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28 Picture Perfect Wedding Nail Designs For The Bride

1st June 2023

When it comes to wedding pampering, wedding nails are an absolute must. Whether it be something nude, a bit of glitz, or a classic red, we’ve narrowed down some of the best designs & shades we could find.



Get your nails done in advance

It might be a no-brainer, but you want to ensure your nails are done prior to getting your mehndi done. Nowadays, brides get their own mehndi done earlier than the actual mehndi event, so ensure you account for enough time to pamper yourself beforehand.

Remember, go to a trusted place & book a full appointment in advance! You don’t want to be experimenting last minute on your wedding week, especially not with walk-ins.

Petroleum jelly will be your best friend

Must protect the nails. At all costs. Right?!

When it comes to your haldi ceremony, you don’t want the dreaded yellow-stains all over your beautiful nails. Be sure to rub some petroleum jelly on your nails in advance, to protect them.

In case you have a mishap, anything with around 70% rubbing alcohol can also help to de-stain the nails.

Don't neglect the feet

Sounds weird to say, but don’t forget that your feet will also be on show throughout your wedding week. Remember to get your feet done in your pamper session, especially if you are having mehndi on your feet.

Honeymoon ready?

Depending on when you are going for your honeymoon, you may not have time to get your nails re-done in between. Be sure to get a colour that you will also be happy to wear on your honeymoon.

Sometimes a classic red is great for your wedding outfits, but doesn’t really go with a neon green holiday beach set!


Shop the Nude Look
Sheer Sparkly Wedding Nails

Starting off strong, these sheer sparkly nails are extremely elegance and bound to match every outfit perfectly.

Pink Glazed Oval Nails

The glazed nails trend is a perfect subtle addition.

Diagonal Chrome French Tip

Diagonal french tips, with a *little bit of spice*!

The Reverse Manicure Nails

A reverse manicure is a very different style, perfect for a chic bride.

Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut Bridal Nails

Thanks for introducing us to these, Mrs Bieber.

Mocha Chrome Bridal Nails

This colour is a must-have for South Asian girls – the most complementary tone.

Gold Foil Heart Nails

Nude, but with a *little bit of spice*.

Brown French Tip

So chic.

Pale Pink Bridal Nails

A pale pink fingers & toes combo is the perfect wedding AND honeymoon find.

White Ombré Bridal Nails

A classy pair of nails.


Shop the Embellished Look
Accent French Tip Embellished Nails

The nails for the *that girl* look!

Glitter Ombré Nails

These subtle glitter ombré nails are perfect for every look.

Dramatic Bridal French Manicure

If you like a dramatic & unique look, these pearl & tulle bridal nails are for you.

Pearl Encrusted Bridal Nails

Who doesn’t love pearls?! Especially on your nails.

Seriously, we love Pearl Bridal Nails

This oval shaped french tip is another classic.

Henna-Inspired French Tips

These iridiscent henna-inspired french tips are so unique.

Grey Winter Wonderland Bridal Nails

If you’re looking for something a little different, cool toned greys are a wonderful option. Perfect for a winter wonderland wedding.

Textured Nude Colourful Nails

If you like a pop of colour, these dried flower textured nails are the perfect accent nail addition.

Matte Olive Shaped Leaf Bridal Nails

Another subtle layer of texture – perfection!

Golden Marbled French Tip

These marbled french tips are perfect for the gold jewellery brides.


Shop the Red Look
V-Day Inspired Bridal Nails

Nothing screams wedding like a classic v-day inspired nail look.

Ombré Red Nails

These understated olive nails are the perfect mix of east meets west.

Deep Red French Tip

For the Indian bride, who wants a touch of red, these understated deep red nails are perfect.

Diagonal Red & Gold French Tip


Red "Pop Of Colour" Bridal Nails

For the bride who wants a very subtle hint of red.

Deep Red Reverse Manicure

Add a little bit of sparkle to the gorgeous deep red tones.

Heart Accent French Manicure

Combining our love for french manicures and romantic nails.

Glitzy Red & Gold Nails

We love a little bit of shimmer, especially for your wedding day!

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