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From California To Rajasthan: Simran & Kaushal’s Regal Destination Wedding In India

11th September 2023

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their wedding planning process, the lead up to the big day, and any advice they have for couples currently planning their wedding. 

Get ready to absolutely fall in love with Rajasthan, as we look through Simran & Kaushal’s personalised & regal wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan. 

After meeting in 2020, living 1,300 miles apart, the couple finally got engaged in their hometown San Diego, California, before planning their dream destination wedding in Rajasthan. Take a look at their beautiful story.

All photography by Infinite Memories.


Describe your wedding planning process in 3 - 5 words

Memorable, creative, all the things favorite!

How did you meet?

Destiny played the role of the most cherished matchmaker. Introduced by a friend, Kaushal and I met during Christmas 2020. Our connection was instantaneous, and love quickly blossomed between us. Despite living in different cities and 1300 miles away from each other, we managed to bridge the gap before eventually moving to the same city.

How did you / he propose?

After two years of dating and with the blessings of our families, Kaushal proposed to me in San Diego, California, the city that we now call home! While I was away on a trip to New York, little did I know that my return would mark a milestone in our journey. On a blissful evening, what I thought was a simple dinner date turned into an escape to the Coronado Islands. There, with flowers and candles, overlooking the city of San Diego, Kaushal knelt down with a beautiful Tiffany ring.

What was your favourite aspect of wedding planning?

Honestly, all of it! The wedding was a labor of love, meticulously planned by Kaushal, myself, and our families. Every detail was infused with a personal touch, reflecting our unique journey. Kaushal and I designed the wedding invite, dance floors for all the events, welcome boards, customised cocktail menus for all events and even crafted a thoughtful welcome note and itinerary for the guests.

Adding to the personal charm, my mother (bride’s mother) curated a perfect welcome basket, brimming with Jodhpur’s authentic delights, Rajasthani bangles for the ladies, snacks for the kids, ensuring everyone felt warmly embraced.

The wedding festivities were a canvas of personalisation, from my mehendi adorned with butterflies, kaleeras carrying all our favourite symbols – stars, an airplane (symbolising our love for travel), a ‘K & S’ emblem, a flamingo, and butterflies, to the custom-curated bar menu and signature drinks that delighted the guests. The entire celebration reverberated with the essence of our love story, rendering it an unforgettable couple of days. So yes, the entire planning process was my favourite including the debates, disagreement, stress…

What was the one thing you wish you did differently?

Kaushal and I traveled to India 3 days before the wedding. I wish we had done that differently and traveled to India at least 10 days before the wedding to have all the final outfit fittings, last-minute shopping runs, and get everything in place, rather than scrambling and fitting all those in 3 days while getting over jet lag.

The trickiest part of your wedding planning?

The trickiest aspect of our wedding planning process was effectively communicating our vision to our wedding planners. For instance, when it came to our mehendi theme, we had chosen ‘Enchanted Garden,’ but the term ‘enchanted garden’ can be interpreted in various ways. Therefore, the trickiest part was conveying our specific concept for the decor and theme and figuring out how to bring it to life while considering factors like available resources, decor elements, logistics, and other practical considerations. 

Furthermore, it was challenging because Kaushal (my husband) and I did all the planning while living in California, so the majority of the planning and communication took place over Zoom calls. The process required a lot of clear communication by creating mood boards, compiling images and different elements in PowerPoint slides, and marking what decor we wanted in each area of the event venue. This planning required attention to detail to ensure that our dream wedding became a reality.

Would you have benefitted from a platform like Eternity UK: where you can find all your suppliers & plan in one place?

Absolutely, we would have surely benefited from the platform, as it surely streamlines the wedding planning process, saves time, and provides access to a wide range of services and vendors, making it easier for couples to bring their wedding vision to life. The convenience and efficiency can be a valuable resource for those planning their weddings.

Your piece of advice to couples planning their wedding?

Plan Early: Start planning as early as possible. This will give you the flexibility to have things the way you want and secure your preferred venues, vendors, and accommodations.

Delegate Tasks: Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to trusted friends and family members. You don’t have to handle everything on your own; sharing responsibilities can ease the planning and execution process. For instance, my husband and I planned the wedding, especially logistics, accommodations, and decor, and we were literally running around ensuring everything was under control until the day of our wedding.

Personal Touch: Incorporate personal touches into your wedding to make it uniquely yours. Share your love story, interests, and passions with your guests through decor, favours, and ceremony elements.

Who were your suppliers?

Bride’s Outfits: Giorgio Armani – Custom Runway Gown, Aisha Rao, Cocomelody USA, Kalki, Sabyasachi

Groom’s outfit: Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Jayesh Shah Label

Jewellery: Tiffany&co (Proposal Ring), Cartier (Wedding Bands), Tanishq (Bridal Jewelry)

Makeup artist: Chandan Bhatia

Photographer: Infinite Memories, Delhi

Wedding Planner: The Wedding Basket , The Mandap

Invites: Sketch & Say & the bride!

Their mehndi

Simran & Kaushal’s mehndi looked like something out of a fairytale. The tropical theme was perfectly emulated through their signage, decor & outfits. Ranging from the beautiful peacocks, to the waterlilly’s, to their incredible dances: the event looked extremely fun & relaxed.


We are obsessed with their black-tie / formal sangeet setting. Simran adorned an absolutely stunning white beaded gown, perfect for the bride, whilst her beau matched with a gorgeous textured tux. They repurposed some of their daytime signage for this event, making it more appropriate to their evening decor – the perfect sustainable photo opp!


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