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Wedding Trend 2023: Ice Cream Roll Carts Are Taking Over

28th February 2023

This is one of the biggest 2023 trends for tons of the couples we’ve spoken to so far. When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to be perfectly unique to you, as a couple, from the décor to the food. And when it comes to food, what better way to add some fun and flavour than with an ice cream roll cart?

We sat down with Ieva, the founder of Chop & Roll, to discuss why ice cream roll carts are a great addition to pre-wedding, wedding & post-wedding events, and your top considerations when choosing one.




Perfect for outdoor weddings

If you plan on having a spring / summer wedding, this ones for you! Alongside any canapes being served outside, or right next to an outdoor mehndi, ice cream roll carts fit right in. They provide a cool and refreshing dessert option for guests on a hot day.

They can also be set up in a variety of outdoor locations, from garden receptions to your own home, to manor houses, making them a highly versatile option for couples who are planning an outdoor celebration.

Customise the rolls

Step over personalised cocktails, it’s time for personalised rolls!

Ice cream roll carts are also highly versatile and customisable, which makes them a great option for weddings of all styles and themes. Whether you’re having a rustic outdoor wedding or a glamorous indoor affair, the ice cream roll can be tailored to fit your specific tastebuds!

Did somebody say Gulab Jamun Rolls?! You can choose from a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings. Chop & Roll offer TONS of mouth-watering flavours, and even have some traditional Asian dessert flavours. 

To find out Chop & Roll’s entire flavour list, enquire with them to see if they’re the perfect fit for your event.

Unique & nostalgic

One of the biggest advantages of having an ice cream roll cart at your wedding is that it provides a unique dessert option that your guests are sure to love (and likely haven’t seen at an event before!).

Ice cream rolls are a fun and nostalgic experience, similar to the ice cream vans we all grew up in, it’s definitely unique to the traditional wedding desserts.

Perfect photo opportunity

In addition to being a fun and delicious dessert option, ice cream roll carts also provide a great photo opportunity for guests!

Whether it’s a cute photo of the couple enjoying their ice cream rolls, or a group shot of friends and family gathered around the cart, ice cream rolls are sure to be a memorable and Instagram-worthy addition to your wedding.

Interactive experience

Another great thing about ice cream roll carts is that they provide a fun and interactive experience for guests.

Watching the ice cream rolls being made right in front of them is a unique and engaging experience for all ages. and honestly, it’s one that’s fun for all ages. If you are looking to have kids at your wedding, this is sure to keep them busy!


how to incorporate ice cream rolls

Finalise your guest count

When planning for an ice cream roll cart at your wedding, be sure to consider your guest count and let your supplier know. They’re the experts in estimating the amount of ice cream rolls you will need to order.

They will find the perfect balance between overestimating slightly to ensure that you have enough for all of your guests, but will still be mindful of potential waste if you order too much.

Inform your caterer

If you’re planning to serve ice cream rolls as your primary dessert option, be sure to coordinate with your caterer to ensure that the timing of the ice cream rolls fits seamlessly into the overall flow of the meal.

In case you are having additional desserts, you will want to let your caterer & cake artist know, so they can all provide the right amount of extra desserts, to reduce any wastage.

Choose your flavours

Like we said above, the best part of ice cream rolls is how customisable they are.

Try and pick flavours which you and your guests will enjoy, and come up with fun & funky names which relate to you and your journey. 

Liaise with your wedding stationery provider to get some cool signage made too!

You can also provide a range of toppings like fresh fruit, candy, and sauces to allow guests to create their own unique combinations.

Location, location, location!

Your ice cream roll cart can also serve as a decorative element at your wedding, so be sure to think carefully about its placement and decoration.

Consider incorporating flowers, greenery, or other decorative elements (similar to your wedding theme!) to help it blend seamlessly.

Inform your guests

Make sure that guests are aware of the ice cream roll cart and its location, either by including it on your wedding website or by providing signage at the event, or making sure your DJ shouts about it at the event! 


In conclusion, an ice cream roll cart can be a unique and memorable addition to your wedding celebration.

By coordinating with your caterer, and choosing the right flavours and decorations, you can create a fun and interactive dessert experience that your guests will love. Scroll down for more mouth-watering images!