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The Greatest Indian Wedding Trends Of 2024

6th July 2023

Congratulations to all you newly engaged couples!

In recent years, we have seen weddings return to normality after the Covid-19 wedding disruptions, and now the wedding scene is truly thriving with new & unique trends that we are obsessed with.

For those of you planning your 2024 wedding, this ones for you. We’ve rounded up the greatest Indian wedding trends 2024, for you to keep an eye out for and incorporate into your big day.

Mismatched bridesmaids

We’ve seen this truly takeover the mainstream wedding space, and it’s time for your desi bridesmaids to shine! Gone are the days of matching suits or lehengas, it’s more about picking 2/3 complimentary (or contrasting!) colours and giving your bridesmaids options to pick their own unique style.

Our favourite thing about this Indian wedding trend is that every bridesmaid has the choice to pick an outfit they will love (with the minor restriction of colour, of course), but it means that they are way more likely to pick an outfit that will be re-worn for years to come. We’re all about slow fashion.

Let your bridesmaids know early on, perhaps through a bridesmaid template like this, to ensure they have clarity from the get-go.

Laidback luxury

The less is more look is totally our vibe. Recently, we have seen tons of couples opting for soft-luxury styles of decor & floral arrangements, as well as warm mood lighting. The ambience used to set the romantic mood is bought about by the little things, as opposed to harsh lighting and ample amounts of decor.

Minimalist mehndi

This ones definitely been inspired by the bollywood celebs. Minimal mehndi is taking over, with subtle odes to this age-old custom along with a modern twist.

We loved Alia’s small mandala on the back of her hand, which complimented her entire laid-back luxury look extremely well.

Fun wedding guestbook alternatives

We see tons of couples moving away from the traditional coffee-book-style wedding guest books, and opt for unique alternatives which can be cherished in various ways.

Some couples have opted for globe-style guestbooks, others have opted for audio-books, whilst some go for the 3D wooden hearts – what’s your favourite? Have a look at 22 guestbook alternatives here.

Baby's breath varmalas

It’s the dainty little details which make your wedding day unique to you. We’re expecting an uproar in couples opting for baby’s breath varmalas, which are subtle, luxurious & match every outfit.

Fairytale lighting

Remember that mood lighting we mentioned earlier, this is it. Tons of couples, especially those opting for destination weddings, are expected to opt for warm fairytale lighting which sets the mood just the right amount. The perfect less-is-more backdrop.

Personalised embroidery

This one is one of the most special trends that we’re seeing in the upcoming years. Increasingly, couples are opting to embroider their vows, notes from their loved ones, or special wedding dates into their wedding outfits. It’s the perfect way to personalise your look, without taking away from the natural beauty of the designs.

Standing floral installations

These statement standing floral installations are the perfect option for an outdoor wedding, where you want a little bit of decor, but not enough to take away from the natural beauty.

This couple opted for a B+W theme, whilst we’ve seen others opt for spring colours – got to say, we’re obsessed.

Wedding sarees

This is a unique change that we truly didn’t expect – and we’re here for it! Some couples will opt for saree’s for their wedding day, especially with some sort of significance from their parents or ancestors.

Also let’s be honest, some people definitely find a saree to be more comfortable & versatile for the future, than lehengas. Seems like a pretty practical choice to us.

Disco ball decor

It is honestly so fun! There’s something about disco ball decor & palm tree leaves that just set the party vibe. 

Looking to save on fresh flowers? This is a fab alternative.

Sunflower wedding decor

Bye-bye marigold, it’s all about the sunflower next season.

Perfect for pre-wedding events, sunflowers are all the rage for a fun & creative spin on colourful wedding decor. We love this beautiful haldi wedding set-up!

Mirror signage

Mirror signage is in & here to stay. It’s simple, chic, & the perfect photo opp for your guests!

Have some fun with your decals for this one. It’s also the perfect DIY piece – check out this tutorial here.

Hanging ceiling decor

Whether it’s your mandap, your haldi, or your reception, hanging decor is a growing trend that couples are loving and decorators can get super creative with. It’s the perfect statement decor piece to add a little something extra to your events.

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