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12 Fun Date Night Ideas With Your Fiancé During Wedding Planning

18th September 2023

After you get engaged, your life will likely become engulfed by wedding planning! So much so, that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by wedding planning, to the point it’s everything you talk about with your friends, your family, and your partner. Have you heard about the ‘no-baby date nights’ that couples have after they have a child? WELL, you definitely need to have ‘no-wedding talk’ date nights after your engagement.

One of our biggest tips is to make a rule, to have a date night once a month, or whichever frequency works for you. The sweetest tradition, which you will definitely cherish, will be to have a date night the ‘date’ of your wedding date, each month in the lead up. So if your wedding is on the 17th July, have a date night on 17th June, 17th May, 17th April, and so on!

For that reason, we have rounded up 12 of our favourite unique date night ideas, one for each month in the lead up to your wedding. Have a look at some advice from the experts.

Honestly, wedding planning can take over your life. We hope this post inspires you to take a step back, enjoy the process, and spend time nurturing your relationship.

Escape room date night

In the words of Sheelena, founder of Coco Blush Events, Luxury Essex-based & Mauritius Wedding Planner, “there’s nothing like working as a team under pressure to kick-start the “teambuilding” for marriage”! We couldn’t agree more.

There’s tons of escape rooms dotted around the UK, and some of them more recently have incredibly fun AI & tech features, that you are bound to love. The adrenalin will definitely force you to relax, let go, and stay far far away from wedding planning chats.

Spontaneous day trip to Europe

We would expect nothing less, as advice, from the Zohaib, global wedding videographer & owner of Film Art Pictures.

Why not hop on the Eurostar as a last minute trip to Amsterdam, Paris, or Belgium?! Or, even catch a flight to Milan or Seville? With so many wonderful cities, only a few hours away, travel light and have an incredible adventure for the day.

We Are Fair Game

Recommended by the incredible married duo, Chan & Marlon, behind The Best Magic Mirrors Mayfair; they have tried and tested WeAreFairGame in Canary Wharf, which is an absolute blast to get your competitive streak out over a couple cocktails! 

Their top tip is to have a digital detox on this date night. Phones away, notifications off, game-mode on!

Honeymoon-themed date nights

Here’s a fun one that you will absolutely love! Theme your date nights around your honeymoon, this will definitely get you super excited. If your honeymoon is Thailand, why not spend time trying traditional Thai food at some unique independent restaurants? If your honeymoon will entail tons of walking through the Hollywood Hills, why not try climbing one of the peaks in the UK? The options are endless.

At home games night

Jenga, monopoly deal, card fanes? This at-home games night date night is perfect for those nights where you just want to stay in, and don’t necessarily want to be spending loads of money out & about either.

Salsa date night

Hands up if you’re a little nervous for your first dance? It’s totally natural. Whilst you may have shared some fun dances with your partner, it’s quite a daunting feeling to be doing those 3-4 moves in front of all your friends and gamily. Why don’t you try a fun few salsa lessons with your partner? Not only will you definitely enjoy this intimate dance form, it’ll also help you learn a few moves in preparation!

Wellness date night

With everything moving at 100mph, sometimes you need to put your foot on the breaks, and just breathe.

A wellness date night can consist of couples yoga, meditation, or even a fun gym & sauna session.

Head to a theme park

Nothing brings a couple closer together than holding hands as you both scream at the top of your lungs on a theme park ride going at 100mph. Whether it’s Thorpe Park, or Alton Towers, theme parks have so many fun elements that you will love. Not a fan of the rides? Why not win a big teddybear that you will always remember!

Plan a picnic

So the UK’s not really known for sandy beaches, but why not plan a fun picnic in the park where you bring your own mezze platter, cheese board, or picky bits. This is a fun one for you to sit back, relax, and recalibrate.

Re-do your first date

A little bit biased, but this is our absolute favourite date night. Why not relive your first date? Whether it was a few drinks at your local bar, or a fun game of minigolf, go back to the exact spot that you met and relive that moment.

Painting & prosecco date night

There are so many incredible couples painting nights that have popped up around the UK recently, which often comes with a DJ & drinks. This is a fun memorabilia for you to create for your new home (& a little bit of healthy competition, of course).

Zen spa day

Definitely keep this one for the month before the wedding! You deserve a zen spa day, where you can just relax and let-go, exactly what you need in the last few days before the big day. There are so many incredible spa days dotted all around, so you really don’t have to travel far. Most importantly, make sure you switch off!

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