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20 Practical & Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

23rd May 2022

Are you in the search for unique wedding favours? You have come to the right place.

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and you’ve spent so much time, effort, and planning to get here; which is exactly why you deserve to let loose, have a laugh and dance the night away with your wedding guests. They’re all here to celebrate you, so why not gift your guests some fun, practical, and unique wedding guest favours to make it extra special for them?


Practical & Unique Wedding Gift Favours


Do I have to give wedding favours?

Like many things in the wedding, it’s totally not mandatory and eventually comes down to your preference and budget. Some view it as a sweet and unique gift to say thanks, whilst others may be conscious of wastage and choose to do more practical favours; or none at all.

When should I give wedding favours?

It depends on the ceremony. For pre-wedding events, such as the mehndi or haldi, wedding favours are often placed in baskets for guests to pick up. 

For the wedding, you can place them on the wedding guest seats.

For the reception, you can place them on each charger plate.

How many wedding favours should I order?

Depending on which event you have the wedding favours at, your numbers will vary. For basket favours, you can get away with enough favours for 50-60% of your guest list.

For the wedding & reception, you will want as many favours as seats. Along with this, you want to order some spares & some for your own wedding memory box.

Should I personalise my wedding favours?

There is no real norm with wedding favours, so it entirely depends on your vision & theme. Personalisation is often more expensive, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

There are also different levels of personalisation: will you personalise them to your wedding (ie. the date / couples names?)? Or will you personalise them to the guest name? Or not at all?

Can I make my own wedding favours?

Of course! It’s important to account for the amount of resource & time it will take you to do this. It’s definitely a lovely little touch, but it’s also better to have a healthy balance of DIY-ing & outsourcing.

If you choose to DIY your wedding favours, ensure they are properly packaged to avoid any damage and mishaps.

If you choose to not DIY your wedding favours, consider some of these other cool DIY wedding stationery ideas for other elements of your wedding.


1. Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sunnies for cute mehndi / sangeet / reception favours – especially for those destination & outdoor weddings. Guaranteed to be loved by kids, cousins, aunties, uncles & definitely the grandparents!

Have a browse here.

2. Chunni / dupatta

A fun (& practical) idea is printed brocade dupatta’s. You can buy these in bulk in colourful colours that match your decor theme. It’s perfect for your guests to take away and use when they mix & match outfits in the future.

Have a browse here.

3. Personalised portrait tattoos

We are yet to see these at a pre-wedding event (feel free to prove us wrong). Similar to the stamps you get at most clubs, these are the most unique addition for entry into your wedding or reception. 

You can use caricatures, your wedding hashtag, or wedding date as a cute momento. Perfect for pictures.

Have a browse here.

4. Traditional bangles

Give your guests a set of traditional bangles in vibrant colours to match your wedding theme. This is always a perfect one if your wedding guest list consists of lots of children.

Have a browse here.

5. Potli bags

Another practical & unique wedding favour that your guests will love and use in the future. A range of cute potli bags in a range of colours are a gorgeous addition for your guests to wear – another cute picture moment.

Have a browse here.

Practical & Unique Wedding Favours
6. Sweet treats

Whether it be personalised cupcakes, or wrapped up sweets with some cute signage – these are fun & edible wedding guest favours for your friends & family to enjoy.

Have a browse here.

7. Personalised bindis

Bindis with your names and wedding date on the packaging are a cute and practical wedding favour – because you can truly never have enough.

8. Personalised embroidered tissues / handkerchiefs

If you are having a sunny or destination wedding, or a traditional Sikh wedding; this would be the sweetest addition for each of your guests. One for the men to appreciate.

Have a browse of tissues here.

UNique wedding favours for your wedding day

9. Traditional sweets

Customised traditional sweets like ladoos, pedas, or barfis with your names and wedding date on the packaging are a sweet wedding favour for your guests to enjoy; especially as traditionally you are supposed to congratulate the family by eating something sweet.

Have a browse here.

10. Fan

Hand fans with traditional designs, to match your theme, and your names and wedding date are a practical and stylish wedding favour. Your guests will definitely make use of this on a hot summer day.

Have a browse here.

11. Handmade soap with Ayurvedic herbs

This is a fun one to try and DIY, especially if you like getting creative. Alternatively, there are so many shops where you can also buy them.

Ayurvedic soaps are something your guests are bound to use and appreciate.

Have a browse here.

12. Personalised water bottle

Even if it’s not personalised, we would 100% recommend having water bottles for each of your guests. The wedding ceremony is often quite long, and on a sunny day, your guests will need something to clench their thirst.

You want to avoid your guests getting distracted or standing up & walking around searching for water. Ensure you can allocate some on or underneath the seats for your guests.

Have a browse here.

13. Succulents

Perfect for an eco-friendly couple. It gives your guests to the option to take them home and plant them in their garden. As the plants grow, they will always remember your big day.

Have a browse here.

14. Personalised tea bags

Not to stereotype, but South Asians definitely love their tea! Tea bags with your names and wedding date are a unique and practical wedding favour for all tea lovers. Why not consider a cute quote around your love brewing!

Have a browse here.


15. Cake in mason jars

Unfortunately, most of your guests might miss or not have the chance to try your wedding cake. Work with your cake artist and see if you can get them made as sweet little favours for them to take home.

Get in touch with Kiran from Cake Boulevard.

16. Personalised bookmarks

This really comes down to you as a couple, if reading is something that you both enjoy, or it’s part of your love story – it’s the perfect gift!

Keep that in mind for your favours. Ensure that it reflects you as a couple.

Have a browse here.

Practical & Unique Wedding Favours
17. Personalised candles

Another practical favourite. Why not make it your wedding scent? Guaranteed for your guests to remember and use.

Have a browse here.

18. Sparklers

Think of the beautiful wedding exit pictures! Perfect for that beautiful wedding shot. Check out these sustainable sparklers.

Have a browse here.

19. Personalised luggage tags

If you’re having a destination wedding – this is a must! It’s a beautiful addition, and one of those things which is a ‘nice to have’, but people may not necessarily buy it for themselves.

Have a browse here.

20. Miniature champagne bottles

This is definitely one of the more spenny ones. If it fits the budget, miniature champagne bottles are sure to go down a treat for your guests who will enjoy it.

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