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Celebrating Give Something Away Day in the World of Weddings

13th July 2023

Give Something Away Day, celebrated on July 15th each year, is a special occasion that reminds us of the power of generosity and selflessness. 

This year, we wanted to talk about the power of generosity when it comes to your wedding, as well as, highlight what some of our suppliers do to give back to the community and get involved in charitable initiatives. 

Let’s explore how they are turning the spotlight on acts of kindness and spreading love beyond the wedding day.

Charitable ways to give back on your wedding day

Charitable wedding favours

Nowdays, couples spend hundreds of pounds on wedding favours which guests will look at, but not necessarily always appreciate and take home with them. Why not consider an alternative which will include a charitable donation, give your guests something they will definitely want to take home, and spark the conversation too.

Cancer Research UK has a range of beautiful & unique badges, pins, and wedding favours that your guests will love. Why not give it a go?

Donate your wedding gifts

Instead of traditional wedding gifts, consider inviting your guests to contribute to a charitable cause that holds special meaning to you and your partner.

Create a registry that allows guests to donate to a nonprofit organisation, charity, or community project of your choice. Whether it’s supporting a local shelter, funding education initiatives, or assisting environmental efforts, this act of giving ensures that your love extends far beyond your wedding day.

Prezola is one of the many great examples of gift registries which gives you the option to choose from over 100 incredible UK-based charities, to donate funds to a cause that’s close to you.

Volunteer together

Whether it be with your bridal parties as a pre-wedding event, or something that you and your partner do on your honeymoon, volunteering whilst you celebrate your love is a wonderful way to take time out of your day (when you were planning to anyways!) and give back in the process.

We absolutely love Go Hen’s charitable hen ideas, which you can check out here.

Shop small businesses

A wonderful (& sustainable) way to give back can be to work with small & local businesses near you. By doing so, you are playing your part in boosting your local economies and helping businesses flourish. For example, why head down to Southall for Mithai, when there are tons of local family-owned shops near you?

Charitable wedding supplier stories

Ananya Cards

Did you know that Ananya Cards plants trees for every stationery order placed? The sustainability and ecological impact of our work is very dear to us – and as a business revolving around paper, we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. We have always directed 10% of Ananya’s profits towards donating to charity over the last 17 years, and 5 years ago we also started partnering with @sankalptaru_foundation – the first technology enabled non-profit organisation that plants trees in India, while also supporting rural livelihood, empowering women, promoting bio-diversity, and making schools cleaner and greener. For every stationery order, we plant trees as part of our ‘Plant Grow Sustain’ initiative, so together we can support reforestation and environmental conservation projects and reduce our carbon footprint.

Maahii London

At Maahii London, they believe in building a better future, beyond fashion, one which signifies equality, inclusivity & freedom for all. Maahii London are committed to building a brand that gives back, wherein they donate 10% of their profits to charities that focus their efforts to rescuing disadvantaged girls in India.

“With each purchase we are able to make a difference, aid in bridging the inequality gap and support in re-writing the future of many young girls.” – Maahii London.

Soiree 360 Events

Soiree 360 Events is a business with a purpose of giving back. Their founders openly share their business & personal journeys on Instagram, where they work on incredible weddings and corporate events, and equally make a conscious effort to give back with their presence and donations at charitable events.

Circular Threads

Circular Threads is a pre-loved South Asian clothing brand, where couples & wedding guests can buy, sell or rent their stunning outfits. As their charitable initiative, they offer their clients to give a proportion of their money made directly back to a charity of their choice.

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