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8 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Sane During Wedding Planning

14th February 2023

You would have heard by now that weddings are mixed emotions and whilst it can really be an enjoyable process it can also be stressful.

It’s so important to look after yourself during the process so we want you to think of this advice as things in your “wedding wellness toolbox”


what the pretty parcel said:

Checklists are super useful

Plan your week ahead separating activities into wed-min (wedding admin) vs vendor visits. Download the Eternity UK App or create your profile online for our in-built checklist to help give you some topics & timelines to focus on.

Remember your 'why'

This big day is for you and your partner to initiate a marriage. As much as wedding planning is important, don’t lose the enjoyment over stress that won’t matter in time to come. Organise date nights without wedding talk and alternate who arranges these between the two of you.

Delegate, delegate, delegate!

We understand it can be hard to let go when you have a vision in mind, but asking others to chip in could work in your favour. If you’re worried about how to ask, who to ask & if they will be reliable then try this….

– select a couple of loved ones you would like involved

– take them out for a coffee and set the expectations

– allow them the time and space to make a decision if this can be something they can help with

– then assign a check in day once a week to avoid you chasing for help.

Also, get your fiancé involved too!

Empty the mind

What’s your go-to stress reliever? For some it’s getting fresh air, for others it’s a gym session, spa break, cooking etc. Our advice would be to have a notebook with you at all times (including at your bedside) to get whatever is on your mind onto paper – it’s easy to want to put this onto your phone but light can keep you awake. It’s right what they say – you need beauty sleep!

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what eternity uk said:

Wedding planning is temporary

In the grand scheme of things, you will only be spending 12-18 months of your entire life planning your wedding. Now, whilst this seems like forever, it’s really only a fraction of your (married – eek!) life; and so you really don’t want it to take over. The wedding blues are so real for those couples who live, breathe, eat & sleep all-things-wedding! Remember to have a healthy balance.

We always suggest ‘non-wedding days’ – which are specific days of the week with your friends and family where there is no wedding talk whatsoever. If you think something is super urgent and needs to be spoken about within the hour, the chances are, it can wait a day. Be strict with yourself – do it for the future, married you!

Stick to your finances

One of the greatest reasons for arguments during wedding planning unfortunately comes down to the financial management of your big day. You should always openly discuss the financial situations & splits, as well as, around 10% aside as a ‘just in case’ pot.

You really don’t want your big day to hinder you from achieving other important goals that you’ve set for yourself ie. buying a beautiful home.

TIPS: Check out our top ways to budget for your South Asian Wedding.

Stop aiming for perfection

Do you remember the colour of the serviette’s at the last wedding you attended? No.

The point it, you can plan and overplan every single little detail of your wedding day, and stress yourself out over aspects that your guests won’t even notice or remember. Not to mention, specific details can also rack up the price!

Do a detox

I love social media. We all do, right? However, as a fiancé, it can be quite overwhelming to see ‘fairytale weddings’, and can really impact your wellbeing.

Take a social media detox every so often and try to avoid getting engrossed in it.