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South Asian Wedding Trends 2024: Groom Fashion Trends

6th November 2023

Congratulations to all you newly engaged couples!

In recent years, we have seen weddings return to normality after the Covid-19 wedding disruptions, and now the wedding scene is truly thriving with new & unique trends that we are obsessed with.

For those of you planning your 2024 wedding, this ones for you. We’ve rounded up the greatest South Asian menswear wedding trends 2024, for you to keep an eye out for and incorporate into your big day.

Men frequently struggle to find the right selection and choice for their wedding, which is where HIM Menswear steps in to redefine the menswear shopping experience with their impeccable choice, style, and a dedicated showroom. 

Velvet shawls

We’ve seen the great menswear trend of velvet blazers, and are extremely happy to see the return of these in the South Asian menswear space. As a fabric, velvet adds a touch of opulence and sophistication, which definitely oozes elegance: an outfit fit for the grandeur of a South Asian groom!

In particular, we are loving how intricate, yet minimal, motifs of embroidery look on a velvet sherwani. They add another layer to the outfit, which complements the sherwani to perfection. 

Given that one of the top South Asian bridal fashion trends 2024 are net fabrics, we think the contrast between these two fabrics will look beautiful for couples.

Bold prints

Whether it’s the shawl, the sherwani, or the shoes: statement bold print pieces are definitely up there as one of the most fun trends for South Asian grooms. 

The best part about bold print sherwanis are the way that they represent a fusion of traditional desi silhouettes, with modern design elements. They are a fashionable alternative to the classic, solid-coloured sherwanis.

Bold prints are super versatile through all your events too, and definitely not just limited to the wedding day.

Mughal styles

As the name suggests, this particular style of sherwanis draw inspiration from the rich & cultural heritage of the Mughal Empire. The outfits are characterised by their intricate craftsmanship, elegant embellishments and a royal aura derived through the fabrics & colours used.

Mughal style fabrics are often crafted with elements of silk, brocade, velvet and organza; whilst the colour-palette includes rich, deep hues such as maroons, khaki, deep green, royal blue and cool-tone golds.

The silhouette of a Mughal style sherwani is typically a knee-length sherwani or slightly longer coat-style design, with a tight fitted churidar.

Contrasing colours

We mean it when we say we’re really moving away from one-tone nude & beige outfits next wedding season. Next year is all about adding in pops of colour – also the perfect way to coordinate with your partner.

When coordinating your contract, it can be super difficult to get the right shade in all your pieces. HIM Menswear provide all their outfits in set, so you can save yourself the hassle of going to separate places to find your sherwani, shawl, pagh, shoes & any other accessories. 

Sherwani malas

Jewels definitely aren’t just a girl’s best friend. 

A sherwani mala refers to the garland worn around your neck, typically with a  sherwani or jacket. Traditionally, the mala was a symbol of honour, respect and celebration, which signifies the groom’s special ‘status’ on his wedding day.

Adorned with various beads, it’s often placed onto the groom on the morning of his wedding by close family members.

Deep tones

Inspired by the Mughal era and SS24 South Asian designer trends, we can very safely say that the autumnal colour palette will be trending next year. complemented by soft-white bases.

Last year was definitely a season of the pastels, but brace yourselves to see more earthy tones (taupe, olive green), steel grays, charcoal blacks and subdued jewel tones (emeralds, sapphires, and maroons).

Personalised embroidery

Similar to one of the top bridal fashion trends 2024, matching personalised embroidery on the sherwani-lehenga will be a major upcoming trend.

This one is one of the most special trends that we’re seeing in the upcoming years. Increasingly, couples are opting to embroider their vows, notes from their loved ones, or special wedding dates into their wedding outfits. It’s the perfect way to personalise your look, without taking away from the natural beauty of the designs.

Tons of choice

Gone are the days where the groom has to shop in a little corner of a predominantly-bridal store. 

Next season is all about choice. With grooms getting more and more creative, browsing Pinterest for their dream design, and looking for pieces that are versatile to be re-worn for years to come, HIM Menswear provide the ultimate shopping experience with customisable pieces, fit for any groom & any occasion.


HIM Menswear are a bespoke & fully customisable menswear boutique redefining every groom’s shopping experience. Their extensive range of sherwanis offer traditional & contemporary outfits for Islamic, Hindu & Sikh weddings. 

With their showroom conveniently located in Harrow, between Southall, Pinner & Wembley, they spotlight the groom with a range of options for the ultimate “Say Yes To The Sherwani” moment.

Each sherwani is individually embroidered, fitted, cut & sewn from a vast collection of over 700 high-quality fabrics; and come with matching shoes, turban, brooch, scarf & kalgi to complete your look.

Not only that, with a collection time of 4-6 weeks, they’re perfect for the groom who wants their wedding shopping to be done & dusted ASAP.

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