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24 Amazon Must-Have Wedding Essentials

6th February 2023

Being a 2023/24 bride or groom is stressful. There are so many checklist items and tons of shopping lists that you need to take care of. Often, when you are looking for something trustworthy, with quick delivery times, and easy returns: Amazon is the go-to for convenient and affordable shopping for your wedding essentials & honeymoon must-haves.

We absolutely LOVE searching on Amazon for inspiration, for everything from your pre-wedding events, the big day, and thereafter for your honeymoon. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite and practical Amazon buys for your wedding that we absolutely LOVE & hope that you will too.*

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Amazon Prime is a lifesaver as a newly-engaged couple. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up to it and save tons of time & money.

Practical Wedding Essentials

Temporary Ring Adjustor

One of the most common post-proposal stresses is if the ring doesn’t fit to perfection. You really want to show off your beautiful rock, but you also need to wait until your resizing appointment (super first world problem but also super relatable, tbh)

So, the best solution is to buy a temporary ring adjustor, which adds a bit more weight to a ring which sits a bit loose, to ensure you don’t have to stress.

Ring Sizer

Following on from the above, once you’ve bought and resized your engagement ring, you will be on the hunt for the most perfect wedding band.

Be sure to have a ring sizer handy for you to easily purchase a ring for yourself, your fiancé, friends or family, in their absence.


If you have ever tried transporting a lehenga, sherwani, kurta or suit from location A to location B, you may have been the victim of creases.

To make sure your outfit looks the part on your big day, be sure to order a trusty steamer.

Safety Pins

A brown girl can never have too many safety pins. Be prepared!


You should always prep an emergency kit prior to the wedding day, especially if you are going abroad or getting ready in a different location. 

Skin-coloured plasters can come in handy for you, your family, or bridesmaids. Always keep a couple plasters of different sizes to hand.

Earring Backs

You can never be too prepared, especially on your wedding day. Always keep spare earring backs on you!

Travel Sewing Kit

A travel sewing kit will come in super handy for you and your entourage, especially for any last minute alterations.

This useful kit comes with a pair of scissors, a range of thread, different sizes of needles, a measuring tape and lots more.

Blister Plasters

Ideally, you want to wear your wedding shoes in about a month or two in advance. However, just in case you haven’t been able to do that, be sure to keep Compeed or any other blister plasters on you, to ensure you can dance the night away with ease!

Eye Drops

If you wear contacts, have dry eyes, or anticipate being a nervous pre-wedding-night-sleeper; then be sure to keep some eye drops on you in advance of your wedding morning.

Cotton Buds

Always keep cotton buds on you to tidy up some makeup (& clean your ears!) as you get ready.

Lint Roller

Depending on where you are getting married, you may be in a position to get any dust or pet hairs onto your outfits, especially if they’re darker in colour.

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Beauty Wedding Essentials

Bobby Pins

Again, you can never have too many. Your professional hair stylist will have their own stash, but this is an essential for any of your pre-wedding events where you might be doing your own hair or makeup.

Ice Roller

As you wake up on your wedding morning, you may have had a sleepless night or a puffy face. To reduce any redness or puffiness, keep an ice roller for your wedding morning beauty regimen.

Eye Masks

Another one for the perfect wedding morning beauty regimen.

Eye Lash Glue

Lash glue has a couple of uses: firstly, it’s super handy to keep on one of your bridesmaids throughout your wedding day if you plan to wear lashes.

Secondly, be sure to secure your tikka and any wedding jewellery to your skin with dots of lash glue – the biggest lifesaver!

Blotting Paper

You want your wedding glam to last all day long, but if you also know your skin and have oily-prone skin, be sure to keep blotting paper handy.

Body Shimmer Oil

We love body shimmer oil, to give you that extra glow on your wedding day. It’s the most perfect addition, and looks so beautiful in the sun!

Spot Treatment

Wedding nerves and stress can unfortunately manifest themselves onto your skin as spots, so in the lead up to your wedding, keep spot treatment on you for faster healing.

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Honeymoon Essentials


Keep track of the items that matter most. On your stress-free honeymoon, be sure to keep some airtags on you for all your luggage.

Portable Mirror

Hotel room lighting is TERRIBLE. To make sure you look and feel your best on your honeymoon, be sure to carry a lightweight portable light up mirror.

Phone Tripod

Capture the moment perfectly, without having to worry about someone to get the best angles or lighting for your shots. Keep your own flexible tripod on you, perfect to place on trees, beaches & anywhere else exotic!

Disposable Camera

The most perfect aesthetic – we love a disposable camera! The cutest part of these cameras, is getting them developed months after your honeymoon and reliving your best moments.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

For any fun outdoor activities, you need a waterproof phone pouch to get those perfect shots without ruining your decide. Perfect for the sea & the sand.

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