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16 Thoughtful Mother Of The Bride Gifts For Every Budget

15th March 2023

All of your friends & family play extremely crucial roles in the lead up to the wedding. Whether it be help in organising, DIY-ing, or simply just being emotional support; closer to the big day, you will likely rely on those around you much more.

When it comes to the mother of the bride & groom, they often have many roles that they take on, in regards to the wedding traditions. In addition to this, it’s also an extremely important (& emotional!) day for them.

If you can carve out and budget some money from your wedding pot, be sure to treat your parents around your big day.

We’ve teamed up with The Pretty Parcel, specialising in extraordinary tokens of love, to devise this list of unique gifting items for the mother of the bride & groom.

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Engraved Photo Memory Box

Mother Of Bride Gifting

A memory box goes a long way, especially when you’ve made memories with the person your entire life!

This personalised engraved memory box by The Pretty Parcel, is sweetest present. You can personalise any image of you two onto this box, for them to cherish forever.


Mothers Day Gifting

Not to buy into the stereotype, but desi mums absolutely love tea! Drinking it, serving it (& spilling it!). 

This beautifully crafted Wedgwood Teapot is definitely at the top of so many mums’ wishlists. We’re obsessed!

Pamper Hamper

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

After all the planning & hardwork, a pamper hamper is the perfect gift for the M.O.B (mother of the bride) or M.O.G (mother of the groom).

With a range of indulgent treats & goodies, there’s nothing not to love about this wonderful present.

UGG Slippers

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

They always say that you need well-rested feet to be able to accomplish anything (& have good posture, of course!).

These UGG slippers are the perfect gift for your mum.

Diamond Earrings

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

Gift a star-studded gem to your mum, if you’re looking to splash out!

Not only are they a girl’s best friend, they’re also an incredibly special keepsake and memorabilia from your big day.

Jewellery Box

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

The ultimate keepsake for all her little keepsakes. 

A unique and embellished jewellery box is a beautiful gift for the mother of the bride, who likely has tons of jewellery and doesn’t store it correctly at all (guilty!).

Mother & Child Elephant Necklace

Mother Of Bride Gifting

The symbolism of this necklace is extremely beautiful and special. An elephant baby stays with it’s mother as long as a human is expected to as well, pre-marriage.

With this mother elephant and calf necklace, it will symbolise that you will continue to look to her for guidance as you enter this new stage of life – adorable!


Mother Of The Bride Gifting

Is it just us, or is everyone obsessing over Rose Gold even more recently?

The most elegant addition to your wardrobe.

Spa Day

Mother Of The Bride Gifting
SPA DAY £150.00

You can truly never go wrong with a mother-daughter spa day!

Whether it be a local day out, or an overnight break, this is the perfect (last minute!) present for your loved one.


Personalised Note

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

A personalised note is a special way to acknowledge the support and guidance of your mother throughout your life and especially during the wedding planning process.

This can be a treasured keepsake, by The Pretty Parcel, that she can cherish for years to come, and it is a touching gesture that will make her feel loved and appreciated. 

Mother Of Bride Sweatshirt

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

This is a sweatshirt that your mother DEFINITELY won’t be taking off!

The perfect present for her to wear proudly on all those special moments together. 


Mother Of The Bride Gifting
MAMA CALM £48.00

If there’s anything that wedding planning teaches us, is that everyone deserves a little pamper – especially our mothers!

This adorable ‘Mama Calm’ candle, contains all the essential oils needed to have an uplifting, soothing effect.

Use the code ‘E20’ for 20% off!


Mothers Day Gifting - Flowers

As much as some people can see flowers as a bit of a cliché, we truly love them and know that they’re one of the most thoughtful and appreciated presents.

They’re a symbol to let your mother know that you are thinking of them, and admire the hard work that they’ve put in on the lead up to your big day. We love this beautiful basket from Prestige Flowers.

M.O.B & M.O.G Jewellery Dish

Mother Of Bride Gifting

Giving a jewelry trinket dish to the mother of the bride is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that can be treasured for years to come. This small dish can be used to hold cherished jewellery or keepsakes, and serves as a reminder of the special bond between you and your mother, and your mother’s partner.

 The trinket dish can also be personalised with a heartfelt message or the date of the wedding, making it an even more special and memorable gift.

Messages Gift Box

Mother Of The Bride Gifting

Similar to the above, handwritten notes have a sweet & different sentiment to them. 

Before your wedding, share this beautiful keepsake with your mum, as a sweet trip down memory lane. 

Warning: this may make her shed a tear or two!

Bucket List Scratch List

Mothers Day Gifting

Weddings are especially emotional for parents, as sometimes it means that their child is moving out of their home, or to a different city, and maybe even a different country. A “Mum Bucket List Scratch Card” is a really sweet way to ensure you spend as much time together before your wedding, doing tons of unique & fun tasks.

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