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16 Of The Best Country House Wedding Venues For Asian Weddings

4th September 2023

Manor house wedding venues are extremely popular amongst couples nowadays who are searching for something a little different, beautiful grounds, and a celebration away from home.

It’s perfect for the couples who want a destination wedding / staycation vibe, without having to deal with the logistics or travel and accommodation. Country house wedding venues are the perfect fit.

Whether it’s a capacity of 1,000, or just over 100, we’ve got you covered with some of the most beautiful & lavish country houses for Asian Weddings.

So if you’ve got your entire guest list and you’ve just started out your search, or if you’re newly engaged and just getting started (congratulations!), keep reading for some of the best & beautiful country house wedding venues; and our top tips.

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the best country house wedding venues in the uk


Capacity: up to 800 guests

Based in Nottinghamshire, The Renaissance at Kelham Hall is a gorgeous venue amidst 42 acres of beautiful land. Inspired by the Victorian Era, this stunning venue is the perfect venue for a modern couple who loves a little bit of history. With their large capacity ballroom, it’s the perfect venue to celebrate with your loved ones, who are based all around the UK.


Capacity: up to 700 guests

Based in Essex, this timeless Georgian manor, spanning over 100 acres of land, is the most picturesque backdrop for your wedding day. From it’s beautiful grounds and outdoor wedding areas, to it’s stunning interior & large capacity; it’s the most beautiful wedding venue for you to explore further.


Capacity: up to 400 guests

A great favourite amongst many South Asian weddings, North Mymms Park is one name that you definitely would have heard of. Conveniently located on the outskirts of North London, the grounds & traditional interiors provide the perfect grand backdrop for your everlasting memories.


Capacity: up to 300 guests

Froyle Park is a luxurious and historic country estate located in Froyle, Hampshire, England. The estate is nestled amidst 80 acres of picturesque countryside, offering a serene and idyllic setting for various events and gatherings.

The centerpiece of Froyle Park is the magnificent Grade II* listed manor house, a splendid example of Jacobean architecture dating back to the 17th century. The house features elegant reception rooms, beautiful woodwork, and intricate detailing, creating an ambiance of refined grandeur.


Capacity: up to 320 guests

Shendish Manor is a charming and historic country house hotel located in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England. Set within 160 acres of lush parkland and formal gardens, the manor offers a picturesque and tranquil escape from the city. The beautiful architecture of this venue makes it the most gorgeous wedding destination, especially for a sunny summer day.


Capacity: up to 350 guests

Braxted Park is a magnificent country estate located in Witham, Essex, England. The estate boasts a stunning Georgian mansion set within 500 acres of picturesque parkland, making it a remarkable and idyllic setting for various events and celebrations.

The mansion at Braxted Park is an elegant Grade II listed building, with a history dating back to the 18th century. The interiors are beautifully appointed, featuring period features, grand reception rooms, and luxurious accommodations, offering a true sense of refined elegance.


Capacity: up to 350 guests

Previously home to Henry VIII, Ashridge House is a gorgeous historical venue, perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony to treat your guests like royalty.

Whether it be an outdoor ceremony, or one of the stunning heritage rooms, the grounds of Ashridge House will provide the most perfect backdrop for you and your guests.


Capacity: up to 250 guests

This stunning 18th century mansion, in the heart of Hertforshire, is nestled in 300 acres of woodland and parkland, making it the most idylic wedding venue. If that’s not enough, it’s beautiful Georgian-era interior provides all the grandeur you need for a South Asian wedding.


Capacity: up to 250 guests

Offley Place is a charming and historic country house hotel located in the village of Great Offley, near Hitchin in Hertfordshire, England. Set within 27 acres of beautiful parkland, the hotel provides a tranquil and picturesque setting for guests seeking a peaceful retreat.

The house itself is an elegant Grade II listed manor, dating back to the 17th century, with its original features and architectural charm preserved, creating a sense of timeless elegance. The interiors are adorned with period furnishings, fine antiques, and tasteful decor, providing a warm and inviting ambience that your guests will adore.


Capacity: up to 500 guests

You may recognise this beautiful venue from a shot in the Nativity! The Coombe Abbey, located in the Cotswolds region, is a stunning venue for both Summer & Winter weddings. Set in 500 acres of landscaped gardens, the dedicated team go above and beyond to ensure your dream wedding day runs smoothly.


Capacity: up to 250 guests

Another gorgeous venue, based in the heart of Cotswolds, Elmore court has been home to a handful of gorgeous South Asian weddings. It’s beautiful grounds & landscape provide great versatility for you and your guests, to make your event super memorable.


Capacity: up to 250 guests

Hatfield House is an historic and magnificent stately home located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. It is the ancestral home of the Marquess of Salisbury and has a rich history dating back to the early 17th century.

The house was built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, the first Earl of Salisbury, who was also a trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. The building is a fine example of Jacobean architecture, with stunning brickwork and intricate details that showcase the craftsmanship of the time. If you are looking for stunning grounds, and a traditional vibe, then Hatfield House is the perfect fit for you.


Capacity: up to 500 guests

Based in Essex, the luxurious grounds of Quendon Hall provide the perfect balance of elegance and grandeur, a popular located venue for many South Asian weddings. Nestled in 100 acres of land, the picturesque wedding venue is well equipped with gorgeous rooms, grounds, and a gazebo for the most perfect wedding shots.


Capacity: up to 600 guests

This gorgeous Grade II listed, Georgian Style house, in the heart of Warwickshire is a popular Midlands wedding venue amongst many South Asians. With its large capacity, the hall has an incredible marquee located within the grounds, to take you on an extraordinary journey at every corner of this stunning venue.


Capacity: 600

Syon House, a captivating and historic estate, is nestled on the outskirts of London, in the borough of Hounslow. The estate boasts a magnificent stately home, Syon House, which has been the residence of the Duke of Northumberland for over 400 years. With its grand architecture, elegant interiors, and stunning gardens, Syon Park exudes timeless beauty and charm.

It’s absolutely perfect for any couple wanting to have the indoor-outdoor vibe, especially on a hot summer day.


Capacity: 600

Ditton Park Manor is a stunning and historic country house located in Datchet, Berkshire, England. Situated on a beautiful estate with extensive grounds, the manor boasts a rich history dating back to the medieval era.

The current manor house was built in the early 19th century, though there have been records of a residence on the site dating back to the 13th century. Over the years, Ditton Park Manor has been the residence of various prominent families, each leaving their mark on the estate’s architecture and design.

If you’re opting for a manor house vibe, this one is absolutely stunning and the perfect ground for aesthetic images.