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22 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas To Consider

7th July 2023

When it comes to your wedding day, it’s all about creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. One of the best ways to cherish your memories and good wishes of your day is through a popular guest book tradition.

It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to leave heartfelt messages for you to look back on for years to come. However, for those seeking a more unique and creative approach, there are plenty of exciting alternatives to the traditional guest book.

In this blogpost, we will explore some of the most captivating wedding guest book alternatives that will not only impress your guests but also become treasured keepsakes for your future home.

Memory & Advice Guestbook
Etsy, £44.38+

Starting off strong, this is a beautiful box of advice, wishes, and memories that your friends & family can have fun with. The best part of a wedding guest book alternative is just how interactive you can make them.

This adorable box involves different tabs (perfect for the organised bride) in which your guests can leave little notes. Super simple but super effective.

We also think adding a little polaroid next to this is perfect to capture adorable & candid pictures that your guests can pop in.

Jenga Wedding Guest Book
Etsy, £29.99+

Marriage truly is all about balance, and what better way to signify that than with a game of Jenga, where all your guests can write sweet messages on the blocks. We love this unique & fun idea, where couples can build a tower of love.

This particular one on Etsy is perfect for a South Asian wedding, with options for 100+ pieces. Remember, not every single guest will sign your guestbook, it will often be one message per household which is perfect.

Puzzle Piece Guestbook
Etsy, £59.95+

The most beautiful way for your guests to write their short & sweet sentimental messages. We love this as a beautiful memorabilia which can be hung up on a wall in your new home for you to reminisce. 

Globe Guest Book
Etsy, £34.95+

For the couple who loves to travel, this one is for you. It’s the most chic idea, which also doesn’t take up too much space, but definitely one which all your guests (including kids!) will enjoy a ton.

Fingerprint Tree Guestbook
Etsy, £23.95+

Brace yourself, this one can get a little messy, but will definitely be one that your guests will absolutely love and also bring back little hints of your childhood.

This fingerprint tree guestbook alternative comes with beautiful ink pads and instruction signage, to ensure your guests are fully aware of the work of art they’re about to create.

Message In A Bottle Guestbook
Etsy, £21.99+

Perfect for the writers & the creatives. These messages in bottles are definitely a sweet and nostalgic style of wedding guest book alternatives. Little messages that you can look back and read on every anniversary.

With only 60 notes included, you may want to add in more notes or use this for smaller events such as bridal parties.

Playing Cards Guest Book Alternative
Etsy, £35.82

Honestly, wedding guest book alternatives are a perfect way to get across little bits of your personality into your wedding. For the couple whose obsessed with cards or casinos, these blank wedding cards are gorgeous ways to neatly get all of your guests wonderful messages down in one place.

Again, you’ll have 52 cards so use them wisely! A good option is also to put this on your reception tables, and perhaps get one or two messages per table.

Wine & Champagne Bottles Guest Book
Etsy, £3.95

This belongs in your home bar, under a light, on a podium – in all it’s glory. 

We absolutely love the idea of asking your guests to sign your favourite wine bottles, for you to read through (& drink through!) on anniversaries to come.

Wedding Map Guestbook
Etsy, £13.00+

If you have family & friends that are travelling from all over the world to celebrate your big day, this ones a no-brainer for you. Perfect for your guests to sign next to their location, for you to truly read back and reminisce about your great memories in all those different places.

'For The Record' Guestbook Alternative
Etsy, £55.24

If you love to sign & dance around to old records, this vintage guest book idea is just for you. Ask your guests to sign this record player for you to always keep nearby with your collection. 

This vinyl has 2 pages, which makes it perfect for you to fit in tons of guests messages.

Wooden Stacking Heart Guestbook
Etsy, £28.99

Another fun 3D guest book alternative is a stacking hearts block. This ones also perfect if you want the messages to be slightly private, as none of your guests can see what the others have written!

Polaroid Guest Book Alternative
Not On The Highstreet, £32.99

Get your polaroid back out for this one! This gorgeous stand of polaroid pictures is a gorgeous frame for you to capture the little messages and the candids (or plandids!).

Calleo Audio Guestbook
Enquire Calleo UK

Some may think that in a world of voicenotes, writing a message on a guestbook is so last season. That’s where our friends at Calleo have stepped in to provide you with the most unique & fun guestbook alternative. Your guests can call up and leave a little message for you to listen back to – trust us, this gets funnier as the night goes on and the bar opens up!

Quilt Wedding Guestbook Alternative
Etsy, £3.85

A warm welcome for the warm wishes. We’ve seen a few couples buy a wedding quilt, which their guests can sign on. You will likely definitely not run out of space on this! The perfect memorabilia that you can use in your new home.

Note: remember to buy non-washable marker pens!

Star Map Guestbook
Etsy, £14.00

We love a star map! You can print out the exact constellation on a special day to you. Whether it way the day you met, the day you fell in love, or the day you proposed. You will definitely cherish this one forever.

Watercolour Guest Book Alternative
Etsy, £18.12

This personalised watercolour print is beautiful in itself, but made even more special with all your loved ones messages surrounding it. 

Tree of Love Guestbook Alternative
Etsy, £65.09+

The perfect addition for a rustic themed wedding, or even an outdoor one! Your guests can sign on each of the petals to bring together the tree of love for you to display in your home.

Wooden Wishing Tree Guestbook
Not On The Highstreet, £21.99+

Another gorgeous 3D wedding guestbook alternative idea, also symbolising the tree of love in a different and unique format.

Kraft Paper Envelope Book
Not On The Highstreet, £22.99+

Another gorgeous idea for those couples who want to keep their messages slightly private. We love this idea of little envelopes which you can be surprised with. They also give your guests the chance to write longer messages.

Acrylic Wedding Guest Book Alternative
Not On The Highstreet, £74.99+

This beautiful alternative wedding guest book can then after your wedding be hung on your wall at home as a gorgeous piece of personalised wall art and a forever memory of your special day.

Wedding Bucket List Guest Book
Not On The Highstreet, £40+

If you aren’t one for sentimental messages, then this ones for you! Ask your family & friends to make a wedding day bucket list of unique things that you should do as a married couple. Perfect for the adventurous couple.

Kiss The Miss Guestbook
Not On The Highstreet, £19.99

One for the hen! We love this kiss the miss idea – filled with advice and messages from all your closest friends.