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28 Picture Perfect Wedding Poses For Indian Couples To Try

5th July 2023

The best part of your special wedding ceremony is the beautiful pictures that you capture, which you can look back on and reminisce for years & generations to come.

Have a look at these tried & tested wedding poses that every couple should try.

The solo classic

This classic outfit solo shot is a must-have! We love the way that this photographer has captured the shot during golden hour, to create the most elegant picture and give the outfit its moment.

The classic dupatta shot

A dupatta shot is a must! It’s a close-up which showcases your smile, your jewellery and the little details on your outfit to perfection. Some brides can be slightly shy with close-ups, and this is a perfect chic alternative.

The mother of the bride shot

We are obsessed with this precious mother-daughter moment shot.

The getting ready shot

The perfect getting ready shot is the best way to get your parents, siblings, and bridesmaids involved as they glam you up before you take your steps down the aisle. Remember to allocate at least 30 mins after getting ready for all of these shots.

Getting ready shots with the groom

Getting ready shots truly aren’t just for a bride! The perfect chance for a groom to get his groomsmen involved.

Head to head shots

The look of love! We love this absolutely gorgeous shot where the couple goes head to head all smiles. The flower petals and confetti shots truly makes this a picture perfect shot. Feel free to stop in the middle of your aisle and stop for this one!

The forehead kiss

Richa Moorjani giving us all the inspo with this beautiful forehead kiss shot. The photo just radiates love!

We did it!

We love this ‘we did it’ shot, which radiates happiness after months and years of planning for your special day.

Proposal round two?

Get your groom back down on one knee for this fun & playful shot.

The spin

A little fairytale spin is the perfect fun shot at sunset. Another wonderful way to give your outfit a moment, with tons of laughter. 

A half-candid

A half-candid shot with one of you or your partner looking at the camera, and the other looking away. There’s something extremely romantic about this one that we love.

Steal a kiss

We love this full on candid moment, where the couples stealing a cheeky kiss in a moment to themselves.

A plandid

We love this little plandid, which is an extremely editorial-style candid shot that screams regal beauty.

A little dance

Honestly, you want to look back at your wedding pictures and remember the fun & lighthearted celebration of your love. Don’t shy away from letting those natural shots happen in the moment.

The first look

You want your photographer to be well-positioned for this first look close-up. A moment that will transport you back to the memory in an instant.

Fun & flirty

Getting carried away is one of the most beautiful shots – only if your partner can handle the heavy lehenga!

A place of peace

We love this subtle & peaceful pose. Especially after months of planning and a busy wedding day, this is a sweet & subtle shot to add to your moodboard.

A subtle pose

Remember to stand up tall for these gorgeous strong poses – a timeless shot.

The silhouette shot

Stunning lehengas call for a gorgeous silhouette shot. We love the way the natural shades hit the embroidery of a stunning skirt. 

A little same, but different

Another gorgeous pose which represents the strong power couple so beautifully.

A walking away shot

A sunset walking shot is another lovely timeless shot – especially if you have a dramatic shawl or veil.

The almost kiss

This gorgeous almost-kiss, with the sun in the background, is one to be captured to perfection by your photographer. We love it!

Under the veil

If you have a dramatic veil, this is another gorgeous must-have shot that you need to delicately photograph.

Through the keyhole

We love this keyhole shot, which is through an object in the distance. It’s perfect for the bride who loves an artistic shot.

Show off your mehndi

This is the perfect peaceful pose to show off your mehndi and take some gorgeous shots.