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Real Weddings: Simranjeet & Taranvir

28th October 2022

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their Wedding Planning process, the Big Day, and any advice they have for Brides & Grooms in hindsight.

Today, we’re featuring the gorgeous Wedding of Simranjeet & Taranvir, keep reading about how Simranjeet made the first move, and it was worth it!

For those of you who don’t know, Simranjeet is a Trainee Solicitor at a UK Top 20 Law Firm & a Content Creator, who talks all things career & lifestyle. Her educating Instagram’sTikTok’s and YouTube’s help out thousands embarking on their career journey.



Slid into the DMs

We met because I dm’ed him! I ended up shooting my shot and it worked haha! We ended up having mutual friends so the conversation built quite nicely from there. We met up a month later but by then we were pretty certain about each other. He asked me to be his girlfriend on our first date because we had built such a strong connection straight away, and the rest is history!

The proposal

How did you / he propose?

He proposed to me in Paris. I knew we were going to Paris but he really threw me off the scent if I’m honest. For example, the Friday before we flew out, he asked me what he should pack. I jokingly told him he should pack a ring. He called me there and then and said ‘hand on heart Sim, I’m not proposing to you on this trip.’ It was hard to hear, and I even told my friends I wasn’t going to get my nails done because I was so certain he was not going to propose. However, my friends were in on it too and somehow persuaded me to get them done under the guise of it being a ‘girly trip to the salon.’

The wedding planning process

Tell us about your planning process in a few words

Stressful, never-ending, creative, supported, worthwhile!

Favourite part of the planning process?

My favourite part of the wedding planning process was actually the weeks leading up to the wedding. By then, everything had been booked, the plan was there, families were starting to fly in from abroad or there was always some buzz around the house. The way my family pulled through together during these weeks is something I’ll always be grateful for.

Something you wish you did differently?

I wish I had my Anand Karaj and my Reception on different days. This was something that we considered but was not possible for us, but if I had the chance to plan my wedding again I’d do this. This is because there was a bit of a rush between the Anand Karaj and the Reception, and also the day went by so quickly, so it would have been nice to have spaced it out more.

Advice for future couples?

1) This is your time to be selfish – if someone is trying to push for an idea / tradition that you don’t want to for your wedding day, stand your ground and have the final say…

2) Communicate with each other throughout, but also comprehension of your partner’s communication is equally important, at the end of the day, everything works out!

3) On your wedding day, some things will not turn out how you wanted it. But you realise in the grand scheme of things, there’s no point stressing about it. For me, I can happily say I went through my wedding week with a massive smile on my face. I’m happy I have that memory, and not one of me being stressed out and not enjoying myself.


Caterer – Passage To India

DJs – Paragon

Photography – Sunny Digital Imaging

Decorator – ByIvyDesigns

Violinist – Ray Louise

HMUA – Sati Dhamu

Cake – Harviscakes

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Pre-Wedding Shoot

How did you meet?


How did you / he propose?



The Proposal

Describe your wedding planning process in 3-5 words…

Favourite part of the wedding planning process



Pre-Wedding Shoot

One thing I wish I did differently

Piece of advice for future brides




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Wedding Day

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