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How To Preserve Your Special Wedding Gifting Items

9th June 2023

Gifting is an incredibly important aspect of our culture, right from the engagement up until the reception.

If you are a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, you are definitely on the hunt for the most perfect wedding accessories & gifting items, with the sparkle & sheen that you’ve always dreamt of. What’s often overlooked is the after-thought of how to store your precious keepsakes, to ensure their beauty is preserved and secure.

We’ve teamed up with The Pretty Parcel, to showcase the best way to gift these special items to your partner, as well as, the most beautiful way to store them for years to come.


Chura Box, £75

The Chura (red bangles) symbolise many things for a Punjabi bride. Not only is it meant to bring good luck, at the start of married life, but it also serves as a symbol of abundance and positive energy. Something so important should be preserved, as it’s something you will want to share with generations to come.

The Pretty Parcel Chura Box is the ultimate luxurious feel for the bride-to-be, with a beautiful customisable satin-style lining, logo & text.

Chunni & Karmai Box, £45

Very early on in the wedding planning process, the Chunni & Karmai will be some of the first events, where gifts are exchanged between families, as a sign of acceptance and excitement for the wedding festivities to begin.

These personalised Chunni & Karmai boxes, in a range of sizes, are the perfect way to store special trinkets, and formally accept the bride & groom into the family.

Bridal Trousseau Box, £125

A bridal trousseau is such an important storage trinket for any bride-to-be. With different compartments, and a built-in bangle bar, this The Pretty Parcel personalised trousseau box is the ultimate storage style statement for every classy bride.

Kalgi Box, £55

For a Punjabi groom, this is the perfect way to store & showcase one of their most special & treasured accessories for their big day. We love the way that The Pretty Parcel combines tradition with modern-day, classy & convenient solutions.