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26 Gifts For The Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal Gifting Guide

14th April 2023

When you start planning a wedding, there’s always going to be a few items on your to-do list that you absolutely can’t wait to do, and there are others that you definitely dread getting around to. 

If we’re being honest, bridesmaid proposal boxes & gifts are often a hit-or-miss. They’re a bit like marmite – you either love them, or you hate them!

Unfamiliar with a proposal box? Ultimately, it’s a way of asking “will you be part of my wedding party” to your nearest & dearest, often asked with a few practical and fun bits & pieces for them to use.

Regardless of which category you fit into, you may also feel obliged to do them or be looking for a low-key, easy-breezy & practical solution. 

Sound a bit like you? Don’t worry, our team have narrowed down some beautiful pre-packed bridesmaid proposal boxes & one-off small gifts to surprise your special squad with ease.



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Etsy Desi Bridesmaid Gift Box With Items - £52.98+​

Our first standout desi bridesmaid box is this luxurious one we found on Etsy. One full of some super practical pieces for a desi bridesmaid, and everything they are guaranteed to use at your events and there-onwards.

What does it contain?

1 – Wooden personalised gift box

2 – Satin robe

3 – Bangles

4 – Traditional potli bag

5 – Henna cones

Perfect for…

Any bride wanting to add that desi touch from the start of your planning process.

Studio Hop Bridesmaid / Maid Of Honour Gift Box - £30

We love this gorgeous pre-packed bridesmaid proposal box from Studio Hop, which has 6 fun, and good quality trinkets for your lovely ladies. For a price of £30, we think this is an absolute bargain!

What does it contain?

1 – A cute compact mirror, personalised with an intial of your choice.

2 – Bridesmaid of Maid of Honour comfortable socks

3 – Rose gold bangle with personalised initial charm

4 – Good luck personalised initial hair pins

5 – Cleansing sponges

6 – Personalised ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ gift card

Perfect for…

We really love how fun & personalised this box is, from the bracelet to the hair pins to the compact mirror; all the elements have initials on them. Other than that, we also think it’s a super practical bridesmaid proposal box and contains lots of elements that your bridesmaids will definitely use after the wedding.

Aphrodite & Ares Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Vegan Pamper Gift Set - £25.90​

If you are looking for a vegan, eco-friendly or plant based substitute, then this Aphrodite & Areas pamper gift set is ideal for you. Being a bridesmaid can be more stressful than it seems, especially when you start delegating tasks to them, so be sure to pamper them as much as you will yourself.

What does it contain?

1 – Vegan soap bar enriched with certified organic shea butter

2 – Organic cotton facial muslin cloth

3 – Exfoliating jute mitten

4 – Option to add personalised name & labels

Perfect for…

Any bride & bridesmaids who love a good spa day. Again, this is another perfect & practical bridesmaid proposal box, which is ideal for the bride who doesn’t want to have too many ‘gimmick’ pieces.

Pajamasutra Ultimate Desi Bridesmaid Gift Boxes - Price TBC​

There are far and few pre-packed desi bridesmaid boxes, which is where this Pajamasutra bridesmaid proposal box definitely stands out to us. With it’s ‘build your own’ functionality, you can include anything and everything from zodiac trinket boxes, to pyjama sets, to Ayurveda self care books and so much more.

What does it contain?

You have tons of different Pajamasutra items to choose from! Have a look here.

Perfect for…

The bride who wants a touch of home in their bridesmaid boxes. Regardless of whether your bridal party is desi or not, this box contains the most perfect & unique blend of items for everyone to enjoy.

Team Hen Will You Be My Maid of Honour / Bridesmaid Gift Box Set - £30

This Team Hen gift box set contains some of the stunning essentials (& things that your girls will definitely re-use!). If this is looking slightly out-of-budget, why not consider getting this just for your maid of honour, and one of the other boxes for your bridesmaids? Often, brides will ask their maid of honour separately and they will often be tasked with the lead role of hen planning.

What does it contain?

1 – A5 hen planning notebook. Hardback with embossed design

2 – Bridesmaid / maid of honour pillar candle. Made with natural soy wax

3 – Bridesmaid pen with diamond-style top

Perfect for…

If you are a Type A bride with Type A bridesmaids, this is absolutely perfect for you.

BlushBridesCo Bridesmaid Proposal Box - £43.17

Comfort is absolute key when it comes to this Blush Brides Co bridesmaid gift box. We love how this can be customised to so many different colours, especially as mismatched bridesmaids are one of the top wedding trends we’re seeing next year; as well as, personalised with your bride squads names.

What does it contain?

1 – Personalised pyjama set

2 – Personalised box

3 – Will you be my bridesmaid? card

4 – Scrunchie

5 – Hair claw

6 – Eye mask

7 – Personalised wine tumbler (luxury set)

Perfect for…

The bride who wants to get beautiful coordinated shots at their hen & the wedding morning. Mix & match a range of colours to create the ultimate lookbook for you and your girls.

MixPixie Personalised 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box' - £25

If you’re that bride who always said they wouldn’t stick to all of the wedding cliche’s, but still wants to incorporate some of these fun elements, this MixPixie bridesmaid proposal box is perfect for you. Why? It has snacks!

What does it contain?

1 – Mini prosecco

2 – Proper Corn popcorn

3 – Green & Blacks chocolate bar

4 – Sheet face mask

5 – Bath bomb

6 – Scented tea light candles

Perfect for…

The bride who absolutely loves a guilt-free pamper night in!

