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Real Weddings: Ashika & Niraj

26th March 2022

Welcome to Real Weddings: where we speak to real couples about their wedding planning process, the lead up to the big day, and any advice they have for couples currently planning their wedding. 

In this post, we’re featuring the gorgeous wedding of Ashika & Niraj, a couple who met aged 14 and finally tied the knot a few years ago.


Real South Asian Weddings: Ashika & Niraj


Highschool sweethearts

I met my husband in secondary school. We actually were boyfriend/girlfriend at the age of 14 for about two months which we always look back on and laugh at now. We properly started dating again at the age of 17 and the rest is history! I have loved growing up with him and sharing so many milestones together as we grew from teenagers to adults.

Real Weddings: Ashika & Niraj

The proposal

How did you / he propose?

I was on a holiday with my family in Dublin and he was due to pick us up from the airport. After he picked us up and took us home he told me that I had a couple of hours to unpack and repack as were leaving to go to the airport again for a surprise anniversary trip. Once we got to the airport I found out that we were going to Santorini and I was beyond excited. On our last night there he proposed at “the heart of Santorini” (the rocks naturally form a heart shape here) at sunset. He had asked all our friends and family to record messages for us which he showed me once I had said yes. Safe to say I was crying (happy tears) for ages. It was the most magical evening.

Real South Asian Weddings: Ashika & Niraj

The wedding planning process

Tell us about your planning process in a few words

I feel like these words could change at any time of the planning process but overall I would definitely say fun and exciting. Due to covid though, there were moments where it was also stressful and uncertain.

Favourite part of the planning process?

I love all the little touches that make the wedding your own as a couple and I loved adding these details to our events. I also LOVED outfit and jewellery shopping and in particular picking up my Indian bridal outfit for the first time after designing it. I was so nervous about how it would come together but it was perfect!

Real South Asian Weddings: Ashika & Niraj
Something you wish you did differently?

I am not sure I would actually have changed anything major. There are always little things that you may wish you could change, however, this will always happen no matter how much you plan. The small things didn’t impact how much we both enjoyed the day overall and you just have to let those slide! I do wish (like so many other couples I am sure) that covid didn’t make the process really challenging at times with all the postponements and change in the plans but it was of course something that was completely out of our control.

If I had to pick one thing I would say having more tequila rose at our open bar – it was very popular ha!

Advice for future couples?

I know everyone says this but enjoy every single moment and take it all in. As I said, you may feel that there are little things on the day that may not have been in the plans but don’t let them impact your day in the moment. These little things really won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. So much time and effort goes into planning this day so when it finally arrives, it is your time to relax, soak it all in and enjoy all the love and attention on you as a couple. We told ourselves we were going to do just that and it truly was the best day!

Make sure you have a detailed itinerary and that key people who have any tasks or responsibilities on the day are aware of these. It never hurts to have extra copies of these printed on the day to give to key family members / friends too. You don’t want any questions coming to you on the day!

Real South Asian Weddings: Ashika & Niraj


Civil Ceremony

Venue – Glenfield Registry Office

Food – White Horse Birstal

Bride and Groom Outfits – Asos

Hair and Make Up – Kerry Baines

Photography – Nina Mistry Photography

Videography – Real Art

Cake – Rose and Violet Cake Company

Wedding Day

Venue (Indian) – Winstanley House, Leicester

Photography – Nina Mistry Photography and Ashley Amroota Photography 

Videography – Real Art

On the day wedding Co Ordinator – Boss Lady Events

Indian Bridal Outfit – Yavani Bridal Boutique 

Mandap – Diva Events

Haars and other floral decor – Iron Swan and Co

Hair and Make Up (Indian) – Sandy Dosanjh

Hair and Make Up (Puja) – Dee Artistry

Hair and Make Up (Mehdni) – Jenna Beauty

Ice Cream Van – Junior Waffles

Mehndi – Mehndi by Naaz

Mahraj – Ramesh Mahraj 


Venue – Winstanley House

Photography – Nina Mistry Photography and Ashley Amroota Photography

Videography – Real Art

On the day wedding Co Ordinator – Boss Lady Events

Bridal Outfit – Yavani Bridal Boutique

Decor – Diva Events and Iron and Swan 

Hair and Make Up (Indian) – Sandy Dosanjh

Cake – Rose and Violet Cake Company and Sunita and Jenna Trivedi for vegan ones

Real South Asian Weddings: Ashika & Niraj

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