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20 Unique Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

23rd August 2023

Your wedding day is your wedding day. Many couples often forget this and will fall into the trap of following the mould of their friends, family, or even a social media influencer; when ultimately, your wedding day should consist of subtle & special little touches that are bespoke to you and your partner.

Your wedding guests want to see parts of your journey, your engagement, your hobbies, & your interests. For the most memorable night for you & your guests, we always recommend couples brainstorm wonderful & unique wedding ideas.

Brainstorm wedding inspiration

As a starting point, you should always create a wishlist. You should know exactly what it is that aligns with your vision, and understand what is feasible within your particular budget. Making a wedding unique doesn’t mean making it expensive, so have a think about these following things about your relationship for inspiration & to incorporate:

 ● How did you meet?

 ● Your engagement

 ● Your favourite date night

 ● Your favourite hobby together

 ● Your favourite hobbies individually

 ● Your homes / any distance between you?

 ● Your heritage(s)

 ● Where have your guests travelled from?

In this blogpost, we have taken inspiration from some incredible weddings we’ve seen from cultures all around the world, to provide you with wedding inspiration to make them your own unique wedding ideas.

unique wedding ideas

Take Song Requests

One of the funnest ideas we’ve come across is asking your wedding guests to RSVP with song that remind them of you / your couple! If you are using a wedding website, simply add this in as a new field or question box, alongside any other mandatory fields. 

Compile this into a playlist to use at your pre-wedding events, or give it to your DJ for your wedding reception.

It’s also the best way to get your guests up on the dance floor!

Personalised Wedding Signage

Tell a story with your table number signage. The likelihood is, not all of your guests are going to know about you, your partner & your story. Including little stories on your table signage is a beautiful way for everyone to learn something new about your relationship.

If it’s feasible, match the story to the number. For example, Table No. 12 could be ‘Our love story began in Year 12, during a History lesson.’ etc.!

Your Bouquet Is Not Just For Flowers

Your bouquet is definitely not just for flowers, nor are your kaleerey or your bridal chura.

We love this beautiful idea to include something sentimental, pictures or notes from your loved ones, to keep them close to your heart on your wedding day.

You can purchase bouquet charms online here.

Wedding Games

The fun doesn’t have to stop at your wedding ceremony games – definitely not! One of the best ways to get your guests involved is by life-sized games at your wedding drinks and canapés, or during the reception.

Life-sized chess, mini golf, or twister – your options are endless!

Wedding Map

Everyone heard of an ‘order of events’ whereby you give your guests a bit of a guide to the day. Often, couples will visually present this as a schedule, but instead, why not present it as a map of your venue? It’s easier for your guests to direct themselves from one event to another, or try something different and showcase different places your guests can visit in your location.

This ones particularly our favourite for manor house weddings or destination weddings.

Customise your wine

If you are planning to keep a bottle or two of wine at each wedding table at your reception, then personalising them can be a super beautiful & unique way to personalise your event. A perfect way to utilise your pre-wedding shoot pictures too!

In addition to this, why not try to utilise wine bottles as a wedding guest book alternative? Get your guests to sign them or leave a note & advice on it for your future anniversaries.

Have fun with your seating

Chiviari chairs are definitely beautiful & classic seats for your guests, but why not switch it up with something very different for your guests to enjoy? We have seen so many beautiful & unique wedding guest seating ideas, whether it be sofas, cushions, or even different place-settings such as a circular seating plan.

A unique wedding guestbook

One of the most sentimental ways to personalise your wedding is with a unique guestbook, which you can use as a fun showpiece in your house with something like Jenga or something super sentimental with an audio guestbook.

Your guests will love it!

Unique cocktail napkins

A personalised wedding napkin is a small and subtle addition if you have a wedding logo or monogram that you’re keen to place around your wedding.

The story behind the meal

This ones a subtle favourite of ours. The likelihood is, that your canapés and food menu will be some of your favourite snacks, with some sort of memory behind them. Keep a little note against each canapé or menu item which tells the tale. 

It can be something as little as “Chilli Paneer is Partner A’s staple at any Indian restaurant” or “We chose a Gajar Ka Halwa as our dessert, as we both grew up with our grandparents making this for us on each birthday.”

A corner for the children

If you choose to have children at your wedding, then a wedding nanny may be a fun idea for you, to ensure the parents can let loose and enjoy themselves without having to worry. Dedicate a little kids corner for them.

Hire a guest wedding painter

We’ve seen live wedding painters who paint your ceremony, but how about a guest wedding painter for your guests to receive images of them as individuals or couples.

Lucky for you – Chloe Sami can do both!

Drinks done differently

Sparkling wine or beer on tap? Yes please!

Why not consider a unique addition to your drinks bar with a fun ‘on tap’ version or a champagne wall? Something your guests and bartender will definitely appreciate!

Showcase your fur baby

If you’re including all family members, that has to include your furry little friend. This is another beautiful & unique wedding idea, especially if you get them involved in fun activities!

Memorable wedding exit

If this is one thats feasible for your wedding location, we would highly recommend a memorable wedding exit! Whether it’s a supercar, a jetski, a boat, a helicopter – it’s one you will cherish forever.

Plan for comfort - slippers / blankets

Your dancing feet need a little TLC, why not treat your guests and prepare them for a fun night of dancing around all evening long. If you choose to get them monogrammed, this can also make for a fun unique wedding favour.

Have afterparty snacks

Have you ever left a wedding and then headed straight to Maccies or KFC? How about having these fun late night snacks available for your guests – guaranteed to keep the party going longer & definitely one they will appreciate.

Unique seating chart

Get super creative and share your hobby through your seating chart. We love this ‘feel the beat, find your seat’ seating chart – perfect for a drummer! We’ve also seen fun drinks-style seating charts or personalised note seating charts flying around. 

Send a love letter - on your shoe!

This is one just for you and your partner. Write a letter for each other on the bottom of your wedding shoes, for each other to read on your wedding morning, and cherish forever.

Make your matchmaker stand out

How did you meet your partner? Was there a common link? Maybe a mutual friend or family member? Make your matchmaker stand out! After all, we all wouldn’t be celebrating your big day without them playing cupid.

Reference your engagement

Last, but not least, reference your story throughout. Like we said, guests will definitely want to know the lovely little details, and seeing this will definitely make them smile & feel part of your special day.

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