Personalised Bridesmaid Proposal Box - £11.88+

Sometimes, you may not always love the contents within pre-packed bridesmaid proposal boxes, so we’ve narrowed down a few different ones that you can purchase to make your own. This sturdy bridesmaid proposal box comes in a range of colours and ribbons.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Bag - £3.00+

These luxury bags are white, laminated and have a high quality, thick card feel to them, rather than feeling ‘papery’ and cheap, and they tie with a satin ribbon – only the best for your girls. Super reasonably priced and one that won’t make you break the bank.

Also available in a range of colours!

Personalised Jute Tote Bag - £7.03+

Looking for something even more sturdy? Ideal for a hen on the beach? This personalised jute tote bag is a gorgeous and spacious bag, perfect for lots of little bits.

Not only that, the reviews are absolutely raving about it.


If you do in fact opt for making your own bridesmaid proposal boxes, or adding something alongside the ones above, here’s what we recommend.

Surprise! Will You Be My Bridesmaid Mug? - £20.50

This surprise mug is one of our literal favourite ways to treat your bridesmaids. If you are someone who prefers to ask your wedding party in a more intimate 1-1 setting, this is perfect.

Invite them over for a cup of tea and snacks, and as soon as they get to the bottom of the mug, there’s a beautiful surprise waiting for them! We love it.

Custom Makeup Bag - £29.13

These chic velvet makeup bags are absolutely stunning. Your girls are bound to use and enjoy these for years to come. Not only that, we are obsessed with the colour palette of options for these.

Champneys Face Masks - £9.15 for 4

These Champneys face masks are the ultimate luxurious addition to any gift set, especially at a fairly reasonable price with this amazing multipack we found.

We’ve seen tons of reviews on how these particular masks are super hydrating and leave a wonderful glow on your skin the next morning. Ideal after a late-night at your hen, or even the night before your wedding week.

Zodiac Necklace - £24

What better way to personalise a necklace than with a zodiac? It’s perfect for the bride who wants to gift personalised items, without their initials or the word ‘bridesmaid’.

This stunning necklace comes in silver, gold, rose gold and different chain sizes; as well as, the option to add more than one zodiac.

BadSugarGifts Desi Bridesmaid Treats - £6.50+

Not only do these intricate desi bridesmaid treats look absolutely stunning, the reviews also say they taste super delicious.

These too-beautiful-to-eat cookies are bound to go down an absolute treat with your lovely ladies. One they will remember forever, and most likely something they haven’t seen before.

Personalised Jewellery Boxes - £10.80+

Another practical favourite of ours is these stunning personalised jewellery boxes. This is especially perfect for those of you opting for a destination wedding, as your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate it.

Name personalisations are also becoming increasingly popular, as it’s seen as more of a sustainable gift.

Personalised Jewellery Boxes - £10.80+

These handmade natural soy candles are the perfect present to help your bridesmaids unwind and relax; like we said, being a bridesmaid can be exhausting (in a good way, of course).

This is also perfect when you want to get your wedding party something similar, but different to each of their personalities. In which case, you can pick and personalise from 10 scents. They will definitely remember you and your special day every time it’s lit.

Bridesmaid Itinerary - £5.99

This is definitely one for your bridesmaids, but also for you. As soon as you pop the question to your bridesmaids, you are guaranteed to get a ton of questions about the wedding, hen, outfits etc. Provide your wedding party with an entire (adorable) FAQ sheet, for them to keep.

By adding a personalised note, it’s also another way to customise and make each person truly feel special.

Bridesmaid Hangers - £12.50

An absolute must for any freshly steamed & heavy outfits. These bespoke wooden handers can be personalised with any name, text, and image for your bridesmaids. The cherry on top for us is definitely the bespoke bow. This is one that will stay in your bridesmaids’ wardrobes for years to come.

Junk Jewels 'I Couldn't Tie The Knot Without You' Bridesmaid Bangle - £22

This stunning adjustable bracelet is a beautiful subtle way of asking your bridesmaids to be part of your special day. Most likely, this perfectly blends in with their jewellery, without having the overly obvious word ‘bridesmaid’ written on it.

The best part? Is your bridesmaid a gold girly, silver girly, or rose gold girly? They have them all.

Bridesmaid Silk Satin Soft Hair Scrunchies - £4.65

Available in an array of colours, these beautiful silk satin soft hair scrunchies are another fun, reusable and versatile gift. We love the phrase on the note: “to have an to hold your hair back”!

Personalised Handmade Jewellery Trinket Dish - £15.99

An absolute must for your bedside table: a jewellery trinket dish. Sticking to the theme of name personalisation, as opposed to ‘bridesmaid’ personalisation. 

For all their bridal bits and bobs.

Matching Bridesmaid Pyjamas - £31.51

Sticking to the theme of comfort, these are perfect for your hen, wedding morning, or even a cosy girls night in. You can never have too many pyjamas – especially when they make for the most adorable pictures!

Custom Bridesmaid Socks - £9.89

You can never have too many socks! These are bound to always be reworn, and a perfect & slightly cheaper alternative if you want to get a personalised piece of clothing; but not necessarily fork out loads for personalised pyjamas.

A lot of brides also opt for cuter alternatives like these if they are having lots of bridesmaids, want to treat them, but equally keep costs low.

Wooden Engraved Cards - £12.50

A different kind of keepsake for your bridesmaids, definitely something they haven’t seen before. These beautiful engraved wooden notes are sure to remind your girls how much you appreciate them.

Custom Travel Journal - £12.00+

Having a journal has become more & more common recently, and there are so many mindful benefits to having one. If you love travel & wellbeing, or are opting for a destination wedding, this is the perfect gift from you.