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40 Wonderful Wedding Affirmations For A Seamless Wedding Day

7th August 2023

Your wedding is bound to be one of the most exciting and anticipated days in your relationship, but wedding planning can definitely get way more stressful than most expect. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of wonderful wedding affirmations that you can use, to ensure you have a positive wedding planning process & seamless wedding day.

But first, let’s go through the meaning & purpose behind affirmations.


By definition, affirmations are positive statements or phrases that are used to challenge and overcome negative thoughts, beliefs, or self-doubt. They are a powerful tool in self-improvement and personal development, aiming to rewire the subconscious mind and create a more positive mindset. Affirmations can help individuals develop self-confidence, boost motivation, and improve overall well-being.

We were initially introduced to wedding affirmations through social media: TikTok & Instagram flooded our pages! Upon further reading of Roxie Nafousi’s famous book ‘Manifest’, we wanted to find a way to ensure the best practices can be prevalent during the entire wedding planning process.

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Whilst we definitely don’t want to give away any spoilers, and recommend speaking to an expert or reading Manifest, we couldn’t do a post on wedding affirmations without covering the basics. So, here’s some key points around affirmations, why you use them, how you use them, and a couple important points to note.

Positive language

Affirmations are constructed using positive language. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want or lack, they emphasise what you desire or intend to achieve. When relating it to your wedding, it surrounds the ability to know that you will have the wedding you desire along with what’s practically possible; and enjoying it. 

Tons of couples will feel peer pressure or be influenced into certain decisions due to society, but positive language can create a mindset that will truly help you be content & comfortable with your decisions.

Present tense

You will definitely realise a trend when you read the wedding affirmations below. Affirmations are usually framed in the present tense, as if the desired outcome is already happening. This helps create a sense of belief and urgency. 


For maximum effectiveness, it’s essential to personalise affirmations according to your own goals, desires, and beliefs. Make them specific to your situation and preferences. Tons of experts will tell you that detail is important in your affirmations, so be sure to use ours as a guide, but make them your own.


Repeating affirmations regularly is crucial for them to be effective. Consistent repetition helps reinforce the new belief patterns in your mind. Make it a habit to repeat them every morning or right before you sleep.


For your wedding affirmations to work, you need to truly imagine your dream wedding come to life! Combining affirmations with visualization can be even more potent. Imagine yourself achieving the desired outcome as you repeat the affirmations.



Remember, there’s no need to use all the affirmations. It’s best to pick 8-10 affirmations which truly align with you and your relationship with wedding planning. If you are a relatively calm bride, your affirmations will vary from a bride who has a tendency to stress out more easily. It’s best to do some introspection before you pick & customise the best ones for you.

● I am capable of planning the wedding of my dreams.
● I trust my intuition to make the best decisions for our wedding.
● I am organized and can handle all aspects of wedding planning with ease.
● I am surrounded by a supportive network of friends and family to help me with the planning.
● Each step I take brings me closer to a perfect wedding day.
● I release any stress and remain calm throughout the wedding planning process.
● I am open to new ideas and willing to adapt as needed.
● I am confident in the choices I make for our wedding celebration.
● I embrace the joy and excitement of planning this special day.
● I am grateful for all the vendors and professionals who will help make our wedding magical.
● I trust that everything will come together beautifully on our wedding day.
● I am deserving of a wedding that reflects our unique love story.
● I am patient and understanding with myself during the planning process.
● I allow myself to enjoy every moment leading up to the wedding day.
● I am excited about creating unforgettable memories with our loved ones.
● I have a clear vision for our wedding, and it is manifesting beautifully.
● I am grateful for the love and support we receive as we plan our wedding.
● I am open to receiving help and advice from others when needed.
● I am confident in expressing my preferences and desires for our wedding.
● I trust that the universe is aligning everything perfectly for our special day


● I am focused on the love and joy that will surround us on our wedding day.
● I release any worries and embrace the excitement of planning our wedding.
● I am flexible and adaptable to any changes that may arise during the planning process.
● I am organised and on top of all the wedding details.
● I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate our love with family and friends.
● I am confident that our wedding will be a reflection of our unique love story.
● I am open to receiving help and support from those who offer it.
● I am patient with myself as I navigate the wedding planning journey.
● I am capable of handling any challenges that may arise during the planning process.
● I am excited to see our wedding vision come to life.
● I am grateful for the love and commitment that brought us to this point.
● I am deserving of a beautiful and stress-free wedding planning experience.
● I trust that everything will fall into place as it should for our wedding day.
● I am grateful for the abundance of love and blessings in our lives.
● I am excited about all the special moments we will create on our wedding day.
● I am capable of balancing wedding planning with other aspects of my life.
● I am surrounded by love, support, and positivity as we plan our wedding.
● I am focused on the love and connection that will be celebrated on our wedding day.
● I am open to receiving inspiration and ideas from various sources.
● I am ready to embrace the beauty and magic of our wedding day.

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