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The Hinge Technical Glitch That Led To A Dreamy Proposal

24th May 2023

Welcome to Real Couples, where we speak to couples about their proposal, wedding planning process, the lead up to the big day, and any advice they have for couples currently planning their wedding. 

In this post, we’re featuring the beautiful love story & proposal of Bhavisha & Amit, who met through a technical glitch! They are newly engaged and in the early days of wedding planning.


How did you meet?

We met on hinge an online dating app. Amit is based in London and had set his radius to within 30 miles only, however, I still popped up on his account, even though I am based in Leicester, just over 100 miles away – that is a technical glitch we are happy about! He still drove up to Leicester for our first date. By the third date we were exclusive, and 5th date in he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

I say asked, his exact words were ‘you might as well be my girlfriend’ haha!

Whose the bigger planner, out of you & your partner?

I am the planner but I always run everything by Amit, as he is better with ideas and suggestions, whereas I can organise and make it happen.

The proposal

How did you / he propose?

We were having a weekend apart in our own cities and I was having a bad week and was upset on the phone to Amit the night before. 

The next day, at around 1pm, there was a knock on the door and it was Amit. I was wearing an old cleaning outfit, scrubbing all the bathrooms clean and looked a hot mess! I was so surprised and happy to see him, but he said get ready he wanted to take me out to cheer me up. So I quickly got ready, and he took me a really nice park in Leicester – Abbey Park. 

We were walking along, and we came to a bit where he had set up a picnic earlier, with the help of his mum and sister and my brother. There were flowers, candles, photos of us, and a sign that said Bhavisha will you marry me. He got down on 1 knee, but it was all a blur after that, as I was just so shocked and happy. 

He also had hired a professional photographer snapping the whole thing and I had no idea!

A hidden photographer is a must! You want to be able to look back and remember the moment, as well as, share it with your family & friends.

Did you have any idea that he was about to propose?

We had talked about wanting to get married yes, but we were supposed to go to Disneyland Paris in June for my birthday and I genuinely thought he would do it there – so glad he didn’t, I didn’t want a holiday proposal. But on this day I was not expecting it – my hair, nails, eyebrows, nothing was done.

Funnily enough all my family knew of course, so they had all scrubbed up well for the party after!

How did you tell your family & friends?

Surprise part 2 – we came home after chilling in the park with the proposal picnic, and he had arranged for mine and his family and close friends to be there to surprise me with balloons and a cake and food. 

Everyone knew about it except for me – even my dog knew something had changed and came and gave my ring a quick little lick for good luck haha!

The wedding planning process

How are you feeling about wedding planning?

Excited yet I know it is stressful as I used to be a wedding coordinator in a previous life. As an ex wedding coordinator I know how important it is to connect with the suppliers that are best for you and your vision and event. I also know how important it is to have a wedding coordinator on the day, so I will be hiring one, as I cannot run the event as a bride too.

How much have you started so far?

So far, we have already booked the venue and my hair and makeup artist – some of the most important things. Food is next to arrange – definitely one of the most important elements for an Indian wedding.

What are you most excited about for the wedding?

Just seeing how excited and full of love our family and friends are for us. We both were single for a long time before meeting each other, and so it is nice for the people who love us to have seen our journey in finding each other and now finally getting married.

What are you most nervous about for the wedding?

Disagreements and having to compromise. Indian weddings can be full on, and every family member has an opinion, and I would want to try my best to accommodate others, whilst also not letting go of the vision me and Amit have for our own big day.

Are you finding Eternity UK useful, to help you plan?

Yes definitely. A friend of mine who is also planning her wedding sent me the details for Eternity UK as soon as she found out I am getting married too. It is so useful to be able to see ideas, images, visuals and get a taste of what is current in the wedding industry.

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