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100 Pictures You Need To Take On Your Wedding Day

17th July 2023

It goes without saying that your wedding photos are extremely important, they capture your most special moments on your most memorable day.

Without a doubt, your wedding photographer will have tons of experience on the essential wedding day shots, but there may be some moments you want captured in particular – maybe it’s specific outfit embroidery, or jewellery details, or a possible confetti throw that you definitely want documented.

Whatever it may be, we’ve narrowed down a list of the ultimate wedding photography checklist, to ensure everything from the little details, to the big ceremonies.

This blogpost is in partnership with Nick Rutter Photography, renowned fusion wedding photographer in the UK. With years of experience, Nick & his team know exactly how to capture your events to perfection, down to the smallest of details.


wedding photography checklist: wedding morning

Your wedding morning will be filled with tons of emotions – all the way from excitement to nervousness! It’s the perfect time to capture the finer details, as well as, some special & emotional moments with your loved ones.

●  Bride details & accessories

    ◦ Wedding stationery (inc. menus & name cards)

    ◦ Wedding jewellery

    ◦ Wedding perfume

    ◦ Wedding shoes

    ◦ Wedding rings (engagement & wedding bands)

    ◦ Wedding bouquet

    ◦ Bridal robe

    ◦ Hair & makeup close ups

    ◦ Choora & kaleerey (if applicable)

●  Groom details & accessories

    ◦ Tie & pocket square

    ◦ Wedding band

    ◦ Wedding shoes

    ◦ Cufflinks

●  Wedding outfit details (inc. any personalisation)

●  Wedding outfit (on personalised bridal / groom hanger)

●  Bridesmaids & groomsmen

    ◦ Outfits & shoes

    ◦ Accessories (jewellery / bowties / waistcoats)

    ◦ Robes

    ◦ Bouquets & buttonholes

●  Bride getting ready shots (with parents / wedding party)

●  Groom getting ready shots (with parents / wedding party)

●  First looks

    ◦ Partner

    ◦ Parents

    ◦ Grandparents

    ◦ Siblings

    ◦ Bridesmaids

    ◦ Groomsmen

●  First touch with your partner

●  Posed shots

    ◦ Bride solo

    ◦ Groom solo

    ◦ Parent shots

    ◦ Grandparent shots

    ◦ Sibling shots

    ◦ Family shots

    ◦ Bridesmaid shots

    ◦ Groomsmen shots

wedding photography checklist: wedding ceremony

●  Venue ambience shots

    ◦ Exterior shots 

    ◦ Interior shots

    ◦ Floral arrangements & decor

    ◦ Signage

    ◦ Chair details

    ◦ Stage details

●  Guests arrival

●  Groom arrival

●  Parents arrival

●  Bridal party entrance

●  Bride entrance

●  Groom reaction

●  Groom arrival

●  Ceremony-specific (for example:)

    ◦ Varmala shots

    ◦ Mangalsutra shots

    ◦ Sindoor shots

    ◦ Games shots

    ◦ Ring exchange shots

●  Couple wide-shots

●  Couple close-ups

●  Ceremony participants

    ◦ Entertainment ie. harpist / pianist

    ◦ Flower girls / page boys / pets of honour

●  Guest reactions

●  Walking back down the aisle shots

wedding photography checklist: POST CEREMONY

●  Moments after the couples exit

●  Romantic shots

●  Candid shots

●  Posed shots

●  Sunset close-ups (if possible!)

●  Group shots with immediate family

●  Group shots with extended family

●  Group shots with bridesmaids

●  Group shots with groomsmen

●  Group shots with siblings

●  Group shots with pets

●  Bouquet throw

wedding photography checklist: Reception

●  Decor & details

    ◦ Centerpieces

    ◦ Stationery

    ◦ Table settings

    ◦ Dance floor

    ◦ DJ booth shots

    ◦ Food stations

    ◦ Entertainment shots

    ◦ Cake shots

●  Wedding reception entrance

●  Guest reactions

●  Speeches & toasts

●  Wedding reception entrance

●  First dance

●  Cake cutting

●  Dancing & celebrations

●  Wedding reception exit (sparklers?!)


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