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6 Unconventional & Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

14th July 2022

…there’s always room for dessert!

For starters, let’s be honest, traditional tiered wedding cakes are always the go-to when it comes to feeding our big Asian families, friends & most definitely the little kids! With that being said, have you even considered trying out an unconventional alternative?

Take a look at some quirky ones that we’ve spotted recently!

Not a fan & want to browse traditional cakes? We’ve got you covered. Check some out here…

1. Cheese Cake

Well, what did you expect? Have a think about replacing the cake & champagne with a bit of cheese & wine. Perfect for those with less of a sweet tooth, those going for a rustic vibe, and definitely and if you’re looking for something which your guests would definitely not have seen before.

Pair with: We would pair this with a grazing table, instead of your standard dessert tables. Cheese, wine, grapes, crackers & so much more.
Price: Amazon 5 cheese – GBP 479.99, Amazon Mega Cheese tower – GBP 699.99, Costco 4 tier – GBP 74.99, Costco 5 tier – GBP 164.99, Costco 6 tier – GBP 299.00
Where can I get one? Amazon or Costco

Looking for a grazing table? Why not enquire with MumNFood…

2. Donut Cake

Donut worry, we’ve got you covered if you have a sweet tooth. Not only do these look so unique & stunning, they’re sure to be a hit with any little children at the wedding. (Sorry in advance for any major sugar rushes – oops!)

Pair with: A mini one-layer celebration cake as the top tier, so you have a little something to be part of your cake cutting ceremony.
Price: Starting from GBP 76.00
Where can I get one? Crosstown Doughnuts

3. Macaron Tower Cake

Let your inner Parisian out, and experiment with these gorgeous macaron towers. They’re a beautiful decoration, as well as a tasty treat, and definitely have less waste than cut up pieces of cake left to go stale (our inner sustainability champions approve.)

Perfect for a Bridal shower or Pre-Wedding events.

Pair with: Gorgeous faux floral decor or elegant bows.
Price: Starting from GBP 100.00
Where can I get one? Anges De Sucre & Not On The Highstreet are our personal favourites.

4. Chocolate Cream Puffs

This is for all our chocolate lovers. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a chocolate eclair or cream puff?! And what’s even better than decorating this up with gorgeous dainty flowers. We’re obsessed with this minimalistic look.

Pair with: Dainty flowers to match your theme.
Price: Starting from GBP 100.00 approximately.
Where can I get one? This is a DIY job, for all our DIY-lovers out there! Check out this gorgeous profiterole / macaron stand, perfect for an entire macaron tower as above, or for chocolate eclairs.

5. Cupcake Cake

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, cupcake cakes are the most practical cakes out there! We’re yet to see one of these used at an Asian Wedding, maybe yours will be the first? Not only does this look unique & beautiful, it also gives you the option to serve a range of different flavours to your guests.

Pair with: One beautiful small cake as the highest layer, to top it all off.
Price: TBC, depending on your cake artist
Where can I get one? You can either DIY it, using these stunning Lola’s Wedding cupcakes OR speak to your cake artist to create a beautiful bespoke design

6. Cheesecake

We mean an actual cheesecake this time (!) A layered cheesecake is an upcoming trend, and we see this as a 2023 staple at a lot of minimalistic weddings. They look absolutely beautiful and open your options up to a whole different range of flavours. So unique!

Pair with: Espresso martinis. A cheesecake & a bit of coffee is the perfect pairing in our eyes. The cosiest night cap.
Price: TBC, depending on a cake artist
Location: this is another one to be designed & made bespoke with your cake artist

Appreciate the above but still want a traditional tiered cake? We got you. Check out our favourites here.

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