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The Only Wedding Savings Club In The UK For South Asian Weddings

1st February 2023

The Eternity Rewards Club is the only way to save major £££ on your South Asian wedding, soo we’re going to break it down for you.

The Eternity Rewards Club can be purchased for £65 ex. VAT. (unless there’s a major sale!), and includes offers from tons of your favourite brands.

"The Rewards Club has been super useful so far. I regret not getting it sooner, as I did use a number of the suppliers providing offers. Excited to use it for the rest of my planning!

How does it work?

It’s quite simple. We know that weddings are expensive, to say the least, so we’ve partnered up with our suppliers to get the best deals for you.

To save you the time, effort, and stress of trying to find the best possible deal with every single supplier, we’ve had those conversations for you, to ensure your process is easy, efficient & enjoyable.

What are the average savings?

The average savings for a handful of our categories can be seen below.

Caterer – £500

Photographer – £200

Decorator – £150

Wedding Planner – £100

Wedding Stationery – £70

Makeup Artist – £60

Entertainment – £60

& the list goes on!

How do I know which suppliers are offering discounts?

If you are an Eternity Rewards Club member, you will be able to click on the ‘Offers’ tab within your portal, to view tons of discounts. You can filter by category to make it easier to find what you are after.

If you are not an Eternity Rewards Club member, then as you scroll through our supplier directory, each supplier profile will indicate whether or not they are providing an offer.

I've planned 70% of my wedding, is it still useful for me?

Yes! It’s our non-biased opinion, of course.

The Rewards Club helps you save on the foundation suppliers (caterers, decorators, photographers), as well as, the decorative suppliers (wedding favours, bridal boxes & gifting, jewellery).

How do I avail the discounts?

As an Eternity Rewards Club member, you can view and avail all the discounts our suppliers are providing. If it’s a service, then you will simply tick the box saying “I am an Eternity Rewards Club member, and would like to avail the offer”, when making your enquiry.

If it’s a product on their website, you simply enter the promo code provided at checkout. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Is it a monthly subscription or a one-off expense?

It’s a one off expense! You pay £65 for access to all the offers.

In the grand scheme of it, this is only a fraction of the price to pay, to save tons of £££.

Do you add new discounts?

Always! As we grow, so does your savings potential.

Sounds great! How do I join?

There’s only a few simple steps. You can join in less than 5 minutes!

Download the App, create your account, join the club!


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