation and planning

How do you prepare for a multicultural/interfaith South Asian wedding to ensure you're familiar with the timeline, rituals, and important moments?

Many Asian weddings will have wedding planners – and I have worked with many different planners over the years. I make sure we work closely together to keep to timings but also allow enough time for the moments that especially need it and also keep in close touch with the couple to discuss things over the year. For me, the important moments where time is needed would be the times to relax and enjoy the company of your guests. There’s no point spending so much money on a wedding only to rush it and not get to speak to anyone and feeling left with the sense it was all a blur. 

Natural photography and creative photography takes time. Capturing multiple guests at the right moment for emotive and fun reactions takes time, as does things like morning preparations and solo photos of the couple.

I never take hours away with a couple, but I do love to make full use of your venue and the area and give diverse photography of 30 mins here, 30 mins there so you have a great range. This would be normal light, golden hour (a must) and sometimes sunset and night time photos. 

Do you visit the venue beforehand to scout for the best photography locations and angles?

All of my Asian wedding packages include travel and accommodation so I am there the night before and stay the night of the wedding so I can arrive early and stay late and every cost is covered and for logistical contingencies. I rarely need to do a site visit unless able to the evening before, but more because of the nature of my work style (creative / natural) means I have time in the morning to assess a little and it’s part of the fun to explore a little on the day and to not go to obvious areas of a venue every other photographer does every wedding.

How do you work with couples to understand their vision and preferences for their wedding photography?

An initial zoom call is so important. 

In fact, I would never book a couple unless we have a meeting as we both need to know we like each other and get on well with each other. Booking any supplier needs to be based not only on the quality of work but also their service, uniqueness and character so it’s essential to get to know them and form a rapport to know you’re both going to get a great personal service.

What's your top tip to coordinating and directing group shots with large families and wedding parties?

Patience! That’s all on me 🙂

I have learnt that people will be people, take their time and even though they have gone to many weddings, still won’t know what to do for group photos, so I am always patient but always ask the couple to plan group photos a few weeks before the wedding. Often, my couples will have either a dedicated person who know both families or two people to find the people from each family. I do try and limit the group photos to up to 15 so it won’t take more than 30 minutes.

What's the typical turnaround time for delivering the final edited photos to the couple?

It really depends on how busy I get. Most understand that May-September are most wedding photographers busiest times and they may have 4-6 weddings per month and we all need to be fair to each couple and edit the photos in order. That said I normally take 4-8 weeks to cover myself, 20 previews a few days after the wedding initially and more sneak peak previews for the couple and guests as I edit onto Instagram.

Do you offer any album design services or printed photo options?

Absolutely! Why spend all this money on a beautiful wedding only to see it just on your phone?! I offer a number of options to see your photos tell your story and be displayed at the highest of quality for luxury main albums and parent books; as well asm display books for pre events and engagement shoots, luxury prints and luxury frames. 

Can you share a story about a particularly memorable wedding you've photographed?

It was last year, there were many parts of a Hindu (Gujarati) wedding ceremony, over 2hrs. I had covered most parts of a traditional Hindu wedding but not the Vidaai. It was such a touching moment to see the couple bend down to touch the older guests feet to then be brought back up into a hug and then reaching their parents and seeing the tears and emotion from their families. 

Such a touching and beautiful moment I was so happy to be a part of.


tips & advice

What are your top tips for couples planning a multicultural/interfaith South Asian wedding to ensure they get the best possible photos?

Time is essential. The more traditional and posey photographer will spend a lot of time with couple, way more than I normally would just because I don’t want to take up the couples time too much on the day and take them away from guests for too long, but I can only go from what my couples have said about me and my work. 

I love to give my couples tons of time to not only talk to guests and enjoy the moments, but also to give me time to wait for moments to capture lots of people naturally and normally around the same time. 

You’ve got to put price aside and focus on the photography. Does it speak to you? Are you wowed by it in all parts of the day from the photographers portfolio?

What advice do you have for couples who are camera-shy or nervous about being photographed?

Hand on heart, 95% of my couples all  tell me they don’t like their photograph taken. Which is probably why they prefer a more natural photographer like me and with the engagement shoot, again, 95% of my couples all tell me that it was so different to what they thought it might be and I eased them into it and it became very natural and they didn’t know why they were worried at all. 

It’s such a great time for me to get to know them individually and as a couple and see and learn their characters and how they interact with each other. Often, they don’t even know how attractive and great they look! I’m always so amazed!

How far in advance should couples book your services for their wedding?

Most summers get booked up pretty fast and some will definitely book week long coverage so its best to get in 9-12 months at least. If you love someone’s work and they stand out above the rest the best thing is to arrange a meeting asap and make sure they are available for your dates and secure them asap there after. Never leave it too long after you enquire otherwise they may get booked up.

Do you offer different packages to accommodate various wedding sizes and budgets?

Yes I offer 3 packages – click here to check them out & their pricing.

All include unlimited coverage on the wedding day (often 8am-midnight) accommodation and travel costs (apart from any additional costs that may pop up) and a unique engagement shoot. Packages vary from 2-4 pre-wedding events like a Mehndi/Haldi etc. It can be a few days coverage or week long coverage.

I have a 3 day package in Europe if couples are planning a destination wedding too as well as utilise 2nd shooters for bigger weddings and/or weddings with more logistics and although I don’t personally offer videography, I recommend a number of Videographers who I have worked with lots before and so we make a great team!

What sets you apart from other photographers in terms of your approach to capturing multicultural/interfaith South Asian weddings?

I am a creative at heart and love colour and capturing you and your guests naturally. There are not many who give as much value as I do. No one I know edits their photos as punchy and vibrantly as I do as well as have their own stamp on it. No other photographer I know doesn’t shoot the same location twice for the engagement shoot in order to give you something unique and help you think outside of the box as well as devote as much time to their couples as I do.

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