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Your Guide To Groom And Groomsmen Attire: A To Z

14th August 2023

Move over bride & bridesmaids, this ones for the groom & his groomsmen! 

How many times have you seen those picture perfect coordinated groomsmen looks and thought ‘wow, that looks like a lot of effort!’. It definitely doesn’t have to be, and we’re here to break it down for you and provide you with the best groom & groomsmen inspiration. Have a look.



What should the groom wear?

The groom’s attire largely depends on the wedding theme, formality, personal style, and the type of event ie. a haldi outfit and reception outfit will drastically vary! Options range from classic tuxedos or suits to more casual options like blazers, dress pants or kurta’s. The choice of colour, fabric, and accessories should complement the overall wedding aesthetic, and your partner, of course.

Should the groom's attire match the groomsmen?

While they don’t have to match exactly, having some cohesion in terms of colour, style, or accessory choices can create a cohesive & instagrammable look. The groom’s attire should, of course, be slightly distinct to set him apart as the focal point! Whether that be a different style of suit, colour, or print.

When should the groom and groomsmen start shopping for attire?

Honestly, this really depends on the amount of customisation you want. It can take time to order in pieces or customise. As a rule of thumb, start the search around 4-6 months before the wedding date. This allows enough time for fittings, alterations, and any unexpected issues that may arise.

Can groomsmen wear different styles of suits?

Yes, of course! If mismatched bridesmaids can be a top 2024 wedding trend, then so can mismatched groomsmen. 

How can I coordinate groomsmen accessories?

So many ways! Ties, waistcoats, ramaals, tie-pins – the list is endless!

Have a read of our favourite ways to coordinate your groomsmen here.



Matching Nehru Coats

Matching nehru coats or waistcoats will truly differentiate your groom squad. We love the matching prints.

Matching Kurta Pyjama Suits

Our very own Kishan Kerai designed this incredible groomsmen looks – as they all match in the most gorgeous shade of mint!

Matching Pagri Sets

As these groomsmen coordinate from head to toe, they definitely stand out for these stunning matching pagri’s.

Mismatched Groom And Groomsmen Attire

Remember that mismatched groom and groomsmen attire we mentioned? Here’s exactly how to make it work! Use 3-4 different complimentary shades ie. pastels, to stand out and get those picture-perfect shots.

Same, Same, But Different

The Jo’Bros gave us major inspo. We love the way the brothers has the same base outfit, but has minimal variations to suit their personal style the best. Whose do you prefer the most?

Groomsmen Suits

We love this stunning colour palette – especially the grooms standout outfit!

Mismatched Grooms & Groomsmen

Again, we love the mismatched trends. Create an outfit, and swap the pagri’s!

Mismatched Groomsmen Prints

We love how all these groomsmen look similar, but totally different in their own way. The perfect sangeet attire.

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