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17 Fun Wedding Welcome Signs To Elevate Your Vibe

11th September 2023

When it comes to your wedding day, your wedding welcome signs definitely set the vibe, especially as it’s the first thing your guests will see as they walk in.

There are so many different signs you need to consider on your wedding day: directional signs, welcome signs, gift table signs, wedding itineraries and so much more.

In this blogpost, we will explore some of our favourite wedding welcome signs: from our suppliers, Etsy, Pinterest & more.

3D Floral Welcome Sign
Etsy Instruction Template, £15.07

This 3D floral wedding sign is absolutely stunning. It’s a super subtle way to reflect your decor from the moment your guests walk in.

A welcome sign like this is super versatile and can be used to store your favourite wedding memories & displayed in your home for years to come. 

This tutorial provides you with the perfect opportunity to DIY your signs and get your friends & family involved.

Tropical Wedding Welcome Sign
Moments & More Designs, POA

This stunning tropical wedding welcome sign is perfect for any summer or destination wedding. It’s super elegant & minimal, whilst also perfectly setting the party vibe.

Acrylic Welcome Box Sign

This stunning welcome box sign is a gorgeous photo opp for your guests. Definitely one that you will love, especially if you’re one who loves foliage & florals.

Mirror Wedding Welcome Signs
Etsy, £147.84

This 3-piece wedding welcome signage is super elegant. Mirror wedding signage has been a massive wedding trend this year, and this gorgeous set-up is bound to impress your guests upon entrance.

Wooden Welcome Signage

For an intimate & boho chic vibe, this wooden welcome sign is absolutely perfect. Nothing that a bit of spray paint, decals, and wooden boards can’t do! The perfect board to DIY.

Clear Acrylic Signage
House Of Signz, POA

Acrylic clear signs are definitely super fun. With a little bit of personalisation for the event, these are signs that your guests will definitely love.

Neon Welcome Sign

Looking for another sign that you can always repurpose & reuse? This neon sign is a must.

Acrylic 3D Mirror Welcome Sign
Etsy, £21.99+

Remember the mirror wedding signage trend? This is another beautiful take on it, which is slightly more subtle, but the exact same impact. It’s definitely a showpiece and a beautiful picture moment for your guests.

Art Deco Wedding Welcome Sign
Etsy, £13.05

Looking for something minimal? Gold & black theme? An art deco welcome sign & theme is a classic which will definitely not go out of style.

DIY Mirror Wedding Welcome Sign
Decals on Etsy, £35.13

Have a huge mirror at home that you love? Save tons of money with this super easy DIY, where you can re-purpose your own items, without ruining them. 

Decals are temporary and can be put on and taken off as & when you like.

Mini Wedding Welcome Sign

Welcome signs really don’t always have to be massive. We love this mini wedding welcome sign, which is kept on your gift & guestbook table. Perfect for a minimal / beach wedding vibe.

Chalk Wedding Welcome Sign

Sticking to the theme of less is more, a chalkboard wedding sign is super versatile, sustainable (re-use it for different events!), and perfect for a cosy wedding venue. Another fun & easy one to DIY.

Polaroid Picture Welcome Sign

Looking for something a bit more personal? Consider a polaroid picture wedding welcome sign with your favourite images from your relationship, proposal, engagement & pre-wedding events. This gives your guests a chance to learn a little bit more about you.

Polaroid Guest Book Alternative

Who needs signs when you can have hanging banners in between trees & decor? We think this is super chic & minimalist.

Directional Wedding Welcome Sign

Who needs a sign when you can have directional planks? Add a bit of colour / foliage to match your theme, and this rustic / cosy chic welcome sign is perfect. Highly recommend for an outdoor wedding.

Make The Wedding Welcome Sign

A fun & unique idea is to mix your wedding welcome sign with your ‘guest book alternative‘ for your guests to sign on as they enter.

Tiled Wedding Welcome Sign

Another super chic design that we love is this tiled & mirrored wedding welcome sign. It’s another gorgeous one for a European-style wedding: we’re thinking Mamma Mia / Italian / Santorini inspired events.

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