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The Difference Between A Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Planner

13th March 2024

When you’re planning a wedding, you really don’t know what you don’t know; and there’s a very high likelihood you haven’t done it before. That’s where you start looking for guidance online (at Eternity, of course) and start to rely on the wedding professionals to turn your Pinterest dreams into a reality.

One of the crossroads you will likely come across is the decision to plan and coordinate everything yourself, hire a wedding coordinator or hire a wedding planner.

We spoke to Komal from Everything Wedding By Komal Sheth to learn exactly what each role entails, and what you should look out for.

Inspired by her own luxury Asian destination wedding in Portugal, Komal set up her wedding planning & coordination business to bring her couples ideas to life.


On the whole, wedding planners are with you from the start of the journey. They should be within the first 5 suppliers you book, if not sooner. As a base service, they are all about the logistics: from sourcing suppliers suited to you & your vision, to contract negotiations, to staying in budget and essentially everything that requires a decision to be made.

They bring their wealth of knowledge & experience with them, to essentially reduce any form of guesswork out of the planning process. One of the biggest things that couples benefit from, with wedding planners, is their little black book of networks, connections & pricing guides.

Most wedding planners also come with a design lens, where they help you with the creative process from day one: defining moodboards, themes, and the production logistics around this. 

Sometimes, destination wedding planners in other countries can also offer RSVP services – but this isn’t usually the case in the UK, Europe or US.


Initial consultation: wedding planners will meet with the couple initially to understand their vision, preferences, and budget.

Budget management:  with their wealth of knowledge, a wedding planner will help you develop a comprehensive budget and allocating funds in the correct places.

Supplier research: from their little black book to sourcing new suppliers – planners will help you from day one.

● Design and styling: collaborating with the couple to conceptualise themes, colours, and decor elements that reflect their personalities and preferences.

● Timeline creation: their role includes developing an hour-by-hour & minute-by-minute timeline 

● Coordination: last, but definitely not least; a wedding planners services will include on-event coordination to ensure everything runs seamlessly with your suppliers.



● Provide supplier referrals and negotiate contracts

● Schedule and attend supplier meetings with you

● Track budgets, payments, and expenses

● Attend follow-up site visits

● Brainstorm ideas & help visualise your running order

● Creates detailed timelines

● A planner is your suppliers main point of contact

● Overseas everything on the wedding day


Are you or do you…

● time-poor?

● have the budget for it?

● want to take charge of absolutely everything yourself? (This depends on your personality type!)

● not naturally a planner?

● having a destination wedding / events?

If you answered yes to any / most of the above; it’s worth considering hiring a full wedding planner.

Komal says “It really depends on several factors, including the complexity of your event and how much control you want over the planning process. A full planner is ideal if you’re looking for comprehensive support and expertise, as a wedding planner offers full-service assistance throughout the entire planning process.”



A wedding coordinator has as much of a logistical eye as a wedding planner, except they are involved in your wedding planning process for a shorter period of time – usually between one to three months before the wedding week. Their role is to literally manage everything, regarding communication, logistics and itinerary management, on the wedding week

Whilst they are most active during the events, the couples will usually do a handover in advance to ensure that the coordinator has enough time to liaise and confirm specifics with suppliers, set timelines in place, and follow up on any loose ends.

Majority of couples who opt solely for a wedding coordinator are those who wish to plan & manage the events themselves, but not necessarily be delegating coordination tasks to friends & family during the wedding week – allowing you and your guests to fully enjoy the events stress-free.


● Final details meeting: coordinators will meet for a ‘handover’ to discuss suppliers, logistics and timelines for the wedding week. 

● Supplier coordination: one of their biggest responsibilities is to confirm elements of the itinerary with each supplier the week before the wedding; as well as, communicate any specific requirements. 

● Rehearsal management: for those who opt for a rehearsal / family run-through the days before, the coordinator will lead this session

● Day-of coordination: this is when your coordinator is truly in their element – overseeing the setup of the ceremony and reception venues, managing the timeline, and addressing any last-minute issues that may arise.

● Troubleshooting: for your suppliers and guests, coordinators are there to address any unforeseen challenges and ensure a smooth and stress-free day for the couple.


WEDDING coordinator: THE TASKS

● Takeover your wedding coordination & logistics after the handover meeting

● Confirm timings & deliverables with suppliers a few weeks / month in advance

● Creates detailed timelines

● Accompanies you and completes the final site visits

● Addresses any overlooked details

● Overseas everything on the wedding day


Are you or do you…

● want to play an active role in wedding planning and management, for the majority of it?

● not want to have family & friends running around to manage logistics on your wedding week?

● not want to spend your budget on a full wedding planner?

Komal says “If you enjoy the wedding planning process, but want someone to execute your vision on the day of the event, a coordinator might be the right choice for you.”


The founder of Everything Wedding By Komal Sheth, Komal, offers full wedding planning, partial planning and on-the-day coordination for her couples.

Her keen eye for detail, strong sense of organisation, and ever-so-slight perfectionist nature makes her absolutely perfect for wedding planning & coordination.

Komal’s biggest piece of advice for couples is “Stay true to yourselves and your vision! It’s easy to get caught up in the expectations of others or feel pressured to conform to certain traditions or trends. However, your wedding should ultimately reflect who you are as a couple and what matters most to you.